Friday, January 2, 2015

December Goal Progress & 2014 Goal Summary

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1. Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

We went to Prasad in December. 

Total new restaurants: 9

January: Tan Tan Cafe & Delicatessen - Vietnamese.
February: Swagat - Indian. Now one of my favorite restaurants!
March: Sweet Lemon Bistro - vegan. I don't think we've been back since, but it is one I want to revisit.
April: Habibi - Lebanese. Another one that's been added to our regular rotation.
May: Sambi - sushi.
July: Portobello - vegan. Bye and Bye - vegan.
October: Sinju - sushi.
December: Prasad - vegan.

I didn't realize that we had more than one sushi place (a genre not likely to ever be on my favorites) or that we actually had tried so many vegan restaurants already! 

2. Try a new recipe each month.

I think there were others in December, but at least the coconut curry at the C game night.

Total new recipes: at least 13. Lots of new recipes in particular from Budget Bytes

3. Volunteer at a race.

We volunteered at the expo for the Portland Marathon in October. It was really fun, and exciting to be in the atmosphere of the race (without having to do the training!). I still want to try to do more race volunteering in the future.

4. Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (12/1/14): 146
Current weight (1/1/15): 146
Current loss: 0
Total loss: -6

I suppose maintaining over the holidays isn't terrible. 

During the year, I ended up gaining during tax season and peaked at 160 (April), so I have lost 14 pounds since then, even though only a net loss of 6 pounds for the year from my starting weight. I am still down a pants size, at least.

5. Do an unassisted pull-up.

No, but am actually sticking with the NROLFW program, 4 weeks in so far of what is ultimately a 6 month program (phase 1 is 8 weeks). 

6. Run 1,000 miles.

January: 24.60
February: 29.80
March: 44.95
April: 20.20
May: 58.75
June: 78.60
July: 59.65
August: 58.40
September: 64.50
October: 70.95
November: 58.65
December: 62.55
Total: 631.60 = 63.16% of goal

I didn't come as close to the same goal as I did in 2013, but that time I had been training for a marathon, which helped a lot. With only half marathons, it was harder to keep up my weekly or long run miles, even though I know keeping up some volume year-round would help significantly once I do get to a training cycle (for any distance of race)

7. Run barefoot.

Did a handful of times in May, apparently. Still something I want to do someday, but not a high enough priority to focus on, as it requires building up slowly, thus taking away from working towards other (shoe-ed) running goals.

8. Bike 1,500 miles.

January: 113.35
February: 93.40
March: 17.35
April: 12.85
May: 17.5
June: 45.75
July: 186.60
August: 37.30
September: 51.70
October: 11.25
November: 20.5
December: 5.85
Total: 613.40 = 40.89% of goal

I really expected this to be higher. After falling off my bike in August, I'm still kind of nervous about riding with traffic, and thus not motivated to go out on nice days (and the rain around here makes it hard to ride much in the fall anyway). Really need to restart this, though, especially if I follow through with doing the Seattle to Portland ride this summer (200 miles over 2 days). 

9. Complete a triathlon.

I finished the sprint triathlon at Aluminum Man in September! Even met my goals of finishing in under 2 hours, and not dying. 

Also started tracking my swim yards, once I began in May: 

May: 1,000
June: 7,750
July: 13,950
August: 4,450
September: 4,350
October: 2,200
November: 4,500
December: 3,400
Total: 41,600

10. Attend one activity or group or hangout each month (outside of tax season - so May through December).

Didn't happen every month, but going through the monthly recaps I'm counting at least 15 things, plus the two alliterative game nights so far that didn't get into those. 

11. Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

January: Little Women
April: Divergent
May: The Cuckoo's Calling, Insurgent
June: Allegiant, Little Men, Nocturnal
August: Appointment with Death
December: Be Fruitful

Total: 9

Probably more than I would have read without the goal, but very very pathetic! More books is definitely one of my 2-15 goals.

12. Donate blood regularly.

I donated blood 3 times. 

13. Do yoga on a regular basis.

Uh, going 4 times during the year probably doesn't meet this. Again, something going on my 2015 goals.

14. Improve sleep hygiene.

Kinda sorta. I've tried a few things. I got a sunlamp alarm clock thingy, but not the best option to use when sharing a bed. I have been making strides in cutting back on caffeine, which helps. Probably not going on my goal list again, but still something I'm working towards.

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