Sunday, August 10, 2014

July Goal Progress

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Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

We went to Portobello, a somewhat upscale vegan restaurant, with Abe's parents for his birthday dinner. I had the hibiscus-vanilla bean soda to drink - really good, very sweet - fortunately I like that sort of thing; the PDX beet burger - also tasty - no excessive root-vegetable-taste, which I was slightly afraid of; and the salted caramel sundae for dessert. 

And then we went to the Bye and Bye, a vegan bar (to meet up with Abe's friend who is officiating our wedding and his girlfriend). I went with the (vegan) grilled cheese sandwich - ok, kind of boring. It was good, but even better was the cocktail I had, which I'm not finding on their online menu now. But I think it was called the victrola, and included something with pomegranate. 

Two for the month, catches me up year-to-date for not making it to a new restaurant in June!

Try a new recipe each month.

Realized I never really specified whether I had to personally make a new recipe each month, or merely try eating a new recipe. With Abe now moved in, I've enthusiastically handed over pretty much all kitchen-related duties to him (I do all the laundry, and try to do a good chunk of other house-cleaning stuff in exchange). 

He's become a fan of the blog Budget Bytes, which has plenty of recipes appealing to both my child-like tastes buds and his semi-extreme frugality. This month we tried the marinated kale, white bean, and tomato salad (surprisingly good to me!) and the black bean and avocado enchiladas (sans avocados, cause gross) (not my favorite dish ever, but fine). 

YTD cooked/required: 6/7

Volunteer at a race.

Well, it hasn't actually occurred yet, but we did sign up for volunteering at the Portland marathon in October! Unfortunately, Abe has a singing event the day of the marathon, so we couldn't volunteer together at the race itself (I'll likely still go to spectate and cheer), but are doing bib hand-out the day before.

Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (7/1/14): 153
Current weight (7/28/14): 150
Current loss: -3
Total loss: -2

Yay! Losing weight for real now! I even managed to maintain this over the course of our honeymoon, even on a week-long cruise with unlimited prepaid food. 

Run 1,000 miles.

This month: 59.65
YTD: 316.55
31.66% of the goal; 58.08% into the year.

Bike 1,500 miles.

This month: 186.6
YTD: 486.8
32.45% of the goal; 58.08% into the year.

At least I'm actually lessening the deficit for biking, even if not for running.

Complete a triathlon.

Swimming yards: 
This month: 13,950
YTD: 22,700

Attend one activity or group or hangout each month (outside of tax season - so May through December).

Had dinner with F, our wedding officiant (now a Dudeist priest), and F's girlfriend E. Oh yeah, and hosted our wedding!

Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

I brought my Kobo on the trip, but didn't turn it on once! We did buy a couple used paperbacks at the Juneau library, as a cheap and practical souvenir, so I did start reading (re-reading, actually, I can't recall exactly what happens but I know I read this years ago) the Agatha Christie book bought.

YTD read/required: 6/14


  1. Budget Bytes!!! I swear the majority of my meals come from that site now. I think I've only made one dud and it was my fault, not because of the recipe.

    1. I've only looked at it myself a little, but everything Abe's tried has been great! Definitely seems like an awesome site.


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