Monday, March 3, 2014

February Goal Progress

Goals. January

Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

This month (just barely! Made it happen on Friday, the 28th) we went to Swagat, an Indian restaurant.

The meal started with papadum and three sauces - a chili, a mint, and a coconut. I surprisingly didn't like the coconut sauce (as I've been acquiring a taste of all things coconut milk lately), but the other two were ok. Then we had as an appetizer mixed veggies pakora - battered and fried, similar to tempura. Unhealthiest way to eat vegetables, of course, but I enjoyed them, also of course.

I got sambar - a lentil soup, plus plenty of naan, cause that's obviously the best part of Indian food! The sambar was a touch spicy for my tastes (which just means it had any spice at all), but was pretty good, thankfully had the naan and a sprite to neutralize it; I'd be open to making it at home (with less spice). Abe had aloo saag, a potato and spinach dish. Tried a bite but not my favorite dish, in large part due to the texture.

Also a couple bonus meals (bonus = doesn't count as a new restaurant with food outside of my comfort zone, but tried a new restaurant that's not super out of my norm in terms of type of food, or a familiar restaurant but I tried a new dish):

Bonus: We went to Veritable Quandary with Abe's mom and sister. They actually weren't any vegetarian entrees on the menu, but they'll adapt anything for your or you can just tell them to make something up that meets your needs. I had a pasta dish from the menu with just the meat left off, and it was quite good! Abe let them just make something up. Hmm, I should have written this up right after, that happened at the beginning of the month and I don't recall exactly what it was. Something with mushrooms, I think. He enjoyed it.

Bonus: Went to Native Foods, where I usually get the chili (also a touch spicy for me, but otherwise good so I deal) and fries. I really do love the idea of Native Foods - it's vegan versions of things that many people like. But, it's not really vegan versions of things that I like - but I guess that's the point of this exercise to try to change, isn't it. So this time I went with the butternut polenta bites. Though the texture of polenta is still something I need to become accustomed to, overall I was pleasantly surprised. 

Try a new recipe each month.

Cauli-power fettuccine alfredo from Oh She Glows. It doesn't taste exactly like alfredo sauce, but it's pretty good in its own right!

Also made cilantro lime rice, so as to make Chipotle-style bowls for lunches.

Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (2/1/14): 153
Current weight (3/1/14): 155
Current gain: +2 pounds
Total gain: +3 pounds

Well, shit. That's going the wrong direction. Despite the stress of work right now, I really felt like my eating and my exercising have been improving overall the past few weeks. A few occasions of overeating, for sure, but enough to offset the good habits? Combined with stress reactions, perhaps. I'm focusing on consistent calorie counting this month, as well as continuing to up fruits and vegetables.

Run 1,000 miles.

This month: 29.8
YTD: 54.4
5.44% of the goal, 16.16% into the year. Still a ways to catch up, but my weekly mileage is increasing - double digits the past two weeks!

Bike 1,500 miles.

This month: 93.4
YTD: 206.75
13.78% of the goal, 16.16% into the year. A bit to catch up, but still not too far. Working on increasing my long ride - up to an hour now.

Attend one activity or group or hangout each month.

Did dinner and a game night with Abe's coworker L and her husband. Went to the ballet with T.

Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

Still working on the same books as last month.

Do yoga on a regular basis.

I did go once! A bit difficult to get away from work early enough during tax season, but I'm trying to. Just making Wednesday my short day every week (to do either yoga class or a massage), and knowing that I can plan some longer days to make up for it.

Improve sleep hygiene.

I stopped taking any sleep aids about a week ago, and trying to limit caffeine to lunchtime or earlier. Takes a while to fall asleep, but marginally easier to wake up in the morning.

To help, I installed f.lux on my computer, which changes the screen to warmer colors after sunset, as the normal blue-ish display tones are closer to sunlight and can confuse your body if using it late at night (which I often do).

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