Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Goal Progress

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Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

This didn't happen in the first half of the month, with Abe busy wrapping up his school year, and then he almost immediately left for a road trip and won't be back for a couple more days. Will make it up next month!

Try a new recipe each month.

Haven't done much cooking of any kind lately. Especially on nights when I head into Portland for team workouts, I just do some snacking before and after instead of a real dinner. 

YTD cooked/required: 4/6

Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (6/1/14): 159
Current weight (7/1/14): 153
Current loss: -6
Total gain: +1

Woohoo! I'm almost back to my starting weight, and then I can start actually losing weight. My eating habits have been ok, depending on the day. I think mixing up the exercise with swimming and biking is likely the biggest factor.

Run 1,000 miles.

This month: 78.60
YTD: 256.90
25.69% of the goal; 49.59% into the year.

Bike 1,500 miles.

This month: 45.75
YTD: 300.20
20.01% of the goal; 49.59% into the year.

Complete a triathlon.

Swimming yards:
This month: 7,750

YTD: 8,750

Attend one activity or group or hangout each month (outside of tax season - so May through December).

This month I went to a veg meetup group book club, meals with future in-laws while Abe's been out of town, and had dinner with some old college roommates last night.

Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

Finished: Allegiant (third book of the Divergent trilogy). Little Men (sequel to Little Women) - good heavens, I realize it was written in a different time period, but the level of gender stereotyping is so nauseating. 

Started and finished Nocturnal, for a book club. Not my usual genre, but interesting (although creepy).

YTD read/required: 6/12

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