Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Goal Progress

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Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

Ack, we never got around to it.

Bonus: Went to Swagat and tried a new dish - the masala dosa. Not overly spicy, and quite good!

YTD tried/required: 7/9

Try a new recipe each month.

Abe made oven fajitas (substituting tofu for the chicken) - tasty but way too spicy for me (even though I think he already cut it in half! I really have a boring palate). We got some peppers in the produce box this week so we're planning to try it again with even less spice. He also made a veggie stirfry with noodles - another success, as most of the Budget Byte recipes have been.

YTD cooked/required: 10/9

Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (9/1/14): 148
Current weight (10/1/14): 144
Current loss: -4
Total loss: -8

Lost more weight, enough that I had to buy new work pants! Still in the same jeans (actually, I put them through the dryer so I'll blame part of the still-fitting on that), but for work my slacks get baggy and start looking unprofessional with no that big a change in weight. I've actually lost 16 pounds since May, but it's only a net loss of 8 pounds for the year due to my typical gain during tax season. Regardless of whether I make the goal set for the end of this year, my goal during next tax season will be to try extremely hard to not gain again.

Run 1,000 miles.

This month: 64.5
YTD: 439.45
43.95% of the goal; 74.79% into the year.

Bike 1,500 miles.

This month: 51.7
YTD: 575.8
38.39% of the goal; 74.79% into the year.

Complete a triathlon.

I finished a triathlon

Swimming yards:
This month: 4,350
YTD: 31,500


  1. I like your goal system, it definitely keeps you accountable for a variety of things every month. And it looks like you're killing it!


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