Saturday, February 1, 2014

Doctor Who Game Night Birthday Party

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My standard party/get-together/method of entertaining is a game night. Which is always fun! But lately I've started mixing up the usual food (pizza, chips, veggies, hummus or dip, fruit, dessert) with some sort of theme. Last year, I did a "Margaret" theme (margaritas and margherita) for my birthday. This year, given that I'm entering the last year of a decade, I thought a timey wimey, Doctor Who theme would be appropriate.


The Tenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver: Half ounce each of blood orange vodka and blue curacao. Fill half of the rest of the way with sprite/7-up, and the rest of the glass with sparkling water. (I first tried with just the sprite, but even my sweet tooth found it almost too sweet. Half and half for the sparkling liquids seemed to do the trick). [Inspiration]

The Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver: Limeade. I figured one alcoholic drink was sufficient, so this was the best green drink I could think of.

Doctor (Who) Pepper: For anyone tired of citrus from the other drinks. At one point, Abe also mixed a drink with Dr. Pepper and blue curacao - it turned a beautiful deep green color!


Lady Cassandra pizza: Dough, sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced olives for eyes, and tomato slices for a mouth. [Inspiration

Bow ties are cool pasta salad: Farfalle pasta, tofu, chickpeas, and garlic vinaigrette. [Recipe]

I want chips: British chips, that is - fries. Sliced potatoes, olive oil, seasoning. Baked for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees. [Scene]

Tardis blue corn chips

Exploded Slitheen: Broccoli dip [Scene] [Recipe]

Always take a banana to a party [Scene]

Stupid old satsumas [Scene]

The best dessert in the universe: Nanaimo bars - these were in the freezer from Christmas time, and, well, they're delicious, so I found a way to fit them into the theme! [Recipe]

Adipose: Dandies vegan marshmallows, stuck together with a paste of powdered sugar and water, with the faces drawn on with black gel frosting. [Inspiration]

Fish sticks and custard: Sugar cookies (from purchased refrigerated dough, cut in half and rolled into fish stick shape), rolled in graham cracker crumbs for the "breading", with vanilla pudding. [Inspiration]

Fezzes are cool: Rolos. So either I was looking in the wrong place, or it's actually rare to find them in the red wrappers. I actually didn't find any, of any color, in the regular candy aisle. Instead I had to buy a bag of Valentine rolos in red, pink, and gold to get some red ones. [Inspiration]


  1. Between this Dr Who food-athon and the below post about the sexism inherent in many marriage traditions, I can tell you are 100% my kind of person! Glad I found your blogcon a certain message boards!

  2. Oh my god, this party looks amazing! And you live in the city whre I grew up! LET'S BE FRIENDS

    1. [Insert "did we just become best friends" gif from that one movie that I haven't seen but see lots of gifs from here] :)

  3. How did you make those little signs? I'm planning on having my own Doctor Who party for the premier and this looks like a great template!!

    1. They're three pieces glued together: The pictures, which I printed on the "contact sheet" Windows photo print option, so they're about 1"x1". The actual sign part I used a 4"x2" shipping lapel template in Word, and then printed on plain paper and cut apart. And then the background/stand-up part I believe is each 1/4 sheet of paper, folded in half.

      Have fun at your party!

    2. Thank you so much for your help and inspiration! Hope it looks as good as yours!!

    3. You're welcome! Hope your party went well!

  4. We have actual fish sticks and custard four times now. The last three times by request. They are actually rather tasty, much to everyone's surprise. Hence the repeat requests.

  5. We have actual fish sticks and custard four times now. The last three times by request. They are actually rather tasty, much to everyone's surprise. Hence the repeat requests.

  6. Cassandra pizza! that made me roll!

  7. I really liked this doctor who theme party. The arrangements are very best. Just loved them and planning to have similar theme for my baby’s birthday party too. That I will throw at venue New York. Very happy and excited for it. Thanks for sharing this post.


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