Tuesday, December 30, 2014

PDX Veg Restuarants: Prasad

One of my goals for 2015 is going to be to try a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant each month (I believe there are plenty to choose from in the Portland area!). I ended up getting a head start in December, though, when Abe, his mom, and I had dinner at Prasad prior to seeing Twist Your Dickens a couple weeks ago. 

(Side note on Twist Your Dickens, which I believe is a show that Portland Center Stage does annually, though obviously done with performances for this year: Definitely entertaining. Not necessarily a show one ought to see with parents, perhaps. Some parts are funnier than others, but overall enjoyable - Abe thought the first half was funnier; I preferred the second half. A lovely twisted and snarky version of A Christmas Carol, along with some random vignettes and improv mixed in.)


Genre: Vegan bowls (grain, greens, sauces) and juices. Not necessarily all raw, but many components I'd associate with raw food (like spiralized veggies). Breakfast foods (vegan versions of classics) available until 11 am. As far as I can tell the entire menu is also gluten-free. 

Price: $5 (cup of soup) to $11 (the "pasta" dish). Most items $7 - $9.

Setting: Industrial/rustic mix, multi-use. It shares an entrance with a yoga studio. The outside wall includes a garage door, and the tables and benches are rustic wood. 

What we tried

My MIL, wanting to sample a variety, got cups of the curry and chili, plus a house salad. The salad was huge for a "house" salad and only $6. (Basically same size as the bowls Abe and I got, albeit with only veggies.) I tried the curry and chili, and, though a smidge spicy for my taste (which is a very low threshold), liked them. 

I had the Mighty Bowl - basic "bowl" with quinoa, steamed kale, and beans - with the lemon ginger sauce. This was slightly boring, but that's kind of why I picked it (less interesting = less risky). Wasn't bad, just wasn't terribly exciting, though the sauce was tasty. Abe got the Ace High - similar concept of a bowl but more veggies, avocado, and a habanero sauce. He liked it; I thought the sauce was a tad spicy.

For drinks Abe tried the Rhubarbarian cider - he seemed to think it was ok, I really enjoyed it, though - lighter beer-y taste, which is good in my book! I had the hot chocolate (sans extra spices); it is less sweet than conventional chocolate, but not overly bitter. It wasn't until we were leaving that I noticed some cocktails made with their fresh juices on the blackboard - I want to go back to try one of those!

Overall impression: Very Portland. Pretty inexpensive for a lot of food. More fun-healthy than indulgent. 

Would I take my parents?* (See scale below**): Mom: Definitely. Dad: Probably not.

*I'm including this in these restaurants reviews as a factor of whether I think non-adventurous omnivores would also enjoy them. My mom leans towards a healthy version of American food - more poultry and fish than red meat, doesn't mind experimenting with new foods, but doesn't automatically choose ethnic or more out-there choices. My dad is a pretty classic meat-and-potatoes by tradition and choice, though does include more veggie-oriented meals for health reasons and will at least put some tofurkey on his plate at holidays and pretend to like it as a favor to me. 

**Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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