Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Goal Progress

Since many of my goals for this year are rather continuous, requiring either a check-off each month or consistent progress towards the yearly goal, I thought it would be helpful to me to check-in at the end of each month. (This year is all about accountability for me, it seems!) (See goal setting here.)

Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

We went to Tan Tan Cafe & Delicatessen in Beaverton, a Vietnamese restaurant. (I didn't piece it together until we'd been sitting and looking at the menu a while, but it's actually owned by a friend of a friend.)

I ordered bun bi chay (a rice noodles bowl with vegetables, tofu, and spring rolls), and Abe ordered rau xao (stir fried vegetables with noodles). The latter came first, and they set it in front of me. I tried it before realizing it wasn't mine, and really liked it! The dish I ordered was ok (fortunately Abe didn't mind switching), but the rau xao was much better.

Bonus: I tried a new dish at a favorite restaurant. When my parents visited for the 3-day weekend (that some people have... tax preparers don't get holidays this time of year), we went to one of my favorites, Noodles & Co, where 99.9% of the time I get the macaroni and cheese. Instead, this time I got the whole grain tuscan linguine with tofu.

Try a new recipe each month.

I made pasta salad for my Doctor Who party. [Recipe] I wasn't a fan - too many things mixed together, especially beans (beans added to a dish with too many ingredients often tips the scale, it seems) - but others seemed to like it.

Lose 24 pounds. 

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Current weight (2/1/14): 153
Weight gain: +1 pound

Well that sucks.

Run 1,000 miles.

24.6 miles. 2.46% of the goal; 8.49% into the year. Yeah, just a bit behind.

Bike 1,500 miles.

113.35 miles. 7.56% of the goal; 8.49% into the year. Not too far off!

Attend one activity or group or hangout each month (outside of tax season - so May through December).

I was actually quite social this month! Hung out with J, saw Evita with K, attended a birthday party for one of Abe's coworkers, and hosted a game night for my birthday.

Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

I read parts of more than 2 books. Not exactly what I meant though.

I finished the last couple chapters of Little Women (started the re-read a few months ago). I then downloaded Little Men, and am about a third of the way through it.

I'm also in the middle of Wolf Hall, and I started a book about sleeping that my dad lent me. (I'd mention the title, but it's in the bedroom, and I'm in the living room with a cat on my foot, so I can't get up to check.)

Donate blood regularly.

After being eligible to donate at the beginning of December, finally go around to it a couple weeks ago!

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