Monday, May 22, 2017

Week of May 15 - 21


Monday: FitStar workout (19 min) + yoga video (15 min)

Tuesday: Yoga video (15 min) + stroller run 1.25 miles (15:39 pace, 52* and drizzling, 4:30 pm)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.0 mile (14:48 pace, 68* and sunny, 5:00 pm)

Friday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:50 pace, 73* and sunny, 4:30 pm)

Saturday: Bike trainer 4.4 miles (13.2 mph, 60 rpm) + yoga video (15 min)

Sunday: "Long" run 2.35 miles (14:37 pace, 81* and dusk, 8:45 pm)

Total biking: 4.4 miles
Total running: 5.95 miles
Average daily steps: 9,463

Weight: +40 (0 change)

I'm working on overcoming the catch-22 that feeling off in mood makes me not want to exercise, but exercise helps me not feel off in mood. Did a decent job of that this week! Running, while still slow and not truly 100% resolved in the pelvic floor issues (but 98%-ish resolved), is starting to approach feeling like it might feel normal again in the not too distant future. Might even become fun again! I've finally (after registering for two races, including Bloomsday, and DNS-ing the local one and doing Bloosmday simply because it's a tradition and trying not to have any expectations) registered for a couple races for the summer and fall. Plans for training and goals for those to come in a post hopefully this week. 

I finally figured out that the reason my bike speed sensor wasn't working actually was because it needed a new battery (even though the Internet said that needing a new battery was highly improbable), so fixed that and finally got on my bike (indoors!) again! Sometime I'm going to have to have enough confidence to ride it again outdoors, after, oh, probably two years? It was in the summer before the winter I got pregnant, so pretty sure that was coming up on two years ago.

I'm also going to start a new round of New Rules of Lifting for Women (did a mostly complete cycle of that a couple years ago, and half-heartedly restarted but didn't finish another round while pregnant). I've got to do something about my body, I'm not happy with it, and while lifting up my now roughly-20 pound baby is keeping up some strength (though, man, can I feel it in my back when I've spend a day at home with him versus at work), it's not doing what I want exercise to do in terms of appearance.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week of May 8 - 14


Tuesday: Stroller run 1.0 mile (15:57 pace, 75* and sunny, 5:45 pm)

Friday: Yoga video (15 min) + stroller run 1.35 miles (14:56 pace, 54* and drizzling, 3:00 pm)

Total running: 2.35 miles
Average daily steps: 7,427

Weight: +40 (0 change)

It's been a stressful couple of weeks work-wise (all those things that we promised to do "right after tax season" in exchange for extending them... yeah, we're approaching the end of what can legitimately be called "right after tax season"). 

Plus I'm tapering off of zoloft, which I've taken in the past and re-started about 8 weeks postpartum. I thought I was doing really well, but it's been a little bit more up and down than I anticipated as I adjust - and though I've often relied on exercise to boost my mood, at this point it sometimes has the opposite effect since it proves how much I'm not where I used to be fitness-wise. Feeling a lot better now, though.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Five: Thoughts on Being a #motherrunner

(I swear I'm using the hashtag ironically. Although, if I leave it in hashtag form when I share this post on twitter and it becomes a usable hashtag, is it still ironic or does that move into actually using it? Conundrum.)

Linking up today with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for Friday Five 2.0

1. When I was heading out on a stroller run recently, a neighbor commented to me something along the lines of "wow, you don't let a major life change get in the way of a good workout, do you?" I smiled, thinking he was complimenting my commitment to running. Then I thought about it further, and realized he actually might have been criticizing putting working out over my kid? The tone and specific words choices he used might be more along those lines. I'm really not sure. But I suspect fitting in exercise, like any other balancing act of parenthood (and motherhood, more specifically), is something you can't really win either way.

2. I hope my kid is interested in running, to at least some degree. I love the idea of all three of us running a race together someday. But, I think there's definitely potential damage to be done in pressuring a child to pursue your hobby and interests, so though I think some kind of active hobby is important to encourage, I want to be deliberate to not push running as that active hobby too much!

3. I also like the idea of all three of us "running" a race with the baby in the stroller. We haven't tried it yet, but I suspect if Abe pushes the stroller and keeps an easy pace for him (as adjusted by the stroller's impact), I should just barely be able to keep up (at a not-easy pace for me). 

4. Reading blogs or articles about running while breastfeeding, it seems like everyone mentions making sure you've nursed or pumped right before running, so as to be more comfortable while things are prone to bouncing during the run. I simply haven't found that to be the case for me! Possibly if I did try to run very first thing in the morning, before any am nursing (he's not sleeping through the night yet, but it's long enough stretches that I am particularly full when getting up for the day), that would be uncomfortable? But running in the afternoon (which is my norm) it makes absolutely no difference. It might help that I was already in need of a lot of sports bra support even before the baby! So I'm used to addressing more general bounce-reducing needs. 

5. Did becoming a mother impact my running? No. The fact that I had a medical event that required time off from running did. And the fact that I have more restrictions on my time, and sometimes add an extra 40 pounds (in stroller + baby) to the work I'm doing to run does. Just like being an #accountantrunner creates circumstances that adjust my running from January through April 15th, it does create circumstances that adjust my running, but there's ultimately nothing special about being a mother who runs. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Week of May 1 - 7


Monday: FitStar workout (24 min) + yoga video (15 min)

Tuesday: Yoga video (15 min) + run 1.75 miles (12:51 pace, 59*, 8:00 pm) - including a 1 mile trial time of 11:05

Friday: Yoga video (15 min)

Sunday: Bloomsday 12k - 1:49:06 (14:37 pace)

Total running: 9.25 miles

Weight: +40 (0 change)

I'm certainly not where I thought I'd be in terms of fitness 7+ months out from having a baby. But given what I've been able to actually make happen in that time, I'm pretty happy with both that mile trial time and Bloomsday time. Both are just a smidge over my goals (<11:00 and 1:45, respectively), but really not by that much. 

We had our first real road trip with the baby, driving to Spokane for Bloomsday. It's about 6 hours total driving time each way, though we broke it up with a couple stops. The baby handled it pretty well until the last half hour or so of each driving day when he was just over being in the carseat.

After grabbing the hood to pull down in front of him, he seemed to be
trying to figure out how to leverage off of it to get out of that dang carseat.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week of April 24 - 30


Monday: Fitstar workout (24 min)

Tuesday: Run 1.45 miles (14:47 pace, 52*, 8:00 pm) + yoga video (15 min)

Friday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:57 pace, 57*, 4:00 pm)

Sunday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (18:26 pace, 57*, 3:00 pm) + yoga video (15 min)

Total running: 4.15 miles

Weight: +40 (0 change)

I've started doing some runs with the stroller (and the baby)! It actually doesn't slow me down as much as I expected it would (it really does push super smoothly), but granted I've been going ridiculously slow to begin with these days, plus I have been deliberately about picking flat routes.

I have a race - a 12k (7.5 miles) coming up these weekend. So that'll be "fun". I'm definitely undertrained, but I want to keep up my streak for this race (Bloomsday), and will be spending time with family, so I guess I'll just see how it goes. I know I won't be running the whole thing, but I haven't decided yet if I should do scheduled run/walk intervals or just let myself walk when needed.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Five: Running Hacks

Linking up today with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for Friday Five 2.0. This is a topic from a while ago (during tax season, so I didn't get around to finishing it in time for the prescribed day), but to make up for it I'm giving you a double post! The theme is "running hacks" - here are my tips for (1) runners in general and (2) for beginning runners.

General running hacks

1. If you live somewhere with minimal/sporadic real winter weather (which is true of Portland, until this year, anyway), don't bother spending money on too much cold-weather specific clothing such as fleece lined tights. Just layer other stuff. I have plenty of running clothes that are fine on their own (or with normal layering, e.g., a long-sleeve jacket over a t-shirt), for down to about 30 to 35 degrees, which is a normal winter daytime temperature here. For colder (or windier) than that, I just throw on more things: knee high socks and knee length shorts make a fine layer, plus maybe capris if it's really cold, and long tights over that. And the options for layering on top are easier - at least one tank and one tee, and then however many long-sleeve shirts are necessary. 

2. For long runs, I do out and back runs - except, they're actually out and back and out the other way and back. I'll make my house or car the midpoint instead of just one end, so I can make a quick stop if needed for water, fuel, or the bathroom. 

3. For arm warmers that are either cheap throwaways or cheap themed, buy knee socks and cut off the toes. 

Wearing socks on my arms

4. For triathlons, you have your number written on your limbs for the swim, and attached to your bike for the bike, but a regular bib for the run. You can take the time to pin it on during transition (adding on unnecessary seconds), buy a race bib that has little hooks to attach the bib and just clip it on (unnecessary money), or use safety pins to attach your bib to a SPI or similar running belt, and quickly clip that on before the running leg.

5. If it's challenging to fit running into your schedule, try to find a way to multi-task. Maybe do a run commute (I did this a couple times, though it'd be harder now with wanting to get home to the baby), literally run errands, or make it a family outing - when I was getting back into it I did run/walk intervals while Abe walked with the baby, and I'm going to start giving the running stroller a try soon.

Beginner running hacks

1. I remember the first time I did a race with a friend who was a more experienced runner, and she tucked her car key into a zippered pocket in the waistband of her running tights - I'd never heard of such a thing, it was so cool! I specifically seek out such zippered pockets now, but initially I just tied my housekey into my shoe laces when I went out for a run - it's just as secure and let me use more general athletic clothes before I was committed to running.

2. If you don't have or don't want to use an app or watch for intervals, write them on your hand to keep track of what you're planning to do.

3. If you want to run with faster or more experienced running friends, ask to join them on their easy day - their pace while recovering from harder workouts is likely to be easier for you to keep up with.

4. Or, meet up at a gym to run on treadmills - then you can all do your own thing at your own pace, while chatting. I did this with a couple coworkers when I was starting to run, and it made it a lot more fun before the running itself was fun.

5. Have a friend pace you for your first race or first attempt at a new distance. My first half marathon was with a friend, and I went way faster than I thought I was capable of while she set the pace and kept me motivated.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week of April 17 - 23


Monday: FitStar workout (22 min)

Thursday: Run 1.3 miles (15:10 pace, 54*, 5:30 pm) + FitStar workout (21 min)

Total running: 1.3 miles
Average daily steps: 5,615

Weight: +40 (+5 change from last reported a month ago)

Typical for tax season, but sucky on top of existing weight I'm trying to lose. Only 5 pounds below my highest weight ever - although, I think I'm smaller (e.g., have more muscle/less fat) than last time I weighed this much (and that's only a little bit trying to delude myself to say so). And, oh, yeah, on par with what I weighed at the end of pregnancy. Seriously, body, what is going on. 
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