Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nov 5 - 11: RLRF Half Training Week 16/16

Race week! No weights, and de-prioritized running to the point of none until the actual races! (But I did keep up my yoga streak I'm doing for the month.) Karey and I flew into Vegas Friday afternoon, and did the Rock n Roll 5k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday. Both races (and the trip in general!) were fun, the 5k was also great from a running perspective (post-baby PR by a smidge), and the half was an enjoyable race but rather horrid run. 


Monday: Yoga (20 min)

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Yoga (10 min)

Friday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Saturday: 5k + restorative yoga (15 min)

Sunday: Half marathon + restorative yoga (10 min)

Total running: 16.2 miles
Average daily steps: 21,078

Monday, November 12, 2018

Q Day: a Quorum

Quince cider
Queen's cousin cocktail
Quinine-containing tonic water

Quiche with Quinoa
Quorn roast
Q-ties oranges
Q-shaped bagels 
Quinoa harvest salad
Quaker oat cookies
Queso manchego
Quince paste


Friday, November 9, 2018

Current Running Companions

While I do enjoy running for its own sake, that's not to say it can't get tedious after a while, if you have nothing to keep you company but your own thoughts! 

When I first began running, it was doing the Coach to 5k program with a couple friends, so we chatted as we ran. At some point I began listening to music (I think that was largely as I began increasing the distance!) - I remember a lot of Pink on my soundtrack for a good chunk of time. Eventually (very late to the party) I came into the world of podcasts (Gilmore Guys was the first podcast I listened to), and that's my primary companion while running currently. 

Here are my current favorites!

Quick Brown Foxes: I came across @ayesuppose as a suggestion on Instagram, and followed her there, as part of trying to expand my sport and other diversity in the media I expose myself to. Saw she was starting a podcast, and started listening to that to! She interviews her fellow women of color on how they got into cycling. I'm already a little behind (in the second episode) but enjoying it.

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone isn't an NPR show, but I know of it because she (and co-host Adam Felber) are regulars on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Both shows are entertaining and educational. 

I've followed Kelly O'Mara's blog for some time, thus leading me to the newsletter and podcast she does for Live Feisty, If We Were Riding. I more recently also starting listening to another Live Feisty podcast, IronWomen. Both have really piqued my interest in following pro triathletes and what's happening at the major race events. 

Good Christian Fun is one half of the Gilmore Guys (with another co-host), discussing Christian pop culture. Some of it is throw-back stuff that I grew up, some of it is newer things that I'm not familiar with at all. It's a mix of humor and more in-depth philosophical/religious discussion. As they point out - this isn't pro- or anti-Christians or Christian culture, it's just analyzing that culture with a dose of humor.

No Meat Athlete is one where I followed the blog first, and once I got into podcasts in general decide to give their podcast a try too. Similar content, but it's fun to get it in a different format and kind of feel like you get to know Matt and Doug a little better in the more-conversational setting. 

Let me know if you have any must-listen podcasts I should add to my list! 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Oct 29 - Nov 4: RLRF Half Training Week 15/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 11/12

This has been a long training cycle! I (sorta) did a formal (from the same book) training plan for a 5k immediately preceding, and 16 weeks is pretty long for a half - I haven't gone back to check but I think I've generally done 12 weeks for a half in the past. 

And I am not in the habit of doing this kind of running! On the one hand, I'm sure I benefited from pushing myself, but on the other hand I wasn't ready for this plan after coming back from baby and related issues. I'll do a post after the race about the plan/book specifically, but I think if I'd used this in the ~year before getting pregnant with N, or in another year or so of building back my running, it would be a great plan for me. Right now I'm more about surviving the race, and this was more advanced than that.

I'm excited for Vegas this upcoming weekend! And just as excited to be done with this freaking training plan - I want to run but I don't want to have to run. 


Monday: Rest day

Tuesday:Tap class (60 min)

Wednesday:  Yoga (15 min)

Thursday:  Stroller run 2.5 miles (13:46 pace, 63*, late afternoon, 168 spm) + run 3.5 miles (13:53 pace, 61*, mid evening, 162 spm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Friday afternoon: SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)
Friday evening: Bike 1.2 miles + jazz dance class (45 min) + yoga (10 min)

Saturday: Bike 4.9 miles 

Sunday morning: Cargo bike 1.0 mile 
Sunday afternoon: Stroller run 1.9 miles (13:42 pace, 61*, mid afternoon, 166 spm) + SL 5x5 workout A (30 min)
Sunday evening: Core (5 min) + restorative yoga (20 min)

Total biking: 7.1 miles
Total running: 7.9 miles

Average daily steps: 13,446
Weight: +29 (+1 lb)

Monday, November 5, 2018

2018 Goals: May - August

As mentioned in the January - April recap, I measure my year in three seasons. So the summer (April 16 through Labor day) should be the most relaxed and easy to fit in whatever I choose! 

Well, since we weren't buying a house, moving, not sleeping (Note to new parents: sleep train your children. Don't just not sleep for 15 months.), working on an IRS audit (for a client, not our taxes), etc., like was all going on a year prior, I may have slightly overprioritized the whole relaxing part. But - in terms of adjusting to the new normal of life with a kid, and getting myself (my physical and mental health) back to something resembling both health and my prior self, perhaps it was what I needed to do. 

It does, however, mean that - while keeping in my restrictions on both my time and my physical health - I definitely can't meet some of my original goals. I've noted adjustments here that I think are still  challenging enough yet doable. 

For reference on numbers compared to goals, through 8/31 is 66.58% of the year elapsed. 

Workout goals

Running: 750 miles

Thru April: 114.35

May: 55.35

June: 40.55
July: 34.55
August: 74.35

YTD: 319.15 - 42.55%

I started May by reading Run Less Run Faster, and jumping into an abbreviated 5k training plan from it. Had a week off after that, then started a 16-week half marathon plan for two half marathons. I didn't strictly follow the plan in either case, but it definitely led me to challenging myself with paces and distances - paces and distances that perhaps I wasn't entirely ready for, not entirely bad to test myself in that way either. 

New goal: 500 miles

YTD new goal: 63.83%

This means doing about 50 miles per month, which is realistic. While I stuck with the two half marathons I signed up for this fall, realistically I would be served to back off again, and re-build, maybe with some heart rate training. This will keep me doing a reasonable amount each week (including a long run of maybe an hour long), but not having to push the pace to fit it in.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Oct 22 - 28: RLRF Half Training Week 14/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 10/12

For no particular reason, I just felt so over running this week! Good thing I'm almost done with the training cycle - too bad this should have been peak week and my longest run was only 3 miles... I'm hoping to fit in something this week that's at least long-ish and more than a week out, and just end up with a taper that's less than a full two weeks. 

But I did bike commute to work finally! Some minor things to tweak with that, but it will be doable (weather pending - definitely a fair-weather cyclist for the time being). 


Monday: Yoga (30 min) + run 2.4 miles (14:50 pace, 52*, mid evening, 158 spm)

Tuesday: Bike commute 8 miles  + tap class (60 min) + core (5 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Run 3.0 miles (13:40, 61*, early afternoon, 166 spm) + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)

Saturday: Yoga (20 min)

Sunday: SL 5x5 workout A (30 min)

Total biking: 8.0 miles
Total running: 5.4 miles

Average daily steps: 12,183
Weight: +28 (no change)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oct 15 - 21: RLRF Half Training Week 13/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 9/12

This week's challenges: first getting over a cold (hence only yoga Monday night), and then traveling on the weekend. Got in a decent-ish long run on Thursday before the trip, and otherwise just tried to stay active. More yoga than usual - I'd like to try to make that a routine while traveling, since it requires minimal equipment (well, none really, although I kind of want to justify buying a travel mat...) and easier to fit in any time of day.


Monday: Restorative yoga (15 min)

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min) + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min) + core (5 min)

Wednesday:Yoga (15 min) + stroller run 1.25 miles (14:12 pace, 75* and sunny, early afternoon, 164 spm)

Thursday: Long run 9.75 miles (14:09 pace, 55*, late morning, 164 spm)

Friday: Yoga (15 min)

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Stroller run 2.65 (13:39 pace, 70*, late afternoon, 164 spm) + SL 5x5 workout A (30 min)

Total running: 13.65 miles
Average daily steps: 13,825
Weight: +28 (no change)
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