Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week of March 12 - 18

I did a race! 


Monday: Tap class (60 min)

Wednesday: Stroller run 1.85 miles (15:36 pace, 52*, early evening, 158 spm)

Friday: Stroller run 2.1 miles (14:31 pace, 52* and sunny, late afternoon, 164 spm)

Sunday: Shamrock Run 5k in 36:23 (11:44 pace)

Total running: 7.05 miles
Average daily steps: 10,061
Weight: +36 (no change)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Week of March 5 - 11

With 3/15 as the deadline for most business returns, this past week was crunch time for work, plus I had a dress rehearsal and recital for my tap class this weekend (super fun! but really couldn't be at a worst time. Unless it were the weekend before 4/15). 


Monday: Tap class (60 min)

Tuesday: Stroller run 2.0 miles (14:33 pace, 55* and sunny, late afternoon, 168 spm)

Friday: Stroller run 1.5 miles (14:52 pace, 52*, later afternoon, 162 spm)

Saturday: Tap dance rehearsal

Sunday: Tap dance recital + long run 3.2 miles (15:23 pace, 61* and windy, evening, 162 spm)

Total running: 6.7 miles
Average daily steps: 9,988
Weight: +36 (+2 lb)

Dang. I had a couple days well under 10k, but I would have done 84 more steps on Sunday if I'd realized where I was for the week!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week of Feb 26 - Mar 4

Eventually (after April 15 17), I will post something again that isn't just a workout post, I promise.


Monday: Tap dance class (60 min) + swim 500 yards 

Tuesday: Rest day (Bought a new-to-me desk to upgrade my work-from-home situation which I do in the evenings. Spend the time not working getting that set up.)

WednesdayQuasi-speedwork stroller run 1.7 miles (13:18 pace, 45* and rainy, late afternoon, 166 spm)

Plan: wu, 4 x 0.25 @ <9:00 (adj to ~9:30 with stroller), 0.25 recoveries, cd
Actual: 3 x 0.25 - 9:02, 10:20, 12:22

Between N starting to wake up during the night again sometimes (for an hour and a half at 1:30 the night before this!) and tax season in general, I'm so freaking tired this week. (Also, how in the world did I survive tax season last year when I was getting up with N every 2 - 3 hours all night, every night?!) Add in rain, and I felt accomplished to head out the door at all. I tried on the first interval, sort of on the second, and gave up on the third. 

Thursday: Stroller run 1.95 (14:56 pace, 43* and drizzly, late afternoon, 166 spm) + core workout (10 min)

Friday: Rest day (My MIL treated me to seeing Oregon Ballet Theatre Alice (in wonderland). It was amazing, great dancing and some really awesome effects through costumes and sets.)

Saturday: Run 1.85 miles (14:32 pace, 50* and sunny, afternoon, 166 spm)

Sunday: Rest day (just felt like crap - busy season, fighting off a cold, sleep problems)

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total running: 5.5 miles

Average daily steps: 10,136
Weight: +34 (no change)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week of February 19 - 25

Still not quite to 10 miles for the week! Once I started thinking about it, I've gotten oddly attached to that as a milestone. This week was pretty solid, although also a bit of feeling like I was playing catch-up at work after the snow the prior week (and being sick the week before that!). So I didn't end up making it to any lap swim, but I did manage to do a double run on Sunday as prep for the upcoming Hood to Coast Pacific City relay. 


Monday: Bike trainer 3.5 miles (10.1 mph, 74 rpm) + yoga (10 min)

Tuesday: Family/tempo-ish run 2.35 miles (12:46 pace, 37* and drizzly, afternoon, 174 spm) + JM weights (20 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Run 1.9 miles (15:00 pace, 30* and cold!, evening, 168 spm)

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Restorative yoga (15 min)

Sunday am: Stroller run 1.85 miles (15:31 pace, 45* and rainy and windy, late morning, 170 spm) + JM weights ( 20 min)
Sunday pm: Long run 3.5 miles (14:51 pace, 37* and pouring rain, evening, 170 spm) + core workout (10 min)

Total biking: 3.5 miles
Total running: 9.5 miles

Average daily steps: 11,407
Weight: +34 (no change)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Week of February 12 - 18

Back to normal (after a bad cold the prior week), and really a very good "normal" for during tax season! My running is ramping up - I'm almost to a whole 10 miles for the week. : ) I'm pretty happy with my tempo pace and my long run distance. Given the (necessarily) slow pace of getting my fitness back, those both seem like good progress to me. 


Monday: Tap class (60 min) + swim 500 yards

Tuesday: Stroller run 1.95 miles (14:58 pace, 48*, late afternoon, 172 spm) + JM weights (20 min)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Tempo run 2.25 (11:24 pace, 43* and chilly, late evening, 186 spm) + JM weights (20 min)

Friday: Restorative yoga (10 min) + bike trainer 3.4 miles (10.1 mph, 82 rpm)

Saturday: Stroller run 1.75 miles (15:36 pace, 50* and windy, afternoon, 170 spm) + yoga (20 min)

Saturday: Long run 3.5 miles (14:27 pace, 39*, afternoon, 170 spm)

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 3.4 miles
Total running: 9.45 miles

Average daily steps: 11,995
Weight: +34 (no change)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 5 - 11

I started the week with a cold - pretty mild for a couple days so I thought maybe I would make it through easy, but by Tuesday morning it was so bad I went home from work, and also took Wednesday off. Kept things light for the rest of the week plus didn't have time for much while making up work hours. I didn't quite even feel up to the time or energy required for the stair climb (was on Sunday) and DNS'd.


Monday: Tap class (60 min)

Saturday: Family/tempo-ish run 1.85 miles (12:38 pace, 50* and sunny, afternoon, 176 spm)

Total running: 1.85 miles
Average daily steps: 10,523
Weight: +34 (-2 lbs!)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Week of Jan 29 - Feb 4

The week started with a sick kid, and by the end of the weekend I'd come down with it myself. Resulted in some shifted schedules, especially more of a bare-minimum than I'd have liked on the weekend.


Monday: Run 2.0 miles (13:13 pace, 48* and drizzling, evening, 166 spm) - including 1 mile time trial (10:56, 178 spm) + JM cardio (15 min)

This is actually a postpartum best mile! I did one in May in 11:05, and in August of 11:50 (yeah, the opposite of improvement over that time period). So I went into this run just hoping for something in the neighborhood of 11:00. Not too bad!

It's frustrating trying to keep my pace easy for most of my runs, and that easy pace being, so, so, ridiculously (compared to my prior self) slow. But I can do some fast runs (I've done some tempos/keeping up with Abe runs, lately, and those have been semi decent!), and I know it's progress, even if it's slow. It still sucks sometimes. 

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: No Buts Night Run 2.05 miles (14:57 pace, 45*, evening, 166 spm)

Thursday: Swim 750 yards

Friday: Stroller run 1.65 miles (15:33 pace, 57* and lovely, late afternoon, 166 spm)

Saturday: Stairmaster 60 flights (14:21) + incline walk 5 min (5%, 0.28)

Sunday: Yoga (20 min) + bike trainer 3.35 miles (10.1 mph, 81 rpm) + run 1.0 mile (15:34 pace, 52*, evening, 160 spm)

I decided to work on cadence bike rather than resistance, and build up the strength at this (ostensibly best - around 90 rpm). 

Total swimming: 750 yards
Total biking: 3.35 miles
Total running: 6.7 miles

Stair climbing: 108 flights
Average daily steps: 11,019
Weight: +36 (-1 lb)
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