Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 9

I'm no longer pregnant, and it already kind of feels like a lifetime ago that I was. I ended up being induced at 38 weeks 6 days because of high blood pressure, and having our baby boy (to avoid making him too google-able and exposed without his consent, I won't be sharing his real name on here - he'll be Carl for the blog and public social media) at 39 weeks 1 day.

Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6Month 7. Month 8.

Official weeks: 37 - 39


  • Signed our wills.
  • Had the baby.


  • Heartburn.
  • Frequent peeing.
  • Generally uncomfortable.
  • High blood pressure - it crept up for a few weeks and by my 38 week appointment hit the threshold to be of concern. I came in for an extra check a few days later and it was back down, but then even higher at my 39 week appointment, hence the inducement.

Mental health:

For the first time I started feeling somewhat "hormonal", and just generally tired and unmotivated, and ready to be done.


I was starting to be able to eat some larger meals at a time, rather than constant snacking of smaller portions.

Purchases & gifts

Some gifts from work - I was supposed to be have a joint shower with a colleague who was due the day after me, then she had her baby 4 weeks early, the week before the shower was scheduled for. I really didn't want a shower that was focused just on me (didn't truly want one in the first place at all, although I appreciate the sentiment behind it), so I got them to postpone it until after I had the baby, and we'd both bring in the babies and have cake to celebrate. But people had already bought/planned to buy gifts, so just dropped them by my office.

Weight gained: +41 pounds

By the last couple weeks it had leveled off, and I'd even lost a pound by my final appointment from the one prior.


Pretty much everything was starting to feel like I was reaching capacity. Maternity jeans are no longer super comfy once the uterus is low enough that the denim part before the knit panel starts is sort of digging into it.

Currently reading

Still not doing much reading. 

Most surprised by

How things turned out in the end - having a risk leading to inducement and some subsequent complications - after what seemed like a pretty textbook pregnancy. Also how unprepared I was for an induction - I had some vague knowledge, but hadn't looked into it specifically. I think I would have done some research to prepare if I'd gone overdue in preparation of the risk of being induced if I went too far without labor starting, but it truly hadn't occurred to me that I might end up induced for any other reason. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weeks of Sept 12 - 18, Sept 19 - 25, Sept 26 - Oct 2

Workouts Sept 12 - 18

Wednesday: 30 Day Shred level 1 (20 min)

Average daily steps: 8,311

Sept 19 - 25 average daily steps: 6,729

Sept 26 - Oct 2

Thursday - Saturday: Had a baby

Average daily steps (thru Weds): 8,032

Any motivation to do actual legit workouts pretty much disappeared the last few weeks of pregnancy; however I did get out and do about a mile walk almost every evening. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

G Game Night

With a fermented ginger drink in process as Abe's current kitchen experiment, we decided to do G night for our last pre-baby game night.

Abe's Grib disc golf bag
Discs - Glow-(Green)-in-the-dark Gazelle, Gator, Gateway wizards
Grey backdrop (base layer of a canvas I'm repurposing)

The Great Dalmuti
Go Fish

Ginger ale (home fermented)
Ginger ale (store bought)
Grapefruit juice
Grape soda
Green tea
Garden vegetable tea
Guayaki yerba mate 

Gumbo with Garam masala and Garlic
Gnocchi with Green sauce
Green salad
Garlic bread
Gluten free chips
Grilled cheese - Goat, Gouda, Gorgonzola - sandwiches on Great seed bread
Granola bars
Green pepper
Gummy candies
Goji berries
Go Go squeeze applesauce
Graham crackers
Ghiradelli brownies
Fruit salad with Green Grapes, Granny smith apples, Gala apple, Grapefruit, with a dressing with Grenadine and Ground Ginger
Godis lakrits (Swedish licorice from Ikea)
Goat milk ice cream

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 8

Feeling very pregnant. Apparently I look very pregnant.

Among the many people at my work having babies this calendar year, there was a guy's wife due one week before me, and a coworker due the day after me - they both had their babies a week and a half ago (the weekend I turned 36 weeks)! So 3 weeks and 4 weeks early, respectively. So that got me worried for a while that I'd go early too (and motivated me to finally finish packing the hospital bag), but then I realized that means somebody has to pull the average back to where it normally is, so I'll probably go 2 weeks over.

Weeks 12, 24, 36

Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6. Month 7.

Official weeks: 33 - 36


  • Got everything squared away to donate the cord blood.
  • Finished putting the nursery together. (Which, really, is silly because the baby's not even going to sleep there for a while.)
  • Installed the car seat.
  • Got my work to buy me a balance ball chair, which is supposed to be good to keep/get baby into the best position for labor, and also makes my back feel a lot better while sitting for hours.
  • Attended baby classes - infant CPR, breastfeeding, and basic baby care. 

  • Heartburn
  • Carpal tunnel, this time mostly in my right hand (in the second tri I had it some in my left hand, but that went away after a few weeks). 
  • Waking up during the night to pee. 

Mental health

I feel bit more iffy and wanting to cry on occasion, but not tons. After feeling almost more stable than usual for most of the pregnancy, I'm starting to feel like hormones actually are out of whack and making me slightly extra emotional.


I have to be cautious to eat smaller meals/snacks - eating too much makes me feel sick, but so does going to often without eating. It's a fine balance, not quite as fine as avoiding morning sickness in the first tri, but kind of along the same lines.

Purchases & gifts

  • Bottles - we bought just a couple of a couple different kinds, so we can try them out and see if the baby has any preferences before stocking up. 
  • A friend gave me some maternity work clothes, which was perfect as I was starting to reach capacity on some stuff. And, also a nice light jacket - I haven't truly needed it yet (though it is getting chilly in the mornings), but I very well still might in the next 2 to 4 weeks as we move into fall, and I was really not wanting to spend the money on a maternity jacket for such a small potential window of needing it.
  • She also gave us some small size gDiapers - ones that are basically like the one-size pocket diapers we're planning to use long-term, but sized for 8 to 12 pounds. Not a full stash to use full time, but enough to be able to ease into cloth versus disposable before the baby's ready for the regular cloth diapers. 

Weight gained: +38 pounds


Very grateful for the stuff my friend gave me to have some additional options, especially for work. Many non-knit shirts no longer fit.

Currently reading

I kind of just stopped reading baby stuff, at least in books (still doing some various research and reading online, though). I should probably try to do some more of that sometime soon...

Most surprised by

Somehow I was thinking in the back of my mind that the mobility/back ache/etc. associated with pregnancy had at least as much to do with the overall weight gain than the bump itself, and well, I've been that heavy before, it didn't slow me down then, surely it won't be so bad? No, gaining 40 pounds in bump (ok, maybe more like 30 in bump and 10 extra elsewhere) constricts getting out of bed in a way that having 40 extra pounds spread out over my body does not even being to resemble. I guess it was wishful thinking, in a way, but it really is very different.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week of September 5 - 11


Monday: Prenatal yoga video (20 min)

Wednesday: Daily Burn - Move Latin dance (20 min)

Average daily steps: 7,854

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Running: Would You Rather

Borrowing this survey from Kristina

1. Have a post race beer or a post race dessert? 

Dessert, for sure! Not a fan of beer under almost any circumstances. (My beer tickets on race bibs generally just go to waste.)

2. Run with a blister the whole time or a side stitch the whole time?

I think a blister. Though either would suck, I think the blister is a discomfort less integrally involved with the running process itself, so would be easier to try to ignore or zone out from. 

3. Run alone or run with friends for every run of an entire training cycle?

Alone! I do for every training cycle, anyway. Running or training with friends is pretty rare in my life. Running is a zoning out/clear out my mind kind of activity more so than a social activity; outside of races, I've done maybe 1% of my total runs ever with other people.

4. Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?

I guess that depends on exactly how hot or cold, and how hilly, we're talking about. But I think I enjoy the Foot Traffic Flat - which is indeed flat and on July 4th so easily reaching the 80s by the time I'm done, much more than I enjoyed the hilly Seattle Half marathon when it was 20s and rainy, so probably flat in the heat. 

5. Run a 5K or a marathon?

Definitely depends - but more likely a 5k. I think overall my inherent "talent" (such as it is, which is to say, not much) at running is more geared towards speed than distance.

6. Run without music or without your GPS?

Without music. I used to be much better about doing most of my runs without headphones - currently I actually don't usually listen to music, but podcasts, but I am usually listening to something. But I'd forego that if the alternative was to not have my data to analyze afterward!

7. Train through the winter for a spring race or through the summer for a fall race?

Train through the summer for a fall race. Fall is almost always my main goal race for the year. It doesn't help that winter overlaps significantly with tax season, so it's virtually impossible to get much quality training done then, but I think it'd be challenging myself to get out as much in the dark, damp winter regardless. 

8. Would you rather give up running for 1 year to get a BQ or never BQ but run as much as you want?

Given that the amount of running and dedication it would take to BQ is much more than running as much as I want, I think I'd give it up for a year to get the BQ. It definitely sucks to not be running (I can't believe it's been a month since I've run, currently!) but sometimes it's what's best in the long run. 

9. Always run in shorts or always run in tights?

I guess this depends in part on how well fitting the shorts are - non-chafing shorts depend on both the shorts and my current body shape/weight and can be quite difficult to actually exist. But weather wise I'd rather be slightly too warm than too cold, so I guess I'd go with tights. 

10. Run an ultra marathon or do a triathlon?

Triathlon, since I already do triathlons and have yet to tackle an ultra. I have a long ways to go in mastering the marathon distance before trying to go further, but triathlon offers a lot of variation in distance and thus opportunity to master the specific type you're best capable of doing. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week of August 29 - September 4


Wednesday: 30 Day Shred level 1 (20 min)

Friday: 3 Day Rotation dance (20 min)

Sunday: Daily Burn - Move African dance (30 min)

I enjoyed doing a dance video with the 3 Day Rotation workout (a video/DVD I've used since high school, and found on YouTube recently), so thought I'd look for more of that genre to keep myself motivated. Daily Burn is what I've heard of for a good library of workouts, so I signed up for a free trial. I'm unsure how to feel about the "Move" dance workout series, though - they seem to be themed akin to how So You Think You Can Dance dances are, which makes me feel like there's some cultural appropriation going on (e.g., in the African workout, there was some educational type talk about the moves, but also some that seemed to be more making fun of it, and the backup dancers all had face painting that seemed odd.) 

Average daily steps: 8,469

I'm getting more consistent with my daily walks, and fitting in at least a few real workouts with videos on top of that! 
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