Monday, June 19, 2017

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 3


Tuesday: Yoga video (10 min)

Wednesday: NROLFW phase 1 workout B (20 min)

Saturday: NROLFW phase 1 workout A (20 min) + yoga video (10 min)

Sunday: Run 2.2 miles (16:35, 79* and dusk, 8:45 pm)

Total running: 2.2 miles
Daily average steps: 8,754
Weight: +39 (no change)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week of June 5 - 11


Wednesday: Stroller run 1.2 miles (15:56 pace, 77* and sunny, 5:15 pm)

Saturday: Yoga (10 min)

Sunday: Run 2.0 miles (15:15 pace, 66*, 7:15 pm)

Total running: 3.2 miles
Average daily steps: 9,088

Weight: +39 (no change)

Taking a week off of weights workouts to get over this stupid cold. Summer colds are the worst.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bloomsday 2017

This was my 5th consecutive Bloomsday! 2016 2015 2014 2013

I'm definitely not ready to leave N overnight yet, so he and Abe came along, even though I was the only one doing the race this year. We made it a little road trip, the first real one with the baby (we had a couple smaller trips for Thanksgiving, but he was little enough to mostly just sleep through it then)!

We made the drive over to Spokane on the Friday - about 6 hours of drive time, but we made a couple stops, so it was closer to 8 hours total. N didn't nap quite as great as would have been ideal, but enough, and he stayed in a good mood until the last half hour of so (similar on the way back home Sunday after the race), at which time we made judicious use of "The Duck Song" on youtube. 

Some relatives came to the hotel to hangout a bit Friday night, we quickly got my race packet at the expo Saturday morning (I finally refrained from buying one of the souvenir shirts - they're usually cool designs, but I have plenty now!), and other relatives hosted us for a pasta dinner Saturday night. This was the first time for most of them meeting the baby! 

Picnic!                              Car naps!                              Over it.

My parents took care of N during the race (gave my mom an excuse to not walk it this year! even though her sister was walking it with my cousin), while Abe explored another disc golf course in the area. 

I had some goals going in that seemed unreasonable, all things considered as far as my fitness and training abilities - A goal: under 1:38, my then-standing slowest running Bloomsday time; B goal: under 1:45; C goal: absolutely under 2 hours.

We had pretty much perfect running conditions, in the low 50s and just starting to feel warm and sunny by the end. I started out feeling a lot better and running faster than I would have thought possible. I began with 5:1 run:walk intervals; about 30 or 40 minutes in I started walking full 6-minute segments, and then interspersed more walking from there on. 

I decided to enjoy the race since I couldn't set a PR or even run the entire thing. I felt emboldened to shout back at the obnoxious anti-abortion protesters that are along the course each year. I bought an otter pop from one of the school fundraising groups, and took a free small cup of bud light along Doomsday Hill. Doomsday Hill was not fun, though I included some running intervals up it here and there.

Mile splits: 
1 - 12:32
2 - 12:54
3 - 15:14
4 - 14:16
5 - 15:48
6 - 15:08
7 - 15:10
7.46 - 13:49 (8:03 time for .58 per my garmin)

Friday, June 9, 2017

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 2


Monday: Rest day - swapped with Wednesday due to work and other scheduling for the week.

Tuesday: Stroller run 1.9 miles (15:41, 59* and overcast, 4:15 pm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Wednesday: Bike trainer 4.9 miles (11.9 mph, 54 rpm)

Thursday: Unplanned rest day - I took a 2 hour nap after putting the baby to bed, and it was glorious.

Friday: Disc golf (50 min) NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Saturday: Bike trainer 3.3 (13.1 mph, 60 rpm)

Sunday: Unplanned rest day - woke up totally overtaken by a cold.

Total biking: 8.2 miles
Total running: 1.9 miles
Average daily steps: 9,853

Weight: +39 (no change)

This was supposed to be the first week of "training" (such as is feasible right now) for a 5k in early July. Instead I was exhausted - busy at work and coming down with a cold that hit hard on Sunday. Bleh. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

NROLFW: Phase 1 Week 1 (Postpartum Edition)


Monday: NROLFW phase 1 workout A (25 min) + bike trainer 4.3 miles (12.9 mph, 59 rpm)

Tuesday: Rest day

I'm generally intending Wednesdays to be my rest day, but this Tuesday it was too busy to go for a swim, and too hot to feel comfortable going for a run with the baby in the stroller. So swapped what I could. 

Wednesday: Stroller run 1.45 miles (15:57 pace, 70* and sunny but windy, 5:00 pm)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.7 miles (15:20 pace, 72* and sunny, 5:30 pm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B (20 min)

Friday: Yoga (10 min) - Otherwise an unplanned rest day; life got the better of me and didn't get around to anything!

Saturday: Yoga (10 min) + disc golf (1 hr) + run 1.15 miles (15:11 pace, 72* and hot, 11:45 pm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A (20 min)

Sunday: Bike trainer 2.05 miles (12.2 mph, 56 rpm)

Total biking: 6.35 miles
Total running: 4.30 miles
Average daily steps: 11,224

Weight: +39 = -1 lb! I'll take it!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Five: Misconceptions of Non-runners

Linking up today with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for Friday Five 2.0

As I get back into running and regain that runner identity, it feels so good, both physically and mentally! Not that I was thrown out of the community while I couldn't run, but it's nice to really feel like I'm part of the fold again, getting out there multiple times a week and registering for races. I don't think non-runners always get how nice that kind of routine can feel. Here are a few other things that it seems they don't always understand. 

1. "Marathon" is not a synonym for "race". No, that 5k fun run you did last weekend with your family, including the little kids, is not a marathon that you did. It's like saying you went hiking last week and "climbed Mount Everest". While I think running in general is very welcoming to beginners, a marathon is a very specific accomplishment, and not one that's wise to take on without preparation. 

2. We're not doing this just or lose weight. Even if we could stand to lose a little (or a lot). Exercising in order to lose weight was one of the reasons I took up running initially, but far form the only one. At my highest weight, lowest weight, pregnant, postpartum, I have a ton of reasons for running, and at the top of the list is the endorphins and feeling of accomplishment.

3. Although there's usually some benefit from losing weight (less weight to move takes less work!), it's not a guaranteed indicator of how fast a runner is or how many miles they run. At a certain point, you probably do need to at least be close to the stereotypical skinny runner's body to be elite. But your everyday runners joining a race? Don't think that just because I'm a little overweight that I have't been training my butt off (although clearly not literally) and can't beat you to the finish line.

4. We are able to talk about things other than running. (You know the joke - How do you know if someone has run a marathon? Don't worry, she'll tell you.) It's not that we bring it up all the time - the rest of you do! It's an easy topic for small talk, I guess. And I don't mind talking about - it is a hobby that takes up a lot of my time! But if you want to talk about something else, that's fine with me, too!

5. It doesn't always feel easy. We don't run because we learned how to do so without effort. We just work on running faster and longer! We keep working on improving, and always pushing to new limits.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week of May 15 - 21


Monday: FitStar workout (19 min) + yoga video (15 min)

Tuesday: Yoga video (15 min) + stroller run 1.25 miles (15:39 pace, 52* and drizzling, 4:30 pm)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.0 mile (14:48 pace, 68* and sunny, 5:00 pm)

Friday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:50 pace, 73* and sunny, 4:30 pm)

Saturday: Bike trainer 4.4 miles (13.2 mph, 60 rpm) + yoga video (15 min)

Sunday: "Long" run 2.35 miles (14:37 pace, 81* and dusk, 8:45 pm)

Total biking: 4.4 miles
Total running: 5.95 miles
Average daily steps: 9,463

Weight: +40 (0 change)

I'm working on overcoming the catch-22 that feeling off in mood makes me not want to exercise, but exercise helps me not feel off in mood. Did a decent job of that this week! Running, while still slow and not truly 100% resolved in the pelvic floor issues (but 98%-ish resolved), is starting to approach feeling like it might feel normal again in the not too distant future. Might even become fun again! I've finally (after registering for two races, including Bloomsday, and DNS-ing the local one and doing Bloosmday simply because it's a tradition and trying not to have any expectations) registered for a couple races for the summer and fall. Plans for training and goals for those to come in a post hopefully this week. 

I finally figured out that the reason my bike speed sensor wasn't working actually was because it needed a new battery (even though the Internet said that needing a new battery was highly improbable), so fixed that and finally got on my bike (indoors!) again! Sometime I'm going to have to have enough confidence to ride it again outdoors, after, oh, probably two years? It was in the summer before the winter I got pregnant, so pretty sure that was coming up on two years ago.

I'm also going to start a new round of New Rules of Lifting for Women (did a mostly complete cycle of that a couple years ago, and half-heartedly restarted but didn't finish another round while pregnant). I've got to do something about my body, I'm not happy with it, and while lifting up my now roughly-20 pound baby is keeping up some strength (though, man, can I feel it in my back when I've spend a day at home with him versus at work), it's not doing what I want exercise to do in terms of appearance.
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