Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 5

Still kind of feeling like there's not a whole lot happening but waiting, in part due to having a lot more energy and generally feeling more normal.

Month 1Month 2Month 3. Month 4

Weeks 7, 16, 24

Official weeks: 21 - 24


Had the anatomy ultrasound and found out we're having... a healthy and normally developing baby! 

First stranger assuming I was pregnancy and making comments accordingly. Also two instances of seeing people I only see occasionally and who didn't know I was pregnant, seeing me and exclaiming, "oh you're pregnant!" Definitely have a legit bump (but still really ballsy for the stranger to assume!)

Starting to feel a good amount of movement! It's still a bit inconsistent day to day, but gradually getting stronger and more constant. I found out at the ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta, which explains not feeling anything much sooner and it still not being super strong feelings. Fairly often the baby kicks out to the side, though, which is more noticeable. 

Tried a support belt for running, which is starting to get uncomfortable - not really from specific pains or aches, just a generally heaviness. I'm not sure the support belt really helps though. The biggest issue right now is getting a weird side stitch thing while running, and it doesn't impact that at all. 


Not too much! Feeling more energized, though still getting a good amount of sleep on weekends. A little mild heartburn here and there, but nothing major. Most annoying thing is the side stitch while running, but I think maybe compression of my lungs is the problem, so I just need to focus on breathing. 

My belly button is far from popped yet, but it's clearly making its way towards turning, and it's just super weird. 

Mental health

I've been having the occasion few days where I feel off, but fortunately it's fairly sporadic and not sticking around too long at a time, so nothing I'm terribly concerned with yet. 

I had Abe accompany me to a counseling appointment, so my therapist got to meet him, which I think is helpful just for providing additional context when I talk to her, and also a chance to talk through some joint parenting and family boundary type of issues. 


Pretty normal. Trying to eat more veggies. I have a contest going with my mom - she has to lift weights a certain number of times a week and I have to eat veggies.

Purchases & gifts

We got a running stroller! We found a great deal on a barely used Bob running stroller on Craigslist. 

Went to Ikea and picked out a crib and dresser - though due to time constraints, didn't purchase at the time, and now it looks like they're discontinuing the dresser! (It's one of the Malm line, which they're recalling due to risk of tipping over if they're not anchored to the wall. Even though it comes with an anchoring kit and the instructions tell you to anchor it to the wall. People are dumb. I know next to nothing about kids, and even I know you should attach large and heavy furniture to the wall around little kids. This is not a problem unique to this product, and it has a simple solution - one which Ikea was already promoting as the recommendation installation of their product.)

Weight gained: + 25 pounds


Starting to reach capacity on some knit shirts, as well as my sports bras. Need to look for some of both of those in maternity/larger sizes.

Currently reading

Working on What to Expect the First Year, The New First Three Years of Life, and Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten. Note on the latter - my MIL gave it to us, it's not a book I would have picked on my own as the branding/title rubs me the wrong way, but the underlying premise is actually less abrasive/egotistical than it sounds, and it has some good information and ideas (along with a little bit of bunk that I'm disregarding). 

Most surprised by

The progression of the belly button is seriously weird. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 5


Monday: Bike trainer 5.8 miles (11.6 mph, 53 rpm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Tuesday: Speedwork run 4.0 miles (14:24 avg page)

Goal: wu, 4 x 0.50 @ 11:30, 0.25 recoveries, cd
Warm-up 0.50: 13:50
4 x 0.50 intervals: 11:30, 11:28, 11:28, 11:47
4 x 0.25 recovery: 14:03, 23:38, 22:43, 23:04
Cool-down 0.50: 13:28

The speed intervals felt easier than I expected (though not easy - even though this is around my goal pace for my next race, a 10k, and it used to be my half marathon PR pace...), but definitely wiped me out and I ended up walking most of the recovery intervals. 

Wednesday: Run 2.15 miles (13:44 pace)

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Run 2.15 miles (14:10 pace) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Run 2.3 miles (14:44 pace)

Total biking: 5.8 miles
Total running: 10.6 miles
Average daily steps: 9,834

Feeling a lot more normal now in terms of energy, but have to be careful to not overdo it - easy to feel wiped out after a longer than currently-normal workout. And realizing that maybe two rest days (even if active rest - I did fit in a nice walk on Saturday still) are necessary at this point.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week of June 13 - 19


Monday: Swim 1,100 yards

Wednesday am: Tempo run 2.5 miles (11:51 pace)
Wednesday pm: Half a round of disc golf + 30 Day Shred level 1 workout

Thursday: Run 2.0 miles (13:34 pace)

Saturday: Stationary bike 5.5 miles (10.8 mph)

Total swimming: 1,100 yards
Total biking: 5.5 miles
Total running: 4.5 miles
Average daily steps: 8,778

I was out of town all this week but Monday, and traveling between locations (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday were largely travel), so difficult to fit in a whole lot, but did what I could.

Monday, June 13, 2016

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 4


Tuesday: Run 2.5 miles (13:41 pace) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Wednesday: Swim 1,000 yards + run 2.0 miles (13:22 pace)

Saturday: Prenatal yoga class (90 min)

Sunday: Bike trainer 2.8 miles (11.1 mph, 51 rpm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total biking: 2.8 miles
Total running: 4.5 miles
Average daily steps: 7,725

An odd week that wasn't truly too busy to fit stuff in, but felt hectic enough that I preferred to savor downtime when I could rather than fit in more workouts. Next week will also be unusual in that we're traveling, so what will actually be possible to fit in is tbd. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

NROLFW: Phase 7 Recap

See also recaps of: phase 1phase 2phase 3phase 4phase 5, phase 6. See weekly workout recaps in phase 7 here

After finishing phase 6, I ended up taking off five weeks from weight lifting before starting phase 7, and then by that point I was pregnant. So as you might imagine, it wasn't exactly the shining pinnacle and showing off all the great strides made during the whole program. 

Performance progress

I stepped back from where I had been, which was 15 to 20 pound dumbbells for pretty much everything, and just used 10 pounds across the board. Though, I might have also reduced weight somewhat because this phase bumps up to doing more reps (15 - 20, rather than, say, 4 - 8 that were becoming more common as you move up through the phases) for most of the workouts.

What I'm most disappointed by is that, with the break and gaining pregnancy weight, I lost the ability to do an unassisted chin-up. I had to add in a band to do any for this phase. I definitely want to keep up doing assisted chin-ups and pull-ups during pregnancy though - once the weight drops they'll automatically become that much easier, right?!

Appearance progress

Well, I gained 8 pounds over this phase... this was part of that awkward phase where it's very difficult to tell whether you're growing a baby or have just eaten a lot of ice cream lately (in my case, a little of both). 

Overall thoughts

These workouts were nice and short (though still intense if using higher weights). I do wish I'd gotten through this phase earlier in the year, so I could have really seen what I could do if stacked no top of the progress of the earlier phases and not started to be limited by pregnancy. But I still was glad to see I retained enough to step back into it, with those limitations, and still be able to do a fair amount with a not that unreasonable amount of weights.

I've now restarted with phase 1, keeping the weights somewhat low and of course skipping any ab/core stuff. Hopefully it will keep me enough in shape throughout pregnancy (even if I can't increase weights, at least maintain) and be able to jump back into it fairly quickly after pregnancy (and get back to chin-ups with less weight to pull up!).

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 4

Not really that much going on for these weeks. Mostly feel like I'm just waiting for things to happen, while the belly gradually gets a little more noticeable.

Month 1. Month 2. Month 3.

Weeks 7, 12, 16, 20

Official weeks: 17 - 20


First unsolicited belly rub. There's a woman in my Toastmasters clubs who's very touchy feely - has to "collect hugs" from everyone at every meeting. Apparently she needs to rub my belly at every meeting, too. 

Started the process of having our will written, primarily so we have our preferred guardians named for our kid(s) in case something happens to both of us. 


Still pretty tired, so I asked my primary doctor to run some labs, including iron and thyroid. My iron turned out to be borderline - just barely within the low end of normal, so I started taking an additional iron supplement (though there is iron in the prenatal I was already taking). My thyroid was also out of whack, per pregnancy guidelines, so they bumped up my prescription. A few weeks later, feeling much better as far as energy! Still sleeping in on the weekends and taking an occasional nap, but the tiredness seems like a normal pregnancy amount, no longer an overwhelming amount.

I started getting some carpal tunnel symptoms in my left hand, which if caused by pregnancy is from fluid pressing on the nerves. It actually only lasted in a significant amount for a couple weeks, then started substantially improving, though still a tiny bit present. Fortunately, working at a computer didn't exacerbate it (though I'm sure it didn't help), but it was larger movements, like in yoga, where my wrist got bent that cause it to feel the worst.

Started getting mild heartburn - not too constant, fortunately! In fact, inconsistent enough that I can't quite point to exactly what causes it to flare up. 

Mental health

I flew to Spokane for Bloomsday - and I normally love flying. I want to take flying lessons at some point. Even on turbulent flights, I trust the pilots and the industry to be safe. On these flights, I was actually super nervous! It was really weird. On the way home when I had lots of baby clothes from thrift store shopping, it even crossed my mind "but I have to get home with all the baby stuff!" - never mind the baby stuff would be irrelevant if I didn't make it back with the baby in me.


Though I occasionally feel slight queasiness (mostly if I go more than 3 hours or so without eating), nothing that prevents me from eating normally. Trying to rein in the sweets and include more veggies.

Purchases & gifts

I went to multiple thrift stores with my parents while we were in Spokane, and came home with a suitcase stuff fulled of things. It's great to shop with my mom, "oh, this is so cute..." often results in her buying something for us. :) Though we'll probably acquire a few more things in the small sizes, I think we have enough in the 0 - 3 month size to at least manage! Now we need to start deciding on and acquiring the bigger things 

Weight gained: +20 pounds

Yeah. I don't love this. Doctors clearly aren't at all worried, though. I know at this point I have to keep gaining a certain amount to keep the baby growing, so it's not like you compensate for having gained earlier on, I'm just going to be on track to gain at least 40 pounds or so. While I went overboard with crappy eating and minimal exercise in the first tri, that was just as much due to tax season as the pregnancy, and I do feel like I was doing the best I could at the time. All I can do is try to manage those habits as healthily as possible from now on, and let my body do whatever it's going to do. 


I can still fit in a few regular shirts that are particularly long and stretchy, but mostly in all maternity wear. 

Currently reading

Finished Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. Read through a booklet from a family friend who's going to give us an afternoon labor class when we're in town visiting my parents next month. Started in on What to Expect the First Year.

Most surprised by

How quickly the bump seems to be growing now! I know it's still not even that big yet, but it still seems huge, relatively speaking, each time I look at it.

Monday, June 6, 2016

NROLFW Phase 1 Week 3


Monday: 30 Day Shred level 1 workout

Trying to get my mom to do strength training regularly (she needs to be able to lift a baby!), and she does best with videos giving her step by step instructions, so we did it together while she was here and I sent the DVD back home with her.

Tuesday: Interval run 3.0 miles (13:28 avg pace)

Goal: wu, 4 x 0.25 @ < 11:00, 0.25 recoveries, cd
Warm-up 0.5: 14:52
4 x 0.25 intervals: 10:32, 10:51, 10:49, 10:46
4 x 0.25 recovery: 16:04, 16:49, 13:57, 15:07
Cool-down 0.5: 13:34

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run 3.55 miles (13:57 pace)

Friday am: Swim 1,200 yards
Friday pm: Bike trainer 3.5 miles (13.0 mph, 59 rpm) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Saturday: Prenatal yoga class (90 min) + bike trainer 6.5 miles (12.4 mph, 57 rpm)

Sunday: Swim 1,000 yards + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Total swimming: 2,200 yards
Total biking: 10.0 miles
Total running: 6.55 miles
Average daily steps: 9,347
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