Sunday, June 17, 2018

I Can't Even Begin

I keep coming across headlines and articles, of course, about the immigration issues. I look at my 20-month-old son, who cries for his mama sometimes even when surrounded by others who also love him, and I can't even imagine. I haven't even gotten to the point of trying to read the ideas of what we can do to help, because I can't even read that far. I keep closing them. 

How is it possible that we, as a country, are doing to people what we should be rescuing people from in other countries? No matter what selfish goals are overriding common sense and working for the common good, how does it get so far that people have ordered this?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week of June 4 - 10: RLRF 5k Training Week 5/10

I'm working on combining working out with transportation, and reduce my reliance on the car. I rode my bike to ballet, and used my long run to pick up something I'd been given in my local Buy Nothing group. 

Not a great week in terms of doing the actual running workouts/paces. Or weights. Or stretching. But I got in the miles! Certainly not bad.


Monday: Tap class (60 min) + core (5 min) + pull-ups

Wednesday: Every Mother Counts virtual 5k + bike to/from class 1.5 miles + ballet class (90 min)

Friday: Easy run 3.3 miles (13:53 pace, 59* and drizzly, mid afternoon, 174 spm) + core (5 min)
Still feeling sore and fatigued enough from the ballet class (first after skipping a few weeks!) to not want to do an actual running workout.

Sunday: Long run 6.5 miles (13:29 pace, 52* and just barely drizzly, mid morning, 176 spm) + core (5 min)

Total biking: 1.5 miles
Total running: 12.9 miles

Average daily steps: 12,831
Weight: +33 (no change)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Shamrock Run 5k Race Recap

Hey, here's race recap a few months after the fact. Hopefully I can remember a few things that are relevant!

After struggling with pelvic floor issues throughout 2017, this was - kinda sorta, hampered by being during tax season - a comeback race. I don't recall exactly how I felt about my training going into this (I didn't exceed even 10 miles leading up to it), but I felt somewhat strong relative to what I was building on. 

I left my goals fairly loose until the last minute, but ultimately wanted to stay under 12:00 minutes miles, and minimize (or avoid!) walking breaks.

I was already a bit sick of the event after I'd made it through packet pick up the day before - I had to drive across PDX to the expo center, find parking, walk through all the exhibitors. Ugh. There's a reason I've been leaning towards smaller, local-er races in more recent years!

The morning of I parked to take the MAX into downtown. I will admit there is something energizing standing on the platform and seeing all these people obviously going to the same place you are!

I had time for a couple runs through the portapotty line, then made my way to line up for the start. I turned on my garmin while I walked towards where I thought I should line up. Standing in the crowd, thought, Huh, weird it didn't turn on. Turns out I hadn't charged it, and it was turning right back off due to a low battery. I quickly downloaded the Runkeeper app, figured out that I had an existing account, and got it going just in time! 

It took about 15 minutes to cross the start line. I keep it to a strong but doable effort for the first mile. The second mile, towards the turnaround, was a bit uphill. I slowed waaay down, but I think I didn't walk more than a couple steps around the cone. Headed back slightly downhill and sped up a smidge! Kept going with an almost-sprint across the finish line. 

At one point during the race I hoped to stay under 36 minutes, but I stayed close, and still got under a 12:00 pace! This definitely got me back into a racing spirit! And set a strong baseline to continue improving from.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

D Day Game Night

After Doughnut Day and before D Day, on love your Dentist Day, we held our D game night.

Decor & clothes
Discs - Dual Destroyers, Devilhawk, D1
Dark-colored shirts and Denim

Dry soda
Dan Armor cider
Daiquiris with Dark rum
Decoy Diet Dr. pepper (the sodastream version)

DiGiorno Deep Dish pizza
Dragon noodles with Daikon, Delicata, and Dandelion
D'anjou pears
Dill pickles
Donut holes from Delicious Donuts
Dried Dates
Dark chocolate honey mints
Dark chocolate Dove
Dang coconut
Drumsticks (ice cream, not legs)

Don't break the ice
the great Dalmuti

Kids' toys & games
rocking Dinosaur
Dino train
Dump truck
Deceptive Duplos (actually megabloks)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week of May 28 - June 3: RLRF 5k Training Week 4/10

The Portland Marathon has had some issues (apparently for quite some time, but notably/obviously for at least a few years), and more recently canceled the 2018 race, while dissolving the organization that had put it on (and penalizing the director, who was mismanaging the supposed non-profit). But eventually the city decided to take applications for a 2018 race, and awarded it to Run With Paula (the only qualified organization to apply!). I don't know a ton of about them, but they seem to be held in high respect and I know I've done some races put on with them that were great, so I decided to add their half marathon Portlandathon into my fall. (Based on the - perhaps overly ambitious - half marathon training plan I'm planning for Las Vegas RnR half in November, I'm scheduled to do 14 miles that weekend anyway - might as well race!) 


Monday: Cargo bike 1.6 miles + Nike weights (15 min) + yoga (15 min)

Tuesday: Stroller easy run 2.0 miles (14:36 pace, 64* and breezy, late afternoon, 170 spm) + ballet barre video (20 min)

Wednesday: Tempo run 4.85 miles (13:00 overall pace, 59* and dusk, evening, 170 spm) + core (5 min)

Run goal: wu, 3 x 1 mile @ 11:17 with 1 mile easy intervals, cd
Actual:  0.3 warm up, 3 x 1 miles @ 11:13, 11:16, 11:34 with 0.5 easy intervals, 0.55 cool down

The first few minutes of the first tempo mile felt super easy! I can keep this up!! Then I looked down and realized I was a third of a mile in the first of three... by the last obviously I was struggling a bit more. 

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Swim 500 yards + Nike weights (35 min) + restorative yoga (15 min)

Saturday: Run 2.0 miles to/from park (12:38 pace) + park bootcamp workout (55 min) + restorative yoga (15 min)

This was a tough workout! But fun to join a group (including a neighbor/friend), and be pushed to do a workout type I wouldn't typically do on my own. This is a two-month summer program that has stuff in parks throughout the parks and rec district, but this one nearby has a mix of workout types on Saturdays. 

Sunday: Run 4.0 miles (13:06 pace, 61*, morning, 174 spm) to/from a park along the Beaverton Half Marathon course, to cheer on Karey! + cargo bike 1.0 mile to/from park

It was a little of an issue scheduling wise to fit in everything I was supposed to this week - but I got a decent amount of mileage total. I was still store from the prior day! so this seemed like plenty of distance while coordinating it with cheering at the race. 

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 2.6 miles
Total running: 12.85 miles

Average daily steps: 12,007
Weight: +33 (no change)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Week of May 21 - 27: RLRF 5k Training Week 3/10

Running workouts went well this week, even with increased (mostly) expectations! After setting a fast goal time (and thus line on the chart to set workout paces) in the tempo run, the speedwork run felt like just the right level of challenge - I hate to use these types of phrases, but it was challenging enough that I had to dig deep to do it, but it was indeed doable. The long run... well, I've really always been better at speed (as a relative term, of course) than endurance and long distance, so I'm doing the best I can, which at that point I think needs to be do the distance without worrying about the pace. Hopefully by the end of this 5k training cycle I can work up to being able to do longer-ish distances with some focus on pace.


Monday: Tap class (60 min) + core work (5 min)

Tuesday: Cargo bike 3.8 miles + tempo run 3.5 miles (11:56 overall pace, 11:15 tempo pace, 72*, late evening, 178 spm)

Run goal: wu, 3 @ 11:59, cd
Actual: 0.25 warm up, 11:32, 11:28, 10:44, 0.25 cool down

Per the paces on the chart I've been following, the tempo pace should have been 11:59. I mentioned in the past couple of weeks that the workout paces didn't feel super challenging, so I was thinking of bumping down on the chart / setting a faster goal pace. Going down ~30 seconds in 5k time would have put me at 11:46 for the tempo, so I was going to aim for just somewhere in between those. Well! The first mile felt good. Kept it up for the second, and partway into the third I was even faster so just decided to see what was possible! 10:44 is a new post-baby best mile. 

Per the average tempo pace I did (~11:15), I'm going to re-calibrate and use a 34:10 goal 5k time - we'll see how I can manage those paces for the speedwork and long run this week! I know I've been struggling on long run paces, so regardless I think the endurance piece is going to be harder than the speed. 

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Road bike 3.3 miles + core (5 min)

Friday: Yoga (15 min)

Saturday: Speedwork run 4.3 miles (12:55 overall pace, 55* and overcast, mid-morning, 170 spm) + RLRF strength workout (20 min) + core (5 min)

Run goal: wu, 4 x 0.6 @ 10:34 with 0.25 rest, cd
Actual: 0.5 warm up, 0.6 @ 10:36, 10:27, 10:32, 10:40, 0.65 cool down

Sunday: Cargo bike 2.2 miles + long run 6.0 miles (14:00 pace, 72* and dusk, mid evening, 176 spm)

Run goal: 5 - 7 miles, easy-ish pace
Actual: 6 miles! 14:03, 13:45, 13:59, 14:28, 14:09, 13:39

A couple hours before going out for this long run, I read this passage in North: "He would ask people, 'What's the furthest you can run without stopping?' After they replied whatever distance, he followed up with 'Could you run a mile further if I gave you a million dollars? What if I was running behind you holding a gun to your head, could you run even further?'" So, with that in mind, how do you do anything but just keep running, slow and steady? I'd mapped out a route about 5.5 miles, with a couple of bail points before that, but I added a little loop to do a full 6 instead! 

Total biking: 9.3 miles
Total running: 13.8 miles 

Average daily steps: 14,071
Weight: +33 (-1 lb!)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Reasons for "Run Less Run Faster"

If you look at my weekly workout recaps, you know I'm now in the third week (of ten, as I've modified it from twelve) of a 5k training plan per the Run Less Run Faster book. I gave a little overview of the concept in the first week (best as I recall from a single read from the book - I think it definitely would have value in re-reading!)

I don't typically follow that much of a formal plan for shorter races (less than a half marathon), but mainly I want to try this out to see how I would like it for a half marathon (which I'll be training for in the fall!), and right now I think I would benefit from some structure to really get back to my previous fitness and habits. 

These are a few of the reasons I liked this plan after reading the book and am trying it out!

1. Cross training, and doing way more than just running, is a central component - and right now I really do want to do everything! I'm enjoying doing dance classes and yoga, and I'm trying to get back into the habit of biking, swimming, and lifting. A plan that has 5 or 6 days or running would make that so much more difficult - I like running, but I don't want that to be my only workout. 

2. Workouts that are all about intensity and running fast (a relative term, granted) means I have permission to go faster! I know there's a lot of value (perhaps all the time, but certainly in certain "seasons" of running) to running easy. But, right now, my easy pace is soooo slow. Necessarily so, but it kind of sucks some of the time. Having prescribed workouts to go fast might be hard but it's also more fun!  

3. It highlights the importance of strength training and stretching. I haven't always read a full book for every training plan I've looked at, but I feel like usually there's, at most, a brief mention of strength workouts and stretching. RLRF, however, gives specific instructions for stretching and strength, and they're supposed to be incorporated into the training week! I've been pretty consistent with strength/weights in particular, but it can be hard to fit them into a training plan that takes up more time with just the running!

4. In theory, this should come up with similar results to other plans while sinking a lot less time into the running part! I've always had to juggle running with life, but a kid adds a whole other layer to that. I had been thinking of looking into the Hansons half marathon plan (I've previously done their full marathon training plan), but that was 6 days of running and some long stuff midweek - for example, the full include 10-mile tempos on a Wednesday! That's so not doable right now. 

5. It's intense and challenging - which I'm hoping it will speed up the process to regain fitness and get back to where I had been pre-pregnancy! I've taken 20 months to ease back into things (and I needed that time to take it easy for a variety of reasons!) but now I'm ready to really get back into it. 

Linking up today with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for Friday Five 2.0

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