Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sept 10 - 16: RLRF Half Training Week 8/16

I'm currently finding the hardest part of training (particularly in the context of trying to add in weights and other activities besides just running) to be getting enough sleep! This was also deadline week at work (9/15 for extended business returns), so something had to go. No weights and a not-long run to round out the weekend.


Monday: Group run with stroller 3.9 miles (12:10 pace, 70* and overcast, early evening, 170 spm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Tuesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Easy run 2.2 miles (13:44 pace, 64*, early evening, 168 spm) + restorative yoga (20 min)

Friday midday: Speedwork run 4.15 miles (12:46 pace, 61*, midday, 166 spm) + restorative yoga (15 min)
Friday evening: Bike 2.1 miles + jazz dance class (45 min) 

Run goal: wu, 4 x 0.25 @ 10:24 with 90 sec recovery, 2.5 min recovery, 4 x 0.25 @ 10:24 with 90 sec recovery, cd
0.75 warm up
10:08, 10:12, 9:57, 10:06 (walk first 30 sec of 90 sec recovery)
2.5 min walk/jog
10:01, 10:01, 9:47, 9:55 (walk first 45 sec of 90 sec recovery)
0.75 cool down

Saturday: Cargo bike 5.0 miles + restorative yoga (10 min)

Sunday: Run 3.25 (13:42 pace, 68*, mid afternoon, 164 spm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

That... was not a long run. I haven't had much of the "something is better than nothing" situations lately, but that's definitely what this was.

Total biking: 7.1 miles
Total running: 13.5 miles

Average daily steps: 11,009
Weight: +29 (no change)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sept 3 - 9: RLRF Half Training Week 7/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 5/12


Monday am: Folding bike 7.8 miles - a trial for commuting to work! 
Monday pm: SL 5x5 workout A (30 min) + restorative yoga (12 min)

To do a test run for biking to work, I biked to/from the transit center where I'd get on the train; then drove to the transit center where I'd get off the train (it runs only weekdays during rush hour, and transit was on a "Sunday" schedule for Labor Day) and rode from there to work and back. (The drive vs train cut off a bit at the beginning of the work-section - in all the commute will actually be 8 miles of biking round trip.)

Tuesday: Restorative yoga (20 min)

Wednesday: Folding bike 1.35 miles + run 2.4 miles (13:31 pace, 72* and dark, late evening, 168 spm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

The bike ride was just a short one around the neighborhood, to try riding with cargo on the rack, with my work laptop, etc., and make sure it felt secure and stable. 

Thursday: Tempo run 4.05 miles (12:23 pace, 82* and dusk, mid evening, 170 spm) + SL 5x5 workout B (30 min) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Run goal: wu, 3 @ 11:32, cd
Actual: 0.75 warm up, 11:32, 11:22, 11:31, 0.30 cool down

Friday am: Road bike 5.5 miles + swim 600 yards
Friday pm: Restorative yoga (20 min)

Saturday: Long run 10.25 miles (14:24 pace, 64*, mid day, 162 spm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

This run suuuucked. Lots of walking by the last ~third. 

Sunday: Stroller running errands 3.1 miles (14:18 pace, 61*, late morning, 168 spm) + restorative yoga (15 min)

Total swimming: 600 yards
Total biking: 14.65 miles
Total running: 19.8 miles

Average daily steps: 14,677
Weight: +29 (no change)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Aug 27 - Sept 2: RLRF Half Training Week 6/16

This was a planned rest week from the Stronglifts weights program - I wanted to take at least one week off somewhere in the middle, and due to the timing of other things going on, it made the most sense to break the 12-week program into thirds. 

Somehow filled up the spare time from not doing weights with... I have no idea, but I still didn't manage to get to the pool. 


Monday: Stroller tempo-ish run 3.5 miles (13:22 pace, 77*, early evening, 168 spm)

Run goal: wu, 3 miles @ 12:42, cd
Actual: 0.25 warm up, 12:26, 13:15, 13:09, 0.25 cool down

Tuesday: Cargo bike 2.25 miles

Wednesday: Folding bike 4.3 miles + run 3.0 miles (13:17 pace, 64*, late evening, 172 spm)

Thursday: Rest day

FridayLong run 10.1 miles !! (13:09 pace, 64*, midday, 168 spm)

Run goal: 10 miles @ <13:00
12:57, 13:09, 13:48, 13:38, 12:54
13:54, 14:00, 12:10, 12:48, 12:01, 14:00

I picked my hilly out and back route, so I'm happy with that overall pace considering. Also a negative split for first half versus second half. 

I realized this is my first double digits run since having N - actually, since before getting pregnant with N, so since 2015. I was happy about that, and kind of realizing how freaking tough it's felt to get back to where I used to be. But, also, it wasn't that long ago I was excited about hitting 10 mile for the week, so it is coming back. Will get back to where I left off and make new progress eventually!

Saturday: Restorative yoga (20 min)

Sunday: Stroller run errands 3.5 miles (13:30 pace, 61*, mid morning, 170 spm) + restorative yoga (20 min) + core (5 min)

And that makes 20 running miles for the week! Also a post-baby best.

Total biking: 6.55 miles
Total running: 20.0 miles

Average daily steps: 13,639
Weight: +29 (-1 lb)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Aug 20 - 26: RLRF Half Training Week 5/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 4/12


Monday: Folding bike 1.3 miles + yoga (10 min)

I got a new bike! Although I'm still working on increasing my comfort level with my road bike (and hopefully will get back to doing at least one tri with it next year), I'm also trying to bike for transportation and I'd much rather have a more upright bike style for that. With that in mind, as well as to create some flexibility in backup options while commuting to work or around town, I decided to buy a folding bike. 

I picked it up after work on Monday, and took it out just for a little bit around the neighborhood. 

Tuesday: Stroller tempo-ish run 2.25 miles (12:30 pace, 91* and only slightly hazy, early evening, 172 spm) + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)

Run goal: 2 - 3 miles @ <13:00
Actual: 12:20, 12:55, 11:27

The smoke came back in on Sunday - we were mostly in the orange hazardous levels for the day, but we were back to yellow level in my specific area when we headed out! (was back to orange when I checked after, though) I feel ok with that amount, but I didn't want to keep N out for too long (for both smoke and heat) so just something to get in a little bit of mileage and a tiny bit of speed. 

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Stroller run 2.0 miles (13:56 pace, 75* and blue sky!, early evening, 170 spm) + SL 5x5 workout A (30 min)

Friday: Speedwork run 4.1 miles (11:54 pace, 66*, midday, 172 spm) + cargo bike 1.0 miles

Run goal: wu, 3 x 1 mile @ 10:48 with 60 sec* rest, cd (*which I recalled to be 2 minutes once I got into the run, and rounded to 0.1 mile, so longer than planned)
Actual: 0.3 warm-up, 10:40, walk 0.1, 10:25, walk 0.1, 10:28, 0.6 cool-down

Which makes 10:25 a new post-baby best mile time!

Saturday: Swim 500 yards + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)

Sunday: Long run 7.5 miles (12:45 pace, 66*, midday, 176 spm)

Run goal: 10 miles @ <13:00
Actual: 1.2 miles to book club, 1.65 miles to the library (to return book club book), 4.65 miles towards/around home

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 2.3 miles
Total running: 15.85 miles

Average daily steps: 12,523
Weight: +30 (no change)

Friday, August 24, 2018

Surprises of Biking for Transportation

I've been very gradually working on using my bike and other non-car options for transportation. Specifically for biking, I've been using it for as much as possible outside of commuting to work: to the pool, the rec center, the library. Eventually, my goal is to commute via bike (plus train) to work full time. But the smaller steps are helping me get over my anxiety and figure out logistics. 

There are definitely still times when I just don't want to! But mostly I'm surprised - at least after the fact - at how pleasant the experience actually is when I make myself forgo the car. I'm working on getting over my fears, but here are some of the things I've learned so far.

Lots of destinations are waaay closer than I would think! Within just a mile of our house we have a pharmacy, 4 parks, a large shopping center including 2 grocery stores and a bookstore, a rec center, and N's future elementary and middle schools. Expand that to 2 - 3 miles, and there are also 3 pools, N's future high school, and 2 semi-major transit centers. Granted, my work isn't in that radius (it's about 8 by car / 11 by a good bike route), but a ton of every day stuff is, that I wouldn't have considered to "close" to home if you'd asked me before.

It's getting easier very quickly! I'm very nervous about biking with traffic. I just don't feel like I know enough about handling my bike in a way that is predictable enough to drivers to prevent danger, and reactive enough if there is a danger. But I'm gradually starting to feel more confident - and I even use left-turn lanes sometimes now (instead of cross walks)!

Carrying stuff isn't too hard, even without a specific equipment. In the photo above is a hiking backpack that I bought specifically for biking (and occasional running). It adjusts to be nice and snug so it doesn't bounce around, the straps are reasonably comfy, and it holds quite a bit! (I almost bought too much at Goodwill once when I came across some awesome trucks for N, though!) I keep thinking I should buy a rack - and I do want a rack for when I commute to work (so prevent sweating via backpack), but, well, I just bought a whole other bike instead of a rack (a folding bike, that came with a rack - will discuss in a later post!). But now just this makes the biking work. 

I do get sweaty, but not that bad. I'm still learning the balance (especially since I'm relatively out of shape, bike-wise) of biking fast enough but not too fast! It doesn't help that I've been doing this in the middle of the summer! Still working on this, but it doesn't bug me as much as I thought it would.

It's not totally a habit yet. I have good intentions, and identify opportunities to use the bike... and then sometimes I go with the car instead. Like I said above, when I don't want to, but do anyway - I'm so glad I did! But it's gradually becoming more of a default choice. 

Linking up today with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for Friday Five 2.0

Monday, August 20, 2018

Aug 13 - 19: RLRF Half Training Week 4/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 3/12

I didn't fully realize til Thursday's run that I'd gone nearly half the week without running! Scheduling and such factored in, but also the air was smokey for a few days! Not awful (we had some several bad days last summer), but not good. It was finally starting to clear up. 


Monday: Bike 4.85 miles + swim 500 yards 

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min) + SL 5x5 workout A (25 min)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run 3.2 miles (13:56 pace, 68* and not too smokey!, midday, 166 spm)

I had jury duty, but was released late morning without being put on a trial - decided to fit in some easy miles before settling down to do some work at home for the afternoon. 

Friday: Speedwork run 4.2 miles (13:06 pace, 68* and sunny, midday, 162 spm) + SL 5x5 workout B

Run goal: 0.6 wu, 4 x 0.5 @ 10:32 with 0.25 recovery, 0.6 cd
Actual: 10:17, 10:19, 10:23, 10:18

Saturday: Bike 9.3 miles

Apparently half way through this, my cadence sensor fell off my bike! Not critical while I'm riding on the road in good weather, but very important (I think) when riding on the trainer during the winter, so will want to replace by this fall. 

Sunday: Long run 6.35 miles (13:56 pace, 64* but warm and hazy, mid morning, 160 spm) + SL 5x5 workout A

This run sucked. Planned to do 10 miles (officially aiming for a 12:25 pace, but would have been thrilled to stay under 13:00 as my last couple long runs were). I can think of a variety of factors that might have impacted it, but regardless, it sucked. Hopefully next week is better.

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 14.15 miles
Total running: 13.75 miles

Average daily steps: 15,481
Weight: +30 (no change)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Aug 6 - 12: RLRF Half Training Week 3/16 & Stronglifts 5x5 Week 2/12

Other than the long run, I didn't really hit the goal workouts per the plan, but the long run went great! Given that that's definitely my weak spot at the moment, I'm ok with that.

For the weightlifting program I bought a new set of weights - dumbbell handles with plates. Which means I can buy plates and change the weight in pretty much any manner! It's fun to have new equipment! And I experimented with the weight from last week - up on some lifts, of course, but I also went down on some in order to improve form. 


Monday: Attempted tempo run 5.0 miles (14:48 pace, 84*, late evening, 158 spm) + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)

Run goal: 2 easy, 3 @ 11:17 (or at least <12:00 given the heat), 1 easy
Actual: 2 easy, 12:59, 13:02, 1 easy

Yeah, that was not quite what I was trying to do. Heat was a factor; timing with the prior day's long run was as well - I thought this was the best way to actually fit both a tempo and speedwork run in for the week, and it was ~36 hours so as spaced as possible within two days! But still not ideal. This was tough. 

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min)

Wednesday: Cargo bike 2.9 miles  + SL 5x5 workout A (30 min) + assisted pull-ups (3x5)

Thursday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Friday am: Stroller run 3.3 miles (14:14 pace, 66*, mid morning, 164 spm)
Friday pm: Cargo bike 2.0 miles + SL 5x5 workout B (25 min)

Had ideas of making this run a fartlek, and just feeling slow and lazy so didn't really do that (and it's tough with the stroller). But I did use brand new running shoes! The last time I bought new ones was while pregnant, and I've finally been doing enough running to start wearing them out. 

However, in the past two years, everything's gotten narrower! Vivobarefoot was my go-to, can't find a model that works now. Last time I tried Altra they were almost too wide - nope, not any more. Finally ordered a couple options from Merrell - last time I'd tried them, they were too narrow, but now found a great pair that's almost identical to my last Vivo model! 

Saturday: Rest day - my plan is to do a long(ish) bike ride on Saturdays, but haven't prioritized and let plans interfere! 

Sunday: Long run 8.35 miles (12:59 pace, 73*, dusk, 174 spm)

Run goal: 8 - 9.5 miles, easy pace (but aiming <13:30)
13:13, 13:03, 13:10, 13:26
12:58, 12:50, 12:50, 12:55, 11:27

Total biking: 4.9 miles
Total running: 16.65 miles

Average daily steps: 13,745
Weight: +30 (no change)
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