Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 7 - 13

My employer is doing two teams for Hood to Coast Washington. Like the HTC Pacific City I did with them last summer, this is a one-day, one-van relay. Each of six runners does two legs. We're trying to do some group runs (we'll see... there were just two of us for the first one, but hopefully more of the group joins in!), so that was my Tuesday run. 

In fact, I didn't run at all by myself this week! One stroller run with N, and two different group runs. On the weekend, the Portland chapter of the BALG started what is planned to be monthly group runs. I have some mixed feelings about the origin of the group, but the local group is a really great group of women, and I hope to continue with it! 

Apparently I'm only capable of following a program every other week - I gave up on fitting in my POP UP Lift workouts early in the week. I'd like to keep progressing in the program, but I'm starting to admit it might not be realistic to actually do during tax season. 


Monday: Bike trainer 2.45 miles (9.7 mph, 78 rpm) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Tuesday: Group run 2.6 miles (11:36 pace, 48* and drizzly, early evening, 174 spm, 153 bpm) + tap class (60 min) + yoga (10 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:13 pace, 46*, mid evening, 158 spm, 134 bpm) + yoga (10 min)

Friday: Swim 900 yards + yoga (15 min)

Saturday: Bike 6.5 miles (10.8 mph) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Sunday: BALG group run 3.95 miles (13:08 pace, 28* but sunny, early morning, 166 spm, 154 bpm) + yoga (10 min)

Total swimming: 900 yards
Total biking: 8.95 miles
Total running: 7.9 miles

Average daily steps: 13,604
Weight: +32 (+1 lb)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Year of Running 2018

See also Year of Running: 201720162015201420132012

Best race experience

Although not technically the race I was in Vegas for, and not as flashy as the half marathon, the RnR 5k was a great race. I liked the smaller crowd, and I managed to stay strong and steady, setting a then-post-baby-best time with negative splits. 

Best run

My best runs were the ones where I aimed for post-baby best-mile times. Starting with getting under 11:00 in May, and finally sub-10:00 in December! 

Best new piece of running gear

Although I replaced some gear (shoes, running belt) and ended up with some variation in styles and brands, the brand new gear I finally got was a foot pod. It syncs with my Garmin to track cadence, with or without GPS. I haven't run on the treadmill as much as I thought I might, but when I did it was nice to have the data readily tracking with my watch. 

Best running advice you've received this year

How much running advice are people getting each year? Do I not talk to enough people about running?

The main running book I read this year was Run Less Run Faster. What this reinforced for me - and why it was initially appealing - was that every run should have a purpose. While I have more limited time for running at this stage of life, the way to still progress is by giving purpose to each run. 

Favorite picture from a run or race this year

I'm not one to post about every run on IG or whatever (and I'm sorry, but does the world really need a selfie of you every time you run?), but it was fun to post every day of the holiday running streak. One of my favorites was this one from the nearby park I like to run through.

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat

The Ho Ho 5k (race recap still in progress!). It's just the right size, packet pickup is day-of, and they have Ho Hos and other delicious junk food for you after! What else can you ask for in a race? 

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? 

Tried for too much, but still made progress! 

Ok, that's more than a couple words, but it's how I handled my running. After getting a pessary and otherwise working on being able to run, finally!, I jumped into a bit more advanced plan than I should have. It's hard to have to basically start over and gradually build back up my distance and speed, but that's where I'm at.

My mileage is still low-ish but seems like a decent amount all things considered. 

2018 - 525.0
2017 - 186.8
2016 - 249.25 
2015 - 1,100.4
2014 - 631.6
2013 - 872.5

Joining Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC again for this year's linkup!

Dec 31 - Jan 6: POP Up Lift Week 3

Hey, I got back to the pool! Though a holiday week, and only worked the second half of the week, this was mostly attempting my planned busy season routine. I know in any given week something will probably fall through the cracks, but ideally, this will let me fit in everything I'd like to do - running, ease back into biking and swimming, strength, and yoga. 


Monday: Cargo bike 1.0 mile + run 1.2 miles (13:43 pace, 43*, late afternoon, 162 spm, 135 bpm) + POP UP Lift W3D1 (30 min)

Tuesday: Stroller run 1.0 mile (14:42 pace, 27* and foggy, mid morning, 166 spm, 133 bpm) + yoga (30 min)

Wednesday: Tap practice (2 hours) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:14 pace, 52*, early evening, 154 spm, 136 bpm) + POP UP Lift W3D2 (30 min) + yoga (10 min)

Friday: Swim 800 yards + yoga (10 min)

Saturday: Bike 4.85 miles (11.2 mph) + POP UP Lift W3D3 (30 min) + restorative yoga (10 min)

Sunday: "Long" run 3.2 miles (14:44 pace, 43*, mid afternoon, 154 spm, 135 bpm) + SL 5x5 workout A (40 min) + yoga (10 min)

Total swimming: 800 yards
Total biking: 5.85 miles
Total running: 6.75 miles

Average daily steps: 13,351
Weight: +31 (no change)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December 24 -30

Merry Christmas! We visited at my sister's Monday through Wednesday for Christmas, but I fit in the running streak, plus a yoga session with my mom and sister.

Once we got home, it was a pretty great running week! I finally got back to a sub-10-minute mile. And I did a test run for the Maffetone Method, and saw improvement from the initial test.


Monday: Run 2.15 miles (13:54 pace, 48* and sunny, early afternoon, 164 spm, 140 bpm)

Tuesday: Run 1.05 miles (13:25 pace, 45* and overcast, early afternoon, 164 spm, 132 bpm) + restorative yoga (12 min)

Wednesday: Run 1.65 miles (14:20 pace, 39* and drizzly, late evening, 160 spm, 137 bpm)

Thursday: Run 3.15 miles (13:20 pace, 46*, mid afternoon, 160 spm, 155 bpm) + SL 5x5 workout B (40 min)

And a new post-baby PR! Finally got back under 10 minutes - a 9:56 mile in the middle of that.

Friday: Run 1.0 mile (13:52 pace, 45* and rainy, early afternoon, 162 spm, 125 bpm)

Saturday:  Swim 500 yards + stroller run 1.05 miles (14:34, 48*, late morning, 160 spm, 141 bpm) + POP W2D3 (25 min)

Sunday: Bike 1.0 mile + long run 4.05 miles (15:08 pace, 48*, early afternoon, 152 spm, 131 bpm)

Run goal: Maffetone test = 10 min mile warm up, 3 miles < calculated heartrate (145), 10 min cool down

Actual: walk/jog 0.5 warm up (103 bpm), 13:37 (138 bpm), 14:24 (139 bpm), 14:26 (139 bpm), walk/jog 0.55 cool down (122 bpm)

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 1.0 mile
Total running: 14.1 miles

Average daily steps: 13,935
Weight: +31 (+2 lbs)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

J Game Night: Jingling Jambalaya! Jump for Joy!

Since it's Just about January, we celebrated the end of the year with J night. Luckily, Jocelyn and Jessica could both Join us! 

Decor & clothes
Jet black and Jade green

A Jolly holiday necktie
Jingle bells
Discs - Justice, Jackal, Jawbreaker putters
"J" craved in our last remaining pumpkin
J (ok, or maybe they're supposed to be candy canes) soap

Jubelale beer
Japanese slipper cocktail, in a Jug (the jug's taken a Journey, from Alaska)
Josh wine
Jose Cuervo
Jun kombucha
Jasmine green tea
Juicy Juice

Jambalaya with Jackfruit, Jalapenos, Jasmine rice
Jerky (vegan, obv)
Jelly beans
Jewish bread with Jam
Jelly bellys
Juicy fruit gum
JIF peanut butter
Jonagold apples, cut Jaggedly with a Joie knife
Jovial cookies
Jalapeno chips
(colby) Jack cheese
Jelly-filled doughnuts
Jilted (forgotten in the fridge, so as to not melt) Jello (not really, that wouldn't be veg-friendly, made with agar) Jingly (bell-shaped) Jigglers, some of them alcoholic with Juniper (in the form of gin) and the rest with the Juicy Juice
Jettisoned (while making, put in a cracked/leaking egg before noticing it was cracked) Jiffy corn bread

Judge 'n' Jury

We tried to play Judge 'n' Jury, a really old game that Abe found at a thrift store. It included a cassette type that was integral to the game - Jessica brought a player from her teen years, but we couldn't get the tape to work. Jenga and the cards games were fun!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Dec 17 - 23: POP Up Lift Week 2

This felt like a hectic week, fitting in work that had to be done before the holidays, as well as getting the rest of life ready for said holiday. But managed to fit in a decent amount of running, POP UP, and and a stronglift workout! Go me. 


Monday: Run errands 1.85 miles (13:41 pace, 46* and drizzly, late evening, 166 spm, 142 bpm) + POP UP Lift W2D1 (25 min)

Tuesday: Run 2.05 miles (14:19 pace, 48*, late evening, 160 spm, 135 bpm)

Wednesday: Run 1.05 miles (14:37 pace, 48*, late evening, 162 spm, 141 bpm)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.4 miles (14:32 pace, 46* and drizzly, early evening, 156 spm, 141 bpm) + POP UP Lift W2D2 (35 min)

Friday: Run 1.4 miles (13:42, 45*, late afternoon, 158 spm, 137 bpm) + SL 5x5 A (35 min)

Saturday: Long run 4.0 miles (14:42, 32*, mid morning, 158 spm, 140 bpm)

Sunday: Run 1.1 miles (13:17 pace, 46* and drizzly, late evening, 160 spm, 155 bpm)

Total running: 12.85
Average daily steps: 13,147
Weight: +29 (no change)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 10 - 16

The beginning of this week was all of a sudden hectic with work, some urgent projects to get done or keep moving along. Plus I got scheduled for a speech at Toastmasters for Wednesday. I took the lazy route for that and just talked about tax reform - I can talk at length about that right now!

Also went more bare bones on the workouts - primarily just maintaining the holiday running streak, though I was able to do a bit more by the end of the week.


Monday: Run 1.0 mile (13:33 pace, 43*, late evening, 162 spm, 147 bpm)

Tuesday: Run 1.0 mile (13:56 pace, 45* and rainy, late evening, 158 spm, 150 bpm)

Wednesday: Run 2.2 miles (14:52 pace, 46*, late evening, 156 spm, 139 bpm)

Thursday: Run 1.0 mile (14:07 pace, 37*, late evening, 154 spm, 136 bpm)

Friday: Treadmill run 1.0 miles (12:16 pace, 1% incline, early evening, 168 spm, 154 bpm) + stationary bike 1.0 mile + jazz class (45 min)

Saturday: Long run 3.0 miles (14:46 pace, 43*, mid morning, 160 spm, 139 bpm) + cargo bike 1.0 mile

Sunday: Run 1.0 mile (11:11 pace, 45*, mid morning, 172 spm, 151 bpm) + SL 5x5 workout B (35 min) + yoga (15 min)

Total biking: 2.0 miles
Total running: 10.2 miles

Average daily steps: 11,139
Weight: +29 (no change)
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