Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Goal Progress

Goals. January. February. March. April

Try a new restaurant (of Abe's choosing) each month.

May's restaurant was Sambi Sushi. I got the vegetable bento so I could try a variety of items. I actually liked the cucumber roll better than I expected. 

Bonus: Proper Eats. Abe planned for this to be our May restaurant, until I looked it up before hand and realized I'd been there before! Got the nachos this time.

Try a new recipe each month.

I've started getting a bit bored with my standard spinach-banana-berries-peanut butter smoothies, so to mix things up when I had some beets from the produce box I tried this recipe from Choosing Raw. The orange in particular keeps the beet flavor from being overwhelming. Quite good, in fact!

YTD cooked/required: 4/5

Lose 24 pounds.

Starting weight (1/1/14): 152
Last weight (5/1/14): 160
Current weight (6/1/14): 159
Current loss: -1
Total gain: +7

Well, finally starting to make progress in the right direction, at least. I had more good days than usually this month, a far as diet; still some not so great days, but a big improvement overall. Not as much produce as would be ideal, but also fewer sweets.

Run 1,000 miles.

This month: 58.75
YTD: 178.30
17.83% of the goal; 41.37% into the year

Run barefoot.

Brought back out my Vibrams for a few short runs.

Bike 1,500 miles.

This month: 17.5
YTD: 254.45
16.96% of the goal; 41.37% into the year

Complete a triathlon.

Signed up for TRI Team PDX which is starting an introduction to triathlons 14-week session in June.

I don't have a distance goal for swimming this year beyond "more than zero", but thought I'd at least keep track of the monthly totals here:

This month: 1,000 yds 
YTD: 1,000 yds

Attend one activity or group or hangout each month (outside of tax season - so May through December).

Swam with J. 

Read a minimum of 2 books each month. 

I started and finished The Cuckoo's Calling (Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling).

Finished Insurgent (second in the Divergent trilogy).

YTD read/required: 3/10

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