Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals

Try 12 new vegetarian restaurants.

I figure if I'm going to whine about omnivore restaurants who don't support veg patronage, then I should put some more effort into finding veg restaurants to support with my patronage! Similar to the new restaurants goal for 2014, for this year I want to seek out a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant each month. 

1. Harlow (vegetarian, mostly vegan; sister restaurant to Prasad, similar including bowls, but also more variety of entrees)
2. Papa G's (vegan deli)
3. Sweet Hereafter (vegan bar/pub)
4. Van Hanh (vegetarian Vietnamese)
5. The Sudra (vegan Indian)
6. Vege Thai (vegetarian) 
7. The Whole Bowl (vegetarian; food cart, with a menu of one (somewhat customizable) bowl)
8. Red and Black Cafe (vegan)
9. A.N.D. Cafe (vegetarian)
10. Curry Leaf (vegetarian Indian)
11. Petunia's (vegan bakery)
12. La Vida Veggie (vegetarian; Latin-ish, raw-ish)

Try 12 new recipes, each from a different currently-owned cookbook.

1. The Vegan Bible
2. The New Vegan Cookbook
3. Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar
4. Vegan Pie in the Sky
5. Vegan Bites
6. Vegan Junk Food
7. Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats
8. The Garden of Vegan
9. Chloe's Kitchen
10. How it All Vegan
11. Vegan Lunch Box Around the World
12. Vegan Lunch Box

Visit/do 12 "Portland bucket list" type things.

1. Do the 4T trail loop.
2. Hike Multnomah Falls.
3. Go to Huber's, Portland's oldest restaurant.
4. Attend a Winterhawks game.
5. Attend a Timbers game.
6. Go to a local distillery. 
7. Underground tour.
8. Visit the Portland Art Museum.
9. Visit the World Forestry Center.
10. Attend some sort of outdoor theater.
11. Take a cruise on the Portland Spirit.
12. Play disc golf at Mt. Hood

Read 2 books each month.

Reading books should not be this hard, how did I hardly read any this past year?! I do spend time reading, but it's mostly on the internet, rather than books. A reasonable amount of that internet reading has some value (though plenty of it doesn't, but is just mindless browsing or keeping up with relatively silly sites), but I do think it would be far better to spend most of that time reading actual books, with actual plots and actual character development, instead. 

Lose 22 pounds.

Starting weight: 146
Goal weight: 124

This should happen prior to September-ish, as that's when we're hoping to get pregnant. Over the first 8 months, that works out to 2.75 pounds per month - a little under a pound per week really shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

A preface to the remaining goals

Part of the reason I have trouble meeting annual goals that require consistent progress throughout the year (besides being lazy) is the seasonality of my work - I do 55 - 65 hours per week January through April 15 (and then give myself well-deserved license to be lazy, and am often traveling, for the remainder of April); 30 - 35 hours May through August-ish; and 35 - 40 hours September through December (extended due dates and year-end planning). I can't just plan to lose 2 pounds per month, or run 20 miles per week, year-round - it's simply not going to happen, I'll fall behind right away, and lose whatever motivation I did have before I really even get started. 

With that I'm mind, I'm setting benchmarks/separate weekly goals for these three seasons, that will add up to my total annual goal, but take into account the lack of time and energy available to devote to them early on.

January - April: 17 weeks
May - August: 18 weeks
September - December: 17 weeks

Bike 3,000 miles.

2013 weekly average: 11.59 (127.5 total - started biking mid-October)
2014 weekly average: 11.80 (613.40 total)
Goal weekly average: 57.69

Bike mileage is actually going to be based more on race goals: specifically, Seattle to Portland - 200 miles over 2 days! - in July. I'm planning (hoping) to follow this plan, starting in February. If I follow that mileage relatively closely (average of 124 miles per week over 22 weeks), plus work up from 10 to 35 miles per week from now until I start it, and followed by about 50 miles per week after that until a triathlon in early or mid September, it should be absolutely no problem to hit well over 3,000 miles (I'm actually estimating 3,315 total). (If I didn't have that race goal, I would not be wanting to do that much bike training, and would definitely set a lower goal, more in line with my recent annual mileage!)

January - April: 50 miles per week (building up from 10-ish this week)
May - August: 120 miles per week (building up to a peak of 200 race week)
September - December: 0 (possibly burnt out, and hopefully pregnant)

Run 1,000 miles.

2013 weekly average: 16.78 (872.5 total)
2014 weekly average: 11.92 (631.60 total)
Goal weekly average: 19.23

January - April: 15 miles per week
May - August: 30 miles per week
September - December: 12 miles per week

Swim 100 miles (165,000 yards). 

2014 weekly average: 1,260 (41,600 total - started swimming mid-May)
Goal weekly average: 3,173

January - April: 2,200 yards (in 2 workouts) per week 
May - August: 4,800 yards (in 3 workouts) per week
September - December: 2,500 yards (in 2 workouts) per week

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