Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Goals: May - August

See January - April recap here

Try 12 new vegetarian restaurants.

All of these restaurants are ones I'd be willing to go to again. May and June's are definitely ones to fit into our rotation - A.N.D. Cafe and Next Level Burger - although they're not quite on our side of town (NLB, though in Bend when we went to it, now has a location in Portland! Still not super convenient, but more so than Bend. Haven't been yet but intend to as soon as possible.). July and August's - The Sudra and The Whole Bowl - while not something I'd necessarily pick out on my own again, are places I'd be perfectly willing to go to for someone else's occasion. 

Try 12 new recipes, each from a different currently-owned cookbook.

I loved August's recipe, cowboy cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. 

I wasn't thrilled with May's (phyllo triangles from The New Vegan Cookbook), June's (dragon tofu from The Vegan Bible), or July's (tofu and vegetable hash from Vegan Bites). But, granted, I had been consciously picking things that I was unlikely to already be seeking out, so I suppose that's a likely result regardless of the quality of the recipes.

Visit/do 12 "Portland bucket list" type things.

In May we played disc golf at Ski Bowl - it's an interesting and fun course, but not necessarily worth paying to play more than once, considering most courses are free. 

In July I went to the Portland Art Museum, and as a bonus also the Oregon Historical Society. I didn't dislike the art museum per se, but it's not really my thing. If I went again I'd have to check out if they have some kind of audio or guided tour to actually keep my attention.

In August, for that month and to make up for June, we saw a Shakepeare play in the park and did the Underground Portland tour. The latter was ok; the former was pretty great, and definitely staying in the loop of the Original Practice company so I can see another play next summer.

Read 2 books each month.

(I'd love to be friends on Goodreads if you're on there.)

May: 1

The Year of the Flood. Second in the Madd Addam trilogy. It starts out with completely different characters, and doesn't really start overlapping and seeing how everything connects until the end. Ok, but not super drawn in.

June: 0

WTF was I doing in June? I don't even know.

July: 2

Hansons Marathon Method. An interesting, quick read, and the foundation to my marathon training for this past summer. Definitely worth checking out even if you're not planning to follow their plan exactly, it has some interesting concepts that could still be applied. (It still bugs me that there's not an apostrophe - come on, it's possessive, it's their marathon method.)

The Go-Giver. Read this for a beta book club at work. It was dumb, in a rah rah inspiration kind of way, and a couple of the concepts really rubbed me the wrong way. For example, a lesson about touching as many people as possible - by valuing selling of education software - because you sell to more people - over direct teaching. But surely having a direct, huge impact on a few people is better than a very minor impact over more people?

August: 1

Founding Mothers. My dad's read this and other Cokie Roberts book, so I thought I'd check one out. It was fine, and I really like the concept, but historical stuff doesn't come super easy to me to focus on, and I had trouble following who was who (why was everyone named Martha and John?).

Lose 22 pounds.

April 30: 138
May 31: 135
June 30: 133
July 31: 130
August 31: 128

YTD: -18 pounds

Considering I was training for a half marathon, then a full, plus triathlon training, you'd think I could lose more than 10 pounds over 4 months, but still, any consistent loss is good. 

Bike 1,500 miles.

[ ] 1,240 miles by 8/31 (avg 50/week)

May: 32.0 (7.23/week)
June: 6.5 (1.52/week)
July: 23.30 (5.26.week)
August: 62.55 (14.12/week)

YTD: 192.1 miles

Ok, that's just embarrassing. But I did well on the triathlon, even the bike portion, considering how little biking I did!

Run 1,000 miles.

[ ] 795 miles by 8/31 (avg 30/week)

May: 106.05 (23.95/week)
June: 92.8 (21.65/week)
July: 117.7 (26.58/week)
August: 143.75 (32.46/week)

YTD: 767.55 miles

Sooo close! But, spoiler, I made up for it plenty in September (the marathon wasn't until the beginning of October), so no problem on the year in whole, just didn't space it out quite as estimated.

Swim 165,000 yards.

[ ] 123,800 yards by 8/31 (avg 4,800/week)

May: 4,700 (1,061/week)
June: 0
July: 6,400 (1,445/week)
August: 5,410 (1,222/week)

YTD: 25,310 yards

Oh geez, that's even more humiliating than the bike totals. Again, pretty proud of the triathlon considering how little I really did.

Participate in a race each month.

May: Bloomsday 12k (PR)
June: Twilight 5k
July: Foot Traffic Flat half marathon (PR)
August: Hood to Coast


  1. i recently got the easy vegan cookbook to help up my cooking game, and the quesadillas from it were really good! i would definitely recommend checking it out :)


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