Wednesday, October 21, 2015

July PDX Restaurant: The Sudra

Our visit to July's restaurant, The Sudra, was actually for my mother-in-law's birthday, her pick. (So no photos, since with family.) It's an all-vegan, Indian food in NE Portland, on Glisan.


Genre: Indian

Price: Plates $9 lunch or $13 dinner, bowls $10, sides $3

Setting: Very urban. It's on a block with a few other restaurants, most of which (including the Sudra) have garage doors open (at least in the summer), with the seating being wooden tables on the sidewalk. I'm rather curious as to what their setup is during the winter, because there was extremely limited space indoors.

What we tried

We all got one of the sharbats to drink - a flavored syrup in sparkling water. I believe I had strawberry. Really good. 

I got the poori plate (poori = a type of bread, so obviously that was my choice); Abe got the pakora plate (I usually love pakora, but this one included pickled broccoli, which didn't sound like something even deep frying could make me like). The plates generally all come with a small serving of the main, something with beans, and something with greens. 

I didn't mind any of my dish, but I think it was a little on the spicy side (for me, which isn't really that much). The pakoras weren't of a style that was my favorite (a more doughy than crispy style of breading - the kind I like is at Swagat, if you're familiar with it). Abe really liked all of the items. Though I didn't love all the components, I liked the plate/mezza style of options to be able to try a variety.

Overall impression: It had a very Portland vibe. I'm realizing I don't really love all Indian food, mostly I just love the Indian food at Swagat. So it wouldn't be at the top of my list, I'd nonetheless be willing to go there again.

Would I take my parents?*: No. The vibe and the menu might be intriguing, but I don't think they'd actually enjoy either.

*Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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