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2015 Goals: January - April

To keep on track with my goals for the year, in addition to the monthly goal component, I divided the year into four-month segments (to align with variations in my work schedule that impact what I'm able to accomplish) (I'd call them trimesters but that might confuse people if said by a woman of child bearing age). I'm also updating this page in mostly real time, if the wait to know about my exciting life is just too much for you. 

Try 12 new vegetarian restaurants.

The wins were January and April - Petunia's and La Vida Veggie. The latter in particular, while it doesn't have the easiest hours to go there with our current schedules, it's basically in our neighborhood so I definitely intend to be back (even though I haven't yet! need to fix that). 

February and March's restaurants, Curry Leaf and Van Hahn, both had ok food but not an enjoyable atmosphere. If we lived nearer to them, I might get take out there, but don't plan to ever eat in at either ever again. 

Try 12 new recipes, each from a different currently-owned cookbook.

My favorite was February's, fried tofu sandwich and nutty pasta sauce from the Garden of Vegan. Very simple concepts and relatively easy to make. 

I also enjoyed January's, orange tofu and teriyaki stir fry from Chloe's Kitchen, and April's, tofu scramble and french toast from How it All Began, although both of those had aspects that were difficult to make it turn out quite as planned. Definitely less visually appealing, for sure (less than crispy orange tofu and very sticky french toast), which had some impact on the eating experience as well.

March's, drenched pad thai salad and cinnamon roasted cauliflower from Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats, was a flop on many accounts. I like the method of preparing the tofu, and the sauce was ok, but there were many textures with the whole thing.

Visit/do 12 "Portland bucket list" type things.

January we went to a Winterhawks game; one of our tickets was free from a friend who's a big hockey fan and the opportunity fell into my laps shortly after creating the goals list. (The linked pic is from halftime, not the actual team, just in case that wasn't clear.) I've only gone to a few hockey games in my life, but I oddly enjoy it when I do. I feel like I ought to dislike the violence, but it I find it fascinating. I do dislike the name/logo of this team, so I don't think I'll start becoming a real fan of it - they seem to keep it intentionally vague what a  "winter hawk" really is supposed to be, but the logo makes it pretty clear it's not without issue.

February was a visit to Bull Run Distillery, which was fun albeit a little awkward in my opinion. I really want to the Portland Distillery passport sometime this summer before we start trying to get pregnant (but get a group together so it's less awkward).

In March we went to Huber's, Portland's oldest restaurant. While they only have one vegetarian entree, that one entree is delicious (and so are the drinks), so I'd totally go back with my parents or others visiting Portland and wanting the experience.

April was hiking the 4T - Trail, Tram, Trolley, Train. It was a great way to see a lot of Portland, though honestly the trail part was a lot longer than I anticipated it would be. A bit tiring, but beautiful to see. 

Read 2 books each month.

(Here's my goodreads profile, if you're interested in becoming friends on there. I think you can friend via that? I'm fairly goodreads illiterate, and just let it automatically friend me to my facebook friends.)

Need to catch up quite a bit; I wasn't surprised to fall behind during tax season but need to step it up now more than I thought I might.

January: 2

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. Nothing groundbreaking, just common sense stuff.

Gone Girl. We first saw the movie, at a second run theater, so well after most people had, and yet I'd somehow remained unspoiled. I not only didn't know the twists, I didn't even know much of the general plot, so I definitely did not see things coming and was quite disturbed by the whole movie. 

Having seen the movie when I then shortly read the book, I already knew what was coming. I wasn't sure I would - before deciding to read, I had stumbled upon some online discussion that stated there was a significant difference in the ending between the book and the movie - but didn't pursue further clarification, so as to not spoil myself. So I was keeping an eye out for hints to that, but after reading the book went back and found out that that had just been a rumor before the movie's release; there are minor differences but follow the same concept.

February: 1

Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo. Very interesting! This caught my eye (somewhere.. can't recall where now, I need to start making comments of the source when I add stuff to goodreads) because I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for a while. I had trouble keeping track of who was who (as the stories/timeline tended to overlap and reference other people), but otherwise a great read with some fascinating photos, old and new.

March: 1

Oryx and Crake. First in the Madd Addam trilogy, which a friend recommended. Somewhat confusing and not sure where things were leading, but definitely intriguing by the end. 

April: 0 

First there's 65+ hour weeks, and then after tax day I just recover and catch up on internet reading.

Lose 22 pounds.

Starting weight: 146
January 31: 143
February 28: 141
March 31: 140
April 30: 138

YTD: -8 pounds

Realistically, even just maintaining during tax season is a win; more years than not I've gained during that time. With a few more pounds in May, by the time of this writing I'm down to the weight my drivers license says (135), and in a size 4 according to Old Navy (which I know is really at least a 6, but two years ago I was hovering between in ON 12 and 14, so still a vast improvement even in context).

Bike 1,500 miles.
340 miles by 4/30 (avg 20/week).

(Modified my original goal of 3,000, since I decided not to do a bike race this summer.)

January: 35.4 (8/week)
February: 17.55 (4.39/week)
March: 4.1 (1/week)
April: 10.7 (2.50/week)

YTD: 67.75 miles

That's, um, not even close. That's not even one month's worth of the goal in four months. The anxiety that I had all along last year, but was amplified by a fall shorty before my race, has hung on very well as I've tried to restart into tri training this year, and my motivation to get on the bike has been extremely low. I'm trying to work it in more at least indoors on the trainer, so that hopefully once I do get myself outdoors it will feel easier and thus let me focus on the mental aspect instead of struggling with that plus the physical.

Run 1,000 miles.
255 miles by 4/30 (avg 15/week).

January: 68.35 (15.4/week)
February: 97.05 (24.26/week)
March: 87.1 (19.7/week)
April: 54.75 (12.78/week)

YTD: 307.25 miles

Smashed that! Scheduling a half marathon during tax season certainly did do wonders to keep up my mileage despite being busy. I peaked for that training cycle at 29 miles in a week in March - what I might typically do in a month in tax season.

Swim 100 miles (165,000 yards). 
37,400 yards by 4/30 (avg 2,200/week).

January: 1,200 (271/week) 
February: 2,200 (550/week)
March: 0
April: 5,400 (1,260/week)

YTD: 8,800 yards

Swimming is hard to fit in due to pool schedules and it being more time intensive (getting to the pool and such). Like the bike, also just kind of not feeling it. If things go according to plan family wise, hopefully I'll be able to rely on this when I'll probably cut back on running.

Participate in a race each month.

January: First Run 5k (PR), 2.62 Micro MarathonFight for Air Stair Climb 80 floors (age group place!)
February: PRC Winter 5k Predict
March: Race for Paws Virtual 10k (unofficial PR), Shamrock Run 5k (PR)
April: Hop Hop half marathon (PR)

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