Wednesday, November 18, 2015

July Recipe: Vegan Bites

July's recipe (caught up in August) was from one of my oldest vegan cookbooks, Vegan Bites. The tagline is "recipes for singles", and I really did use it a fair amount when I lived on my own. The recipes are all relatively simple, and are smaller batches. It also has a good opening chapter on vegan pantry and cooking basics.

One of my first exposures to using tofu in a tasty way (as opposed to plain and uncooked with ketchup, which is allegedly how my sister enjoyed it when we were kids) was in this book, the seasoned tofu tidbits that my mom convinced me to try one time while visiting me. The peanut butter cookies and the lemon cake were also staples of my limited cooking repertoire for a while. (Which reminds me, I should make the lemon cake sometime soon! Haven't made it for a while, and it's really quite delicious!)

For trying a new recipe, I picked something that didn't appeal to me much before - the tofu and vegetable hash. It's along the lines of any sort of tofu scrambled "eggs" recipe, with lots of veggies mixed in. I haven't ever really loved any such scramble, but not hated it either.

Tofu and vegetable hash

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

There aren't too many steps, though there is a fair amount of chopping and preparation. 

Enjoyment: 2 out of 5

It was ok. I'd eat it if Abe made and wanted me to have it as a healthy breakfast, but I didn't like it enough to be worth making myself.

Likelihood to make again: 2 out of 5

It was fine, but just fine. It is a decent way of working more veggies into something breakfast-like, at least. I'd eat it again, but probably not actually make it again.

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