Sunday, September 20, 2015

Disc Golf at Mt. Hood

May's Portland bucket list item was actually a visit out of Portland to play disc golf at Mt. Hood SkiBowl. During the summer, the SkiBowl area has a variety of fair weather attractions, including a disc golf course down the mountain.

Unlike most disc golf courses which are free or only have a small parking fee, there is a ticket cost to play this course - $9 per person, which includes the lift ticket to the top of the course.

The course starts at the top of the ski hill, so you have the fun of riding up the lift (totally didn't occur to me until we were on it - it's been years since I've last been on a ski lift - that it doesn't actually stop to let you off, but I think I suppressed my mid-ride freak out fairly well), and enjoy some beautiful views of Mt. Hood as you ride up and as you go down the course. 

The course area overlaps with the mountain biking trails, so you do have to be aware of bikers! Abe preferred the first half of the course, with more obstacles (for me, that means being extra cautious about throwing into the foliage); the second half is a bit less exciting, just zig zagging across the grass down the mountain. 

The last hole was weird - instead of a basket, there was a red garbage can to throw in to (so, it kind of seemed like it was the mini golf concept, like where you're returning the ball on the last hole... but you're not returning discs, you use your own, so I'm not really sure what the point was); weird but would have been ok if they had actually placed a number on the can to make it clear that that was the "basket"; as it was we only confirmed that that was supposed to be it after we'd decided to just aim for that garbage can that seemed to be in the right vicinity/distance that we were supposed to have.

While not a course I'd be willing to pay for very often, it is definitely a fun course to at least play once. 

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