Sunday, August 2, 2015

May PDX Restaurant: A.N.D. Cafe

A.N.D. Cafe is in SE Portland, serving mostly-vegan all-vegetarian food (with plentiful gluten-free options). It's slightly rustic, cozy (slightly small, but also in vibe) space with artwork on the walls. I think we had a short wait, but not too long (even though it was for brunch on Memorial Day), though some larger groups had a bit more of a wait.

(Uh, yeah, this was in May. Slightly behind on these monthly posts...)


Genre: Cafe, comfort food

Price: Entrees $7 - $11, sides $2 - $4, drinks $2.50 - $7

Setting: Classic cafe, with a little industrial rustic vibe

What we tried: I had a pomegranate "kimosa" (juice with kombucha), and Abe had "the remedy", a mix of coconut water, kombucha, vanilla, and orange juice. His sounded slightly strange to me, but we actually both preferred it of the two (though the other was good, too).

I got the blue corn waffle with banana. Good - hard to go wrong with a waffle!

Abe got the hashtastic (a skillet dish, basically), and a side of meatloaf. I was definitely not a fan of the textures of his items, but he enjoyed them.

Overall impression: Beyond the basic breakfast/cafe staples, there are a fair number of dishes that are either a bit hippy-er than I prefer, or just fake options that are very likely to not be good textures in my opinion. But I do enjoy the vibe of the place, if I was up for a waffle while Abe (as usual) wanted something more adventurous, it'd totally be an option. 

Would I take my parents?*: Probably not. Beyond the waffles, not stuff that's necessarily "normal" to them. I think my mom might like some of the veggie-based dishes, but I don't think there's much my dad would go for.

*Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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