Tuesday, November 3, 2015

June Recipe: The Vegan Bible

June's cookbook for a new recipe (caught up and actually done in July) was the Vegan Bible. It has some introductory content with some good background info about eating vegan and stocking your pantry, along with a wide variety of types of recipes, from breakfast to dessert. Every recipe even has a color photo, which as I think I've mentioned before I find super helpful, in both picking and preparing a dish. 

Abe has made some soups from the book (that's what all the bookmarks are, things he's made or wants to make!), which I wasn't a huge fan of, but a lot of other things looked appealing. Due to having some zucchini on hand to use up, I decided to go with the dragon tofu. It looked essentially like any basic Thai style stir fry that I would like at a restaurant. (Though anything tastes better at a restaurant, when you didn't have to do the work, eh? I'm definitely on that side of things rather than your hard work making it taste good!)

I ended up limiting the included veggies to just the zucchini and spinach, leaving out the bell pepper and squash, just to keep things simple. 

Dragon tofu

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

A few steps involved, chopping and marinating the tofu, lots of veggie chopping, and then stir frying everything. But nothing too hard included within any step.

I wasn't really able to blend the sauce together - it asks for creamy peanut butter, and we buy the fresh ground in store (where it's a machine filled with peanuts that get ground as you pour it into your container), so it's not quite as creamy as the recipe probably intended. It's not crunchy peanut butter, but was nonetheless a bit harder to blend with other ingredients.

Enjoyment: 2.5 out of 5

It was fine. It's a stir fry with a soy sauce base. There's tofu and veggies. Nothing particularly special about it, but nothing wrong with it.

Likelihood to make again: 0 out of 5

I'd recommend it, I suppose, but not planning to make again myself. Again, it's fine, nothing wrong with it. But it's nothing special, and it's tainted by an argument that occurred the same night. Really no reason to want to recreate it. 

I do think it would be improved by include the wider variety of veggies that the original recipe calls for - bell peppers and yellow squash, in addition to the spinach and zucchini. Having fewer items included I think did contribute it to be a bit boring. 

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