Sunday, June 28, 2015

Twilight 5k

I was considering this race for a few weeks before finally signing up (the final night online registration was available). Though I'm training for a half with higher mileage volume than usual, with a reasonable amount of short speedwork included, I didn't think I'd be ready for a PR. But outside of this month I'm on track for my goal of at least one race every month, so I decided to go for it. 

The Twilight Run is a small-ish race - about 500 finishers this year - that supports the Tigard Tualatin school district. It's run in the Cook/Tualatin/Durham parks, primarily on paved path (so there are some narrow-ish areas), with a very short section on the bark dust paths (less than a tenth of a mile); some inclines but flat-ish. It's coordinated with the Festival of Balloons - the race bib gets you in free, but any spectators would have to pay the festival entrance fee. 

I picked up my bib at Road Runner Thursday night, and they also had a fundraiser going on with the Chipotle across the parking lot, so obviously that was a no brainer to pick up dinner. I really like the shirt; the last couple race shirts I've gotten in my usual size have been too big, so I decided to risk it and order down a size, and it's borderline but wearable (yay weight loss!). 

The race itself is Saturday evening; I love the idea of evening races since that's when I typically run for workouts, but timing what and when I eat during the day for best performance is still something to tweak. Supposedly there was parking at the high school for a small fee, but the directions I took to get there took me down a side street that dead ends in a trail head leading into the parks, so I just went with that, and just had about a quarter mile walk in.

It was 92 degrees at the race start, so I didn't have super high expectations. Meeting my PR pace of 10:01 would be awesome, but I decided anything in the 10s was pretty decent. 

I started out in the mid 10s, for a while, but with some downhill and early energy, I got the first mile just under - 9:56. Kept up around that for a while, but started feeling way too lethargic and hot about halfway through, and finally took a walking break just before the end of mile 2 - 10:22. The third mile was not pretty at all, with several walking spots, for 11:35. I got 9:30 pace for the last 0.05 (race measured short), for an overall official time of 32:17 (10:25 pace). 

Though obviously not a PR, it's only 70 seconds off - if I can do that at 92 degrees, I should definitely be capable of a new PR at 20 or 40 degrees cooler! I already have my July and August races lined up (half marathon, Hood to Coast), but I think I'll pick a 5k in September to finally try for a sub-30 (or at least sub-10 pace). 


  1. Damn, I'm super impressed! 92 degrees is no joke. I would have used that as an excuse to go easy. When the weather cools down you're going to knock your PR out of the water!

    1. Thanks! I pushed through it for half an hour, but I have no idea how you run in FL where I'm assuming it's like this or worse all summer!

  2. I just melt in the heat! It's tough on pace, you did amazing :)
    You most certainly can get that PR sub 30 when it is cooler!

    1. Thanks! I've been melting in the heat most of the rest of the week, for sure! Can't wait for some cooler weather.


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