Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Five: Best Race Signs

Linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five. Today's theme is best race signs. I've probably seen some during races that, at the time, I liked even better then these - but I often forget them not too long after the race! I'm almost always focused enough on my time goal that I don't like taking pictures, either. But here are my favorites as best as I can recall.

1. Worst Parade Ever

Especially as a former marching band member who's suffered from far too many parades (in a stuffy uniform, holding a heavy instrument) to possibly enjoy spectating one, I find this quite on point.

2. You're not almost done

In the last miles of a marathon, this realism can be greatly appreciated!

3. Mortuary ahead - look alive

I don't think there was actually a mortuary coming up, but it's also quite appropriate near the end of a marathon.

4. Inspirational message

The cynic in me adores this. 

5. Press here for power

I don't think I'd seen this variation of sign until this year's marathon, but then it was all over the place. At first I thought they were rather silly, by again, by the end, it was a cute little burst of inspiration, and a fun way to interact with spectators to get some energy.


Bonus #6 - actually one of my favorites that I saw during this year's marathon that I totally forgot about until twelve hours after publishing this post:

Pain is temporary. Race results are on the internet forever.


  1. I like signs that say, "X miles until Beer. Short cut here" and an arrow pointing to a little stand full of Dixie Cups of beer. I don't drink beer, but I appreciate the effort they put it and it brings a smile to my face.

    1. I also skipped the beer "aid" station in the marathon! Fun that they're out there, though (it's actually done by the tri team I trained with the prior year)!

  2. I think i've seen the "worst parade" sign at every race i've

  3. I love the "press here for power signs". It never gets old.


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