Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five: Technology I'm Not Interested In Using

Linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five.

Although sometimes I think I have a strong stance on never buying something or participating in a trend, it's not that infrequent that I eventually get convinced. However, at the moment, these are the things I currently believe I won't cave on.

1. Sending phone alerts to a smart/fitness watch. For better or worse, technology makes us more connected than ever. And I'll admit to being far too tied to my phone for my own good, glancing up everytime it makes a noise while it sits on my desk or couch beside me (though I turn off most app notifications, so I at least have to open up, say, twitter or facebook, to know if there's something to see). How is it beneficial to brig that even closer to yourself, to literally have your wrist lighting up every time someone sends you a text or likes a facebook post? I totally fail to see any actual benefit!

2. Locking your car by remote from far away. This is more about how the technology is used than the thing itself (I have no issue with car remotes in general). It seems like nearly everyone I know seems to make a game out of seeing how far away they can be from their car and still have the remote be close enough to lock it. I suppose there's some fun in that kind of experimenting, but in the meantime you're leaving your car unattended and unlocked, and often in a parking lot without a completely clear line of sight. If I were going to break into someone's car, I'd totally do so by watching for people who walk away without locking it, and open the door before they do, a full minute later. 

3. Cashing checks by phone app. I don't really have a good reason for this, I just somehow don't trust it. And, I don't want to be responsible for disposing of people's checks! I'd rather give the checks to the bank and let them take care of it.

4. 3D ultrasounds. They're creepy! Really, even the regular ultrasounds aren't exactly cuddly and cute, in my opinion. It's cool to see my baby and know that it's really in there and doing ok, but it looks just like any other baby on an ultrasound. 

5. Airport check-in before you arrive. What's the point of checking in? It's to confirm you really are going to arrive and be on the flight, right? How can you do that if you're not at the airport yet?! You have no idea what could happen. You could get sick, you could get caught in traffic, you could get in a car accident. Telling the airline you'll definitely be there is just asking for something to go wrong, in my opinion. I assume there must be some procedure to get your ticket transferred even if you've already checked in, if something out of your control prevents you from showing up. But surely it's easier if you haven't checked in yet. 


  1. I completely agree with you on the check picture thing and I don't have a real reason either beyond I don't trust it. :)

  2. I just bought a new car and it opens the car when u are close by and locks it when u walk away. I never have to take my keys out of my purse. It is a weird change but has been nice.

    1. Oooh, I've heard of those, those disturb me, too! My sister's car is like that, she actually keeps her keys inside something metal to block the signal (I think a cocktail shaker) inside, because in theory at least her car parked outside could be close enough for the key to activate and unlock it even from indoors!

  3. it always amazes me the new technological inventions that come up to make our lives "easier". I don't get notifications on any of my apps because I'd never put my phone down!

    1. Seriously, I check facebook, etc. often enough as it is, if it beeped or vibrated everytime something happened on an app it'd be ridiculous.


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