Tuesday, September 9, 2014


We adopted a new kitty! Meet Hera: 

Abe and I have been thinking about getting a second cat since we moved in together (personally, I prefer having a 1:1 cat:human ratio), but we holding off on doing so until we weren't planning any more nights out of town for the summer.

After Aluminum Man last weekend, we don't have any more trips planned in the near future, so once we got back, on Sunday we headed to the Oregon Humane Society to see who was there. (I adopted Imogene from the Cat Adoption Team, but a friend gave us a certificate for a discounted adoption fee at OHS, and their location is slightly closer to us, for a marginally less harrowing car ride home.)

We went in thinking we'd like to find a kitten, but it was also important to adopt a female cat (I had some bad experiences growing up with male cats who sprayed). There weren't very many kittens there, but we did visit with one male 5-month-old. Very cute, but also very active. Definitely had an "oh, kitten!" moment, but I have no doubt any one else who considers him will have that moment as well and he'll easily find a home. 

Hera was quite timid at the shelter, trying to hide in a high corner in one of the colony rooms. She's about 1 year old, a stray cat someone was feeding and then surrendered to OHS. She's fairly small, I suspect she still has some growing to do to catch up with her ears and whiskers, and a little bit of kitten playfulness once she got more comfortable. :)

Not hiding!
When I adopted Imogene she was about three years old; although it would be nice to enjoy more of the kitten experience, I also like knowing that I'm bringing a home to slightly older cats who would likely have a harder time finding a willing family. 

Hera is currently staying in the guest room, while we slowly introduce her and Imogene. For the first several hours she was most inclined to stay hiding underneath an end table, but if we pulled her out was quite affectionate and willing to sit on our laps. I was pretty proud once I finally opened the door to see her sitting on top of the end table!

She is gradually getting more and more comfortable with us and in the room. She still heads under the table sometimes, but we also find her hanging out on the bed. She's eating a ton! She went through a full bowl of dry food in one day that I think would have taken Imogene a few days to eat up, but she could use a bit more weight for sure. Even with her medium hair that makes her look fluffier than she really is, she still looks small. And she definitely feels very skinny, as shelter cats often do. 

Fierce hunter
By Monday evening she was even getting playful. Her favorite toy is our hands or feet, but she also likes hunting a particular fish-shaped, mouse-furred, feather-tailed toy.

Imogene isn't exactly thrilled with the new family member. She had one fit of hissing by the guest room door, but for the most part isn't acting as territorial or defensive as I expected. Rather, she just seems sad and confused. I feel so guilty! 

We tried feeding her a treat by the guest room door, but she refused to even stay by the door, despite loving that food. When she's downstairs she seems relatively normal, but overall is avoiding being upstairs (where the gust room is) at all. The next step we plan on trying is letting Hera explore the rest of the house while one of us hangs out with Imogene in Hera's room so she gets used to her scent.


  1. Hera is so cute! I believe in a 1:1 cat to human ratio as well, unfortunately my other half does not agree so we only have one very spoiled kitty.

    Fingers crossed that Imogene and Hera start getting along soon! :)

    1. Thanks! Well, your spoiled kitty properly appreciates remaining the only one. :)

    2. That was supposed to say "probably" appreciates being the only one, but I suppose in cat thinking it's proper that she appreciates it as well.

  2. Aww. she is so pretty! I am happy to hear she is getting more comfortable! Your plan to get Imogene used to her sounds great! I hope it works well! :)

    1. Thanks! So far Imogene hasn't warmed up a lot, but she hasn't tried to attack her or anything, so I guess that's a good sign.

  3. Hi kitty! She is so pretty. It sounds like you're taking great care to acclimate Hera and Imogene, which will definitely pay off. Enjoy the new kitty stage!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait until we can just hang out with both of them on the couch together. :) That's the most annoying part of this process, is having to spend time with each of them separately and feel like we're ignoring the other.


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