Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 7

Feeling pretty much the same, just getting bigger. Some aches and pains, especially after sitting pretty much all day at work, but really any symptoms are still fairly mild. But seriously, getting huge. 

Weeks 7, 16, 24, 32

Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4. Month 5. Month 6.

Official weeks: 29 - 32

  • Took and passed the glucose test. Therefore continuing to eat plenty of ice cream. 
  • Picked out and met with a pediatrician. I was slightly concerned about the fact that we're going to raise our kid vegetarian (until they're old enough to comprehend the gist of the issue and decide for themselves) - but, of course, it's Portland. She said this was far from unusual, and she's in fact semi-vegetarian herself. So we'll have plenty of support with that! 
  • Stopped running - the Oregon Trail Game 5k, being a race and at what I'm calling 7 months (exactly 2 months before my due date), seemed like a nice place to stop. If I hadn't been registered for that, I probably would have given it up a week or two sooner. 
  • Asking for more help with tasks that involve leaning or bending over, such as having Abe tie my shoes (fortunately I don't wear shoes that need tied very often!). 
  • My belly button is basically fully popped - it still has an inside, but the edges of it are popped up.
  • Motion sickness - never in my life have I had motion sickness, but experienced it earlier in the pregnancy while flying, and more recently on trips that involved driving on some curvy back roads. It's really not fun. 
  • Uncomfortable to lean/bend over.
  • More frequent heartburn.
Mental health

Every once in a while it crosses my mind that - oh shit, I have to go through labor and deliver this baby. And then we have to raise it. What did we do? Did I really intentionally get myself into this?! 

But most of the time I'm good. I actually mentioned to Abe that it seemed like I was actually almost more emotionally stable over the pregnancy than I usually am. He agreed, but that seems like the answer you'd give a pregnant woman if it were true, but especially if it wasn't true...


I haven't done any calorie counting or anything to make sure I'm adding extra, especially in the later months, figuring that as my activity is going down, if I continue to eat about the same but burning less through exercise it'll wash out to what I need anyway. I'm definitely having to eat smaller amounts more often - occasionally I'll get super hungry and eat a big meal, and very much regret it.

My current obsession is cereal. 

Purchases & gifts
  • Pack'n'Play - for best versatility, we bought one with a bassinet attachment to use for the early weeks for sleep, then we'll have the pack'n'play itself for naps, play, traveling, whatever, later on. 
  • Baby book
  • Ergo carrier
  • Crib and dresser
  • Sheets, diaper pads, etc. 
  • Replacements parts for breastpump
  • Car seat 
Weight gained: +34 pounds


Some early maternity items that aren't knit are now too small. (Which makes sense, as I bought them early on because they weren't super voluminous in covering a smaller bump.) I feel like that's a sign of being really pregnant once you start outgrowing maternity clothes.

Currently reading

Continuing to work on What to Expect the First Year and The New First Three Years of Life. I just haven't been prioritizing much reading lately, which I need to fix! Not that much time left to be prepared. 

Most surprised by

Changes week by week and day to day. For example, once I started feeling kicks, I figured that's what I'd feel for the rest of pregnancy - but the type of movement has actually changed. Now it's not really kicks out, but parts sort of dragging across the side or pushing outward. And some days my back hurts, some days it's fine, even when I've had similar activity, or heartburn acting up some times but not always even with eating similar foods. 


  1. You look so good! Less room now :) means less kicks...have you felt hiccups? I think they were my favorite lol
    Isn't it strange to see your belly button flip like that?!
    Enjoy some good ol' walking now :) You did great to run up until 7 months!

    1. Thanks! No baby hiccups yet - I'm looking forward to that happening, sounds like it'll be weird. :)

  2. Just swooping in to say I still am so glad to hear of that Oregon Trail race, and also that you really seem to be treating pregnancy really healthily! Also, I think it's funny that the more pregnant you get in each picture, the more your pants get shorter. :-D

    1. Lots of fun races for you to try once you're here! I think Portland has some pretty great ones.

      Thanks! I think the pants is a combo of moving into the summer plus some pregnancy don't-give-a-fuck. :)


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