Friday, April 29, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 3

While having tax season correspond with the beginning of tax season kind of sucked, there was definitely improvement as I moved towards the 2nd trimester and was able to feel better and focus much better in the last couple weeks when it was really crunch time.

Weeks 7, 12, 16
I think it's a real bump now, albeit a small one, I realize.

I thought I was so "big" with noticeable bloating when that first
photo was taken...

Official weeks: 13 - 16


We got the results back for the genetic screening blood draw - all normal! The fact that now somebody knows the kid's sex is actually making is a little tempting for me to want to find out, but I think I'd regret it if I did. I definitely wouldn't want to tell other people, and I'd feel weird knowing but keeping it a secret.

End of the first trimester! I survived both that and tax season together, so feeling pretty good about that. 


By weeks 15 and 16 was starting to feel much better, virtually no nausea, so I thought I'd try cutting back on the Unisom/B6. Nope. It wasn't too bad, but definitely felt queasy the next morning. Went back to the full dose that night and haven't tried again yet. 

Still feeling much more easily fatigued, but I'm crossing my fingers that I'm just still recovering from tax season, and eventually I'll get this energy that people talk about having in the second tri? Overall feeling much more normal, though.

Mental health

Had a counseling session with my old therapist I used to see, and am planning to see her once a month for the remainder of pregnancy and a few months after. Even aside from anything else, I think it will be helpful to work through ideas about family and parenting, setting boundaries with grandparents, etc., and it will also mean any real issues should also be quickly apparent and can be addressed.


Gradually regaining a more normal appetite. Between feeling better and having more time available now that work is slowed down, I'm trying to make healthier choices and work fruits and veggies in here and there. Harder to justify all the carbs and junk, for sure.

Purchases & gifts

A friend of my parents sent a gift when they were coming to visit, and my parents bring a little something each time we see them. 

The consignment sale I previously went to had another event, the "upscale" version - I guess I'm not up on what the upscale baby brands are, cause nothing looked too different or was that much more expensive, though I was there on the last day so it was a bit more picked over. Found a couple more items of clothing and a nice maternity work blouse for me. 

Weight gained: +13 pounds


In maternity jeans full time. Realized when I had a client meeting to attend that I really should get on finding a pair of maternity slacks, too (general dress code is "business professional" but with jeans allowed; for clients jeans and a blazer is generally fine but I ought to have some slacks to work in, too). A friend who's of a similar size (including height - matters for hemming pants!) who's having a baby in a couple weeks said she'd pass on her stuff once she's done so I should end up with some nice work stuff to carry me through the end with that (some of my maternity blouses I've worked into the rotation currently are empire waist things that give me the extra room I need now, but pretty sure won't work with a 8- or 9-month bump). 

For exercising, still using my same shorts and pants - just let the waistband sit below the bump. Fortunately I did a lot of races at a higher weight, so I have a good selection of tech tees that are a size up to wear for now. 

I had a couple already of a certain style of tank top from Target (in the month 3 photo) that I've bought some more to use for both exercising (when I want a tank instead of a tee) and layering under real shirts - they're very long and stretchy, and I think will serve me well for a good chunk of pregnancy as well as after.

Currently reading

Still working through Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. I need to prioritize reading more now that I have the time - I have quite a few books saved on my to-read list that I want to get to!

Most surprised by

How little is really going on right now. Gradually getting bigger, and symptoms gradually improving. But no ultrasound again for a while, no other testing. Doctors appointments are only every four weeks, and pretty much a non-event - just asking how I'm doing and listening to the heartbeat, and that's it. 

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