Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 4

Not really that much going on for these weeks. Mostly feel like I'm just waiting for things to happen, while the belly gradually gets a little more noticeable.

Month 1. Month 2. Month 3.

Weeks 7, 12, 16, 20

Official weeks: 17 - 20


First unsolicited belly rub. There's a woman in my Toastmasters clubs who's very touchy feely - has to "collect hugs" from everyone at every meeting. Apparently she needs to rub my belly at every meeting, too. 

Started the process of having our will written, primarily so we have our preferred guardians named for our kid(s) in case something happens to both of us. 


Still pretty tired, so I asked my primary doctor to run some labs, including iron and thyroid. My iron turned out to be borderline - just barely within the low end of normal, so I started taking an additional iron supplement (though there is iron in the prenatal I was already taking). My thyroid was also out of whack, per pregnancy guidelines, so they bumped up my prescription. A few weeks later, feeling much better as far as energy! Still sleeping in on the weekends and taking an occasional nap, but the tiredness seems like a normal pregnancy amount, no longer an overwhelming amount.

I started getting some carpal tunnel symptoms in my left hand, which if caused by pregnancy is from fluid pressing on the nerves. It actually only lasted in a significant amount for a couple weeks, then started substantially improving, though still a tiny bit present. Fortunately, working at a computer didn't exacerbate it (though I'm sure it didn't help), but it was larger movements, like in yoga, where my wrist got bent that cause it to feel the worst.

Started getting mild heartburn - not too constant, fortunately! In fact, inconsistent enough that I can't quite point to exactly what causes it to flare up. 

Mental health

I flew to Spokane for Bloomsday - and I normally love flying. I want to take flying lessons at some point. Even on turbulent flights, I trust the pilots and the industry to be safe. On these flights, I was actually super nervous! It was really weird. On the way home when I had lots of baby clothes from thrift store shopping, it even crossed my mind "but I have to get home with all the baby stuff!" - never mind the baby stuff would be irrelevant if I didn't make it back with the baby in me.


Though I occasionally feel slight queasiness (mostly if I go more than 3 hours or so without eating), nothing that prevents me from eating normally. Trying to rein in the sweets and include more veggies.

Purchases & gifts

I went to multiple thrift stores with my parents while we were in Spokane, and came home with a suitcase stuff fulled of things. It's great to shop with my mom, "oh, this is so cute..." often results in her buying something for us. :) Though we'll probably acquire a few more things in the small sizes, I think we have enough in the 0 - 3 month size to at least manage! Now we need to start deciding on and acquiring the bigger things 

Weight gained: +20 pounds

Yeah. I don't love this. Doctors clearly aren't at all worried, though. I know at this point I have to keep gaining a certain amount to keep the baby growing, so it's not like you compensate for having gained earlier on, I'm just going to be on track to gain at least 40 pounds or so. While I went overboard with crappy eating and minimal exercise in the first tri, that was just as much due to tax season as the pregnancy, and I do feel like I was doing the best I could at the time. All I can do is try to manage those habits as healthily as possible from now on, and let my body do whatever it's going to do. 


I can still fit in a few regular shirts that are particularly long and stretchy, but mostly in all maternity wear. 

Currently reading

Finished Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. Read through a booklet from a family friend who's going to give us an afternoon labor class when we're in town visiting my parents next month. Started in on What to Expect the First Year.

Most surprised by

How quickly the bump seems to be growing now! I know it's still not even that big yet, but it still seems huge, relatively speaking, each time I look at it.


  1. Oh yay! Just now catching up, so congratulations!!!!

  2. Awww, you look great! At this point just eat as healthy as you can and enjoy the experience :)


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