Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 2

These weeks were kind of miserable, even though the pregnancy symptoms themselves weren't awful, but combined with tax season it really sucks. My body won't let me be in bed for less than 8.5 hours (not necessarily sleeping the whole time, but seriously - that's when I'm finally able to fully wake up in the morning, 8.5 hours after going bed, very consistently), which makes it a challenge to both get in the hours I need to at work and have time to do anything else.

Sort of a bump. It's mostly bloating through.
Official weeks: 8 - 12


Had first ultrasound and real midwife appointment. The size on the ultrasound aligned exactly with my charted ovulation date (thank goodness, because I didn't ovulate until day 35 - e.g., 3 weeks after the "normal" ovulation date of day 14 - I had been concerned about having to argue about appropriate dating of the pregnancy - being off by three weeks based on last menstrual period would make a huge difference when it came time to be "overdue" and potentially be induced!). The baby is really just a vaguely baby-shaped blob on the ultrasound at this point.

Publicly announced! I had my 12 week appointment on a Friday right when I actually hit 12 weeks; I wanted to go to that and just make sure they could find the heartbeat and everything was still looking good, then my boss emailed out an announcement to our firm that afternoon. We did our personal announcement that Sunday, the 27th (because 27 is our sort of lucky/special number as a couple). So as I'm catching up and posting this month 2 (12 week) post, I'm at 14 weeks, and from here on should be posting more contemporaneously. 


Initially, my morning sickness was indeed the worst in the morning, and got better (though was still present) later in the day. After a few weeks, it shifted, and the morning gradually improved (as I write this, there's definitely still nausea, but very rarely in the morning) but it started hitting in the afternoon. I had a week or so around week 11 where it actually seemed to be going away entirely, and then it came back primarily the evenings, and almost worse than ever! It now seems to be starting to improve once again, but here and there still have a particularly bad day.

I tried zofran for a couple days to help the nausea, but it didn't help and (TMI) really exacerbated the constipation. Overall, I know my nausea has stayed on the more mild side, but it's definitely obnoxious to deal with while working super long hours and trying to be particularly productive. As the weeks progress, there seems to be a trend of overall improvement and the good days are better, but the bad days almost seem to be getting worse, so averaging about the same.

Speaking of TMI, early on I had the classic pregnancy constipation, though it started improving reasonably quickly, especially once I focused on drinking more water and eventually started gradually adding some veggies back into my diet (still not eating tons of those, though). By the end of this month it was only a very occasional issue.

Mental health

I do feel more prone to being generally emotional - for example, a TV episode where a character lost a nearly-full-term baby after being an accident caused me to absolutely bawl, and an Easter-themed commercial about one sister having a newborn baby and thus unable to attend the family dinner but making the same dishes and skyping in to surprise the grandmother even brought some tears. 

I had a bit of a breakdown one night, after having particularly bad nausea one evening, while finishing a very long day of work. Finally got home, and just burst into tears. Sometimes dealing with everything related to this just gets very overwhelming.

I set up an appointment with the counselor I used to see, for after tax season. I'm thinking of having a few appointments throughout the rest of pregnancy and a couple after birth, just so I'll stay on top of any potential issues and have a good venue to work through any fears and anxieties. 


Lots of carbs and junk food still. When nothing else seems good, trying to grab something with protein, nuts if at work or an egg if at home, and that sits well and I know I should eat those things more often. I was able to eat a lot of salad while at the Olive Garden - the dressing made it much more palatable, although probably offset all the nutrition. :) A couple times literally nothing has sounded good, but nothing has sounded awful so I've bought a salad for lunch, though those days are fairly rare - usually veggies of any sort still sound not good.

Purchases & gifts

Bought and was gifted first baby stuff! 

Shortly after I told my parents (very early on), they were at an auction fundraiser and bid on a big basket of baby stuff, so when they visited one weekend they brought that, full of basics and fun stuff, their first official baby present to us (a blanket with satin edging like my sister and I had as babies), and Easter baskets that are now for us as parents instead of people :) with a book and toy for the baby instead of treats for me and Abe. 

I went to a pop-up/expo type consignment sale, and bought some some baby clothes - half a dozen onesies, some with matching leggings (I love the ones with animals/creatures on the butt!), socks (so little!), and one maternity dress. 
Weight gained: +8 pounds

I'm going to call at least half of that normal tax season gain, because up to 5 pounds while there's tons of food around and no time for exercise is actually pretty typical for me during these few months. Hopefully it levels out a bit before ramping up in the second trimester when I actually after more time to exercise and make better food choices.


By the end of 12 weeks finally had to use the hair band through the button hole to keep my jeans comfortable closed, and many shirts were no longer fitting acceptably for wearing in public. I bought a couple pairs of maternity jeans, though hadn't gotten to wear them by this point as I still needed to hem them. 

Currently reading

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide. This was recommended and given to me by a family friend whose career is all about this (she's a nurse and lactation consultant, and now training to be a doula). I'm midway through the second third, about labor. It freaked me out a bit (particular when I got to the part about transition, which was basically saying "you will freak out about labor at this point"), and decided it was worth exploring getting a doula to help support me during labor. We have an appointment set up with one recommended by my midwife to see if it's a good fit.

Using Lucie's List to research gear and decide what all we need to buy. 

Most surprised by

How utterly gross anything ginger smells while nauseated. How do people use it to help nausea?! It's such a strong smell and totally disgusting. Last thing I'd want to eat while feeling morning sickness. 

How nonlinear the progression of symptoms are. I start to feel better for a few days, then bam, a really bad day. 


  1. Your blog reminds me of another pregnancy blog I used to read...Baby KERF. Have you read it?

    1. Ummm, I'm hoping this is someone from a certain facebook group...


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