Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 5

Still kind of feeling like there's not a whole lot happening but waiting, in part due to having a lot more energy and generally feeling more normal.

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Weeks 7, 16, 24

Official weeks: 21 - 24


Had the anatomy ultrasound and found out we're having... a healthy and normally developing baby! 

First stranger assuming I was pregnancy and making comments accordingly. Also two instances of seeing people I only see occasionally and who didn't know I was pregnant, seeing me and exclaiming, "oh you're pregnant!" Definitely have a legit bump (but still really ballsy for the stranger to assume!)

Starting to feel a good amount of movement! It's still a bit inconsistent day to day, but gradually getting stronger and more constant. I found out at the ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta, which explains not feeling anything much sooner and it still not being super strong feelings. Fairly often the baby kicks out to the side, though, which is more noticeable. 

Tried a support belt for running, which is starting to get uncomfortable - not really from specific pains or aches, just a generally heaviness. I'm not sure the support belt really helps though. The biggest issue right now is getting a weird side stitch thing while running, and it doesn't impact that at all. 


Not too much! Feeling more energized, though still getting a good amount of sleep on weekends. A little mild heartburn here and there, but nothing major. Most annoying thing is the side stitch while running, but I think maybe compression of my lungs is the problem, so I just need to focus on breathing. 

My belly button is far from popped yet, but it's clearly making its way towards turning, and it's just super weird. 

Mental health

I've been having the occasion few days where I feel off, but fortunately it's fairly sporadic and not sticking around too long at a time, so nothing I'm terribly concerned with yet. 

I had Abe accompany me to a counseling appointment, so my therapist got to meet him, which I think is helpful just for providing additional context when I talk to her, and also a chance to talk through some joint parenting and family boundary type of issues. 


Pretty normal. Trying to eat more veggies. I have a contest going with my mom - she has to lift weights a certain number of times a week and I have to eat veggies.

Purchases & gifts

We got a running stroller! We found a great deal on a barely used Bob running stroller on Craigslist.

Went to Ikea and picked out a crib and dresser - though due to time constraints, didn't purchase at the time, and now it looks like they're discontinuing the dresser! (It's one of the Malm line, which they're recalling due to risk of tipping over if they're not anchored to the wall. Even though it comes with an anchoring kit and the instructions tell you to anchor it to the wall. People are dumb. I know next to nothing about kids, and even I know you should attach large and heavy furniture to the wall around little kids. This is not a problem unique to this product, and it has a simple solution - one which Ikea was already promoting as the recommendation installation of their product.)

Weight gained: + 25 pounds


Starting to reach capacity on some knit shirts, as well as my sports bras. Need to look for some of both of those in maternity/larger sizes.

Currently reading

Working on What to Expect the First Year, The New First Three Years of Life, and Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten. Note on the latter - my MIL gave it to us, it's not a book I would have picked on my own as the branding/title rubs me the wrong way, but the underlying premise is actually less abrasive/egotistical than it sounds, and it has some good information and ideas (along with a little bit of bunk that I'm disregarding). 

Most surprised by

The progression of the belly button is seriously weird. 

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  1. I bet ultrasound day is always so exciting!

    The contest will your mom is too funny. I can't relate to any of the baby stuff, but I can definitely relate to doing stuff like that with my mom!


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