Friday, July 22, 2016

Pregnancy: Month 6

Once I got some adjustments on my thyroid medication and iron, I felt pretty good through the rest of the second trimester; as I got closer to the third trimester, though I definitely started feeling more pregnant! I feel like I've peaked and am now on the downward slope of being fatigued and uncomfortable. Really nothing's too bad, but I have more aches and pains, and it's difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in - either my back, hips, and/or ribs are guaranteed to start hurting. 

Weeks 12, 20, 28

Official weeks: 25 - 28

  • Hit the 3rd trimester, at 27 or 28 weeks (depending on what you read). 
  • More frequent assumption by strangers that I am indeed pregnant. 
  • Had a birth class (a family friend who's an L&D nurse and training in doula gave us a private class as a baby gift), and our first session with out doula .

  • Mostly just achey back, hips, and ribs at this point. The left side of my rib in particular.
  • A weird side stitch thing along the bottom right side of the bump while running is still happening.
  • Mild heartburn, but nothing that a couple of Tums a day can't take care of. 
  • Belly button still isn't popped, but is stretching and looking weird.

Mental health

Generally feeling pretty good! Getting some more fatigue, which can impact my mood a bit, but overall ok.


Abe's making sure I get plenty of veggies, and I'm making sure I get plenty of ice cream. I do have to still bit a bit aware of making sure I eat often enough - nothing like early in pregnancy, but going more than 3-ish hours without eating something definitely leads to some queasiness.

Purchases & gifts

A friend who's youngest is beyond the baby stage gave us a bunch of stuff they're done with. We now have a crib mattress (crib to be purchased soon!), high chair, and a bunch of other goodies. 

I'm so grateful to friends who've passed on baby gear (and will be sure to pass it on when we're done with things!), not only to save the money and have a lighter environmental impact, but to seriously reduce the decision fatigue. For example, I hadn't even gotten into researching high chairs and was kind of dreading it, but you have one? It's functional, safe and not ugly? I'll take it! I think for the majority of baby stuff there's not that much practical difference between options, so narrowing it down just by what a friend has available to give or sell us is awesome.

Weight gained: +30 pounds


I'm quickly approaching capacity on the few non-maternity I've still been using (largely some tanks for exercising, and some other tanks and tees for layering). 

I finally ordered a few maternity exercise tops - I used to wonder why people were willing to pay $45 for a tank top from the For Two Fitness company (the ones with stuff like "running for two" written on it, but they also have plain ones). Then I tried to find cheaper options, and even the places that have been pretty reliable for regular maternity wear (Old Navy, Macy's, and to a lesser degree Target) had very limited options! Most included loungewear in the "Activewear" subsection in maternity, and no, I'm not going to go running in a terrycloth sweat suit. So I ended up splurging on a couple plain tops from For Two, and along with a couple cheaper options to round out my workout wardrobe.

Currently reading

Continuing to work on What to Expect the First Year and The New First Three Years of Life.

Most surprised by

How little the midwives talk about exercise or eating habits. They'll have suggestions if I bring up issues (e.g., the side ache thing while running), and generally say "good job" that I'm staying active, but don't question how much I'm running or anything like that (I've said I'm running less than I used to, but for all they know that could mean cutting back from 20 milers to merely 15 every weekend!), and they really haven't brought up nutrition at all beyond the very first visit where a nurse did a group session with some general pregnancy advice. While I certainly don't think, for most people, exercise or food will make or break the pregnancy, nor is there necessarily a one-size-fits-all recommendation they could give, I think it can certainly have an impact on other factors (e.g., backaches or fatigue could easily be helped by some types of exercise, even if not eliminated), and even though I've chosen the midwives in the practice over OBs, it's still not something they initiate discussion of.

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  1. From all my parent friends, yep, it seems like decision fatigue is a huge part of what makes the whole get-ready-for-baby thing so exhausting. So yay for lightly used stuff!


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