Thursday, May 21, 2015

Huber's: Portland's Oldest Restaurant

March's Portland bucket list activity was a visit to Huber's Cafe, the oldest restaurant in Portland. It has a pretty old-fashioned pub kind of feel, which reminds me of a fancy train station. The bartenders were also in old-timey outfits, adding to the vibe.

It's located on 3rd avenue in downtown, so easy to get to from the blue/red MAX line. They accept reservations - which we made, for dinner on a Sunday; I suspect it probably wasn't quite necessary for that time, but I'd guess a more peak weekend time it would be a good idea.

They're known in particular for Spanish coffee and turkey sandwiches; in the old days if you ordered a beer you got a free turkey sandwich. The menu isn't exactly veg-friendly, but I did manage to find something, and the drinks and desserts go quite a ways in making up for the lack of options in entrees.

We started off with a couple drinks - I don't like coffee, so I encouraged Lincoln to try the Spanish coffee. The making of this drink is a whole table-side show! The liquor is poured in with a flourish and spinning arms. 

The meal starts with a really awesome beer bread - it's kind of like cornbread in consistency and texture. Abe had one of the seafood dishes, while I had the one vegetarian dish, fettucine alfredo. I may not have had many options, but it was good! Rich, but not heavy as it can sometimes be, and came with garlic bread (I'm not going to say anything bad about such a carb-y meal!) We continued our decadence with dessert, a sorbet and the chocolate mousse. Delicious!

Though I don't know if I'd consider it an exceptional restaurant if it's didn't have the history and tourist appeal (especially with the lack of vegetarian options - I know I've complained about high-end restaurants beings surprisingly meat-heavy; for a more moderate level place like this I'd expect more variety), it's definitely not bad. I think my parents would enjoy the vibe and will probably bring them for lunch at some point. 


  1. Looks like a place with lots of character.
    I hate when a place has a meat only menu. It seems crazy to me some places don't have much to offer. I do find most places are really willing to whip something up vegetarian.

    1. Yeah, I don't even understand how you end up with a meat only menu - there are plenty of things that you have to go out of way to make not vegetarian (e.g., mac and cheese), so I sometimes feel they've done it intentionally! But yeah, I have found most places totally willing to make adaptations or even come up with something totally off menu to meet veg needs. I think there were also a handful of other pasta-based dishes that could have been adapted at Huber's to be vegetarian (though I'd probably nonetheless order the fettucini alfredo again - it's good!).


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