Saturday, May 30, 2015

April Recipe: How It All Vegan

April's new recipes were from How It All Began, the book for which The Garden of Vegan is a sequel. Both have a lot of recipes for vegan basics and favorites, and tips for vegan living. This one even has some cleaning product and toiletry recipes.

I picked one of my favorite things - breakfast for dinner! Scrambled eggs and french toast - sans any eggs. I've come across variations of such recipes before, but never tried them before. The eggless egg recipes just freak me out a little, particularly because they usually include some spices that I'm not used to; french toast is something I've hesitated on because I don't have any skills at effectively making french toast even in the traditional manner. Take away the normal ingredients and I would think it'd be even easier to screw up.

I wouldn't say either of these turned out perfectly - they tasted fine but were a little difficult to handle and certainly weren't exactly aesthetically pleasing. 

Scrambled eggless eggs

Difficulty: 2 of 5 - Not too much too it, other than keeping an eye to make sure it didn't stick to the pan. 

Enjoyment: 3.5 of 5 - Tumeric and cumin are not flavors I typically love (but are typically used in egg alternative recipes like this), but they really do blend well in the overall recipe and the taste truly is eggy and pretty good.

Likelihood to make again: 3 of 5 - Though eggy in many ways, it nonetheless doesn't really have all of the egg properties that make eggs worth eating, in my opinion. But perhaps worth trying to acquire a taste for it as I'm aiming to reduce my egg consumption.

Fabulous french toast I

Difficulty: 4 of 5 - The general procedures are the same as traditional french toast - mix batter, dip bread, fry. It was hard to prevent the bread from sticking to the pan, though, plus there was a very small sweet spot for how long to dip the bread - too long as it got gooey and fell apart. 

Enjoyment: 3 of 5 - It didn't crisp in the same way as good french toast does, but I've never accomplished that at home with tradition, either (I love french toast, but usually rely on the good stuff at restaurants, instead of making mediocre at home). 

Likelihood to make again: 2 of 5 - Kind of like the eggs, it hit some surface qualities, but ultimately didn't have the oomf that makes the actual thing so amazing.

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  1. There is a really neat product called the Vegg that is fantastic for making vegan eggy dishes (including both tofu scramble and french toast.) I especially love the french toast. You can get it in town at Food Fight or, I'm sure, online.


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