Sunday, June 14, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 5


Monday: Run 1 mile (13:17 pace)

Tuesday: Easy run 3.0 miles (12:53 pace) + bike trainer 6.5 miles (13.3 mph, 61 rpm)

Wednesday: HIIT run 3.0 miles (11:59 pace)

Goal: Warm-up 0.5, 4 x 0.25 @ 8:30 with 0.25 recovery, cool-down 0.5
Warm-up 0.5: 13:53
4 x 0.25 intervals: 8:19, 7:56, 8:50, 8:58
4 x 0.25 recovery: 13:19, 14:08, 13:28, 14:56
Cool-down 0.5: 13:05

Thursday: Tempo run 6.05 miles (12:00 overall pace, 11:13 tempo pace)

Goal: Warm-up 1, 4 @ < 11:30, cool-down 1
Warm-up 1: 13:08
4 tempo: 11:19, 11:10, 11:22, 11:00
Cool-down 1.05: 13:58

Friday: Tennis (25 min) + walk 1.5 miles (to/from tennis courts) + run 1 mile (12:20 pace)

Saturday: Run 1.2 miles (12:43 pace)

Sunday: Long run 10.75 miles (13:03 pace)

Total biking: 6.5 miles
Total running: 27.0 miles

Overall decent week, especially the tempo run! 

The roving pain in my feet, however, has moved on from either ankle to the top side of my left foot. I'm getting nervous because this feels like a different kind of pain than what has clearly been soft tissue/tendon kind of issues that I've felt previously (albeit never formally diagnosed). Though my hypochondriac mind immediately leapt to a stress fracture (and then from there just a quick hop over into denial - the mixture of hypochondriac plus fear of it actually being true creates some odd anxiety, let me tell you), I don't think it's at all possible without hurting much more than this. 

It actually doesn't hurt while running, just from random other impacts (I think usually while turning? so it hits the side of the foot weird). The pain is caused by impact, but not all impact causes pain. It'll trigger it, get a sharp pain for a moment, then it'll be more of a mild throbbing for an hour or two, and then dissipate for the most part. 


  1. Way to go on the tempo!

    Last year when I had some pain on the top of my foot right at the start of marathon training I freaked out and booked an appointment with the foot doctor. It turned out to just be some metatarsal soreness... I forget what the actual diagnosis was, but he just gave me these metatarsal pads to wear for a couple of weeks and said to keep the running slow and easy (not exactly a problem for me, hah). What you are explaining sounds a lot like what I was feeling (although I never had ankle pain). You can find metatarsal pads at places like Walgreens and CVS. Perhaps give one a try and see how it goes if things don't start feeling better soon.

  2. Great mileage for the week :)
    I hope what Kristina said helps. Since I'm recovering from the stress fracture I am super sensitive to any ache and pain now...the weakness feeling is what I experienced more than pain. I was the same with my tibial, certain angles and it would give out on me. Typically with a stress fracture the doctor told me putting on pressure on specific point and feeling a sharp pain is a good indicator. he did a touch test with me and pressed very hard with two fingers, when he hit the spot it hurt...I was still in denial until I saw the bone scan.
    I hope you feel better soon! Ice as much as you can!


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