Saturday, May 23, 2015

April PDX Restaurant: La Vida Veggie

La Vida Veggie is a cute little place in Beaverton (just south of Hwy 10, near the pool and high school), in a converted house. It's all at least vegetarian, and I think all items can be made vegan (it looks like cheese is actually the only non-vegan component, so they have regular and vegan options for that); plus some raw choices. It'd be a great place to take kids, with books and board games available to use. (We looked through a book there called "101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12" that we're seriously considering buying to use as a checklist/scrapbook thing for our hypothetical kids.)


Genre: Mexican-inspired, some raw

Price: Sides and smaller items $3.00 - $4.50, entrees and salads $7.50 - $9.50, juices and smoothies $5.00 - $8.50

Setting: Casual and homey, a little hippie

What we triedWe started with a pina colada smoothie for me, and a kombucha (on tap!) for Abe. I think I actually like the kombucha slightly better (and I don't definitely don't like all kombuchas), but they were both good.

For lunch I had the chipotle walnut chickpea burger, it was a little softer/crumblier than typical for veggie burgers, but good and I loved the (homemade?) bread it was served on. It appears everything is served with a salad, which had a nice light dressing.

Abe had the walnut meat tacos: I tried a bite and didn't completely love the sauce but the texture of the walnut filling was great - I don't think I've ever seen walnut-based meats before, but it definitely works and makes a lot of sense.

There were some desserts that looked really good though we didn't take the time to try them that day, we will definitely be back for them at some point! 

Overall impression: Awesome! It's near where we live, reasonably priced, and some really great options. 

Would I take my parents?*: Definitely! Even though it's all veg, it includes plenty of not-too-far-out-there options, and I think having the option for dairy cheese would help appeal to omnivores. They would definitely find it a darling place and like the books, games, and overall vibe.

Edited to add: We did end up taking my parents when they visited in July, and they loved it!

*Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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