Sunday, June 1, 2014

Foot Traffic Flat Half Training Week 3


Monday: Run 4 miles (12:16 pace)

Tuesday: Run 2 miles (11:39 pace)

Wednesday: Run 1 mile (12:27 pace)

Thursday: Run 3 miles (11:41 pace) - 0.5 warm-up, 2 tempo-ish, 0.5 cool-down
1 mile out/uphill: goal - sub-12:00, actual - 11:44
1 mile back/downhill: goal - sub-11:00, actual - 9:54 (!)

Friday: Run 4 miles (12:57 pace) + bike 3.35 miles (7.5 mph)
I went to a park - about 1/4 mile away with traffic with that's not too bad - to bike on a paved path loop that's 0.15 long, some incline but not too steep. Perfect to practice getting my speed up and braking, without worrying about cars, and grass along the path to fall into if needed. This time I actually didn't practice much braking, just let myself coast down the incline and approach 10 mph, reassuring myself that doing so didn't mean I'd immediately crash and die.

Saturday: Run 1 mile (11:44 pace)

Sunday: Run 3 miles (13:34 pace)

Total biking: 3.35 miles
Total running: 18 miles

I unfortunately didn't do any swimming this week; the first part of the week I simply didn't get around to it, and then Wednesday I got a cut on my foot, and didn't think it'd be a great idea to get in a public pool until I gave it a few days to heal.

I'm also doing another running streak. I did it for all of June last year; now I'm joining Running World's summer #RWRunStreak for 40 days from Memorial Day through July 4th. 

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