Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIAW: Tax Season

It's still tax season, of course, so basically all my meals are eaten at my desk. Things are super busy, my kitchen is a mess, and I feel accomplished if I manage to actually pack anything for meals instead of eating out. But nonetheless, eating more produce and protein is gradually becoming closer to second nature.

BreakfastSmoothie with spinach, banana, berries, flax seed, peanut butter, water. Hi-Ball energy drink.

Protein grams: 10
Produce count: 3

SnackVegetable chips - these are actually pretty processed - it's not pieces of any vegetables, but flours (potato, spinach, tomato), put back into chip form. But not excessively unhealthy for a processed food.

Protein grams: 2
Produce count: 0

Lunch: Salad of romaine, mini sweet peppers, roasted sunflower seeds, Italian dressing. Baked tofu. Trefoil Girl Scout cookies.

Protein grams: 18
Produce count: 2

Snack: Apple, string cheese.

Protein grams: 7
Produce count: 1

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with spinach and grape tomatoes. Doughnut (ok, x2) - though I've certainly never been one to turn down a doughnut, they weren't something I often bought for myself, until my marathon training. Then it seemed like the perfect treat for a long run day, and I've been craving them ever since. But hey, they have 4 grams of protein each!

Protein grams: 23
Produce count: 1.5 


Protein grams: 60
Produce count: 7.5

Amounts for both goals are perfectly respectable!


  1. For someone whose sitting @ her desk for most of the day, your meals look great. Great job on hitting your protein count for the day. So important & definitely does a good job keeping you full.

    1. Thanks! As a vegetarian, I've found it very easy to fall into a "carbitarian" food plan, so I have to try to get enough protein, but it's getting easier.


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