Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Week of Some Running and Not Much Else


Monday: Run 2.6 miles (12:26 pace)

Tuesday (dinner break): Run 3.05 miles (13:22 pace)
Tuesday (after work): K-Fit Weeks 3/4 workout 1

Wednesday: Rest day - massage

Thursday: Run 3.05 miles (13:00)

Total running: 8.7 miles

The weekend was a bit hectic. Also, I'm realizing there might be a pattern to feeling more apathetic towards exercise as my period approaches (my cycle is longer than a month - around 36 days - so it doesn't always fall during the same time of the month, making it a little harder to notice patterns).

Worked Saturday morning, then had lunch with my parents and Abe's dad and his girlfriend - wanted to introduce them while they were in town. Abe's dad offered to host the non-rehearsal dinner for the wedding (at least, Abe, my mom, and I all got that implied meaning from what he said), so that was a nice surprise!

After lunch Abe and I went to look at an apartment to rent. My current lease is up at the end of April, so I'd like to move into our new joint place right after tax season. It's townhouse-style units, so though we'll still have shared walls, at least we won't be sharing floors and ceilings! (That's the worst part about typical apartments, in my experience - you can always ask someone to turn down their music, but you can't really ask someone to walk quieter.) 

Saturday evening was a family friend's wedding (the reason why my parents were in town). Both the bride and groom are pharmacists, so the favor was a prescription bottle with candy, with an adorable mock label. Sunday we dropped off our applications at the rental, went out for lunch, and then I went back into work for a few more hours. A week from Monday is the corporate deadline, so things are picking up quite a bit.

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