Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Week of Just Running


Tuesday: Run 3.35 miles (13:00 pace)

Wednesday: Run 3.0 miles (12:30 pace) - with a coworker, Jill. She'd seen me running around the office neighborhood, and has been getting back into running herself. I don't know her well, but she's chatty so we kept up some fun conversation and it'll be nice getting to know her better and having company on some of my runs. :) Seems like she's a touch faster than me, so kept me from dragging my pace too much.

Friday: Run 2.0 miles (11:17 pace) - got home from work about 45 minutes before sunset - had to take advantage of the available daylight!

Sunday: Run 1 mile (10:04 pace) - trial to set my goal and training paces for my next race - a half marathon in May.

Total running: 9.35

Next week's plan

Monday: 2 - 3 miles easy (13:00) 
Tuesday: 5 miles tempo with 3 @ 12:00
Thursday: 2 - 3 miles easy (13:00)
Sunday: 6 miles long (13:30)

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