Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

Primarily, 2013 is the year of the marathon! A secondary goal is improving my 5k time (one of my 30 Before 30 goals is a sub-30 minute 5k, which I have just over two years left to get) (my current PR is 38:55 - yeah, I'm slow - so let's call 34:25 the goal for 2013 never mind, I just did 34:11 at the First Run on January 1! Maybe sub-30 can be achieved in 2013?). I'd also like to have more variety of distances - so far I've mostly done 5ks and half marathons, with only one 10k.

Bolded races I'm already registered for, others are still tentative to varying degrees.

January 1 - First Run 5k - Portland, OR
April - Earth Day Run 5k - Tigard, OR
May 5 - Bloomsday 12k - Spokane, WA
May 11 - Hippie Chick Half Marathon - Hillsboro, OR
May 26 - Rum Run 10k - Tualatin, OR
June - Run for the Love of Dove 5k - Portland, OR
June 22 - NWVeg Race for the Animals 5k - Portland, OR
July 4 - Foot Traffic Flat half marathon - Portland, OR
July - Go Girl Trail Run 10k - Portland, OR
July 27 - Cat Adoption Team CATnip 5k - Tualatin, OR
September - Pints to Pasta 10k - Portland, OR
October 6 - Portland Marathon - Portland, OR
October 26 - A Very Poplar Run 5k or 10k - Boardman, OR
November - Cause and Event 5k or 10k - Portland, OR
December 8 - Ho Ho 5k - Tigard, OR

(Also, while looking at race schedules, I found the race I want to do in 2014 for my first triathlon: Aluminum Man!)

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