Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Displaying Race Memorabilia

Linking up today with Marcia, et. al., for Tuesdays on the Run. The topic for this week is what you do with race memorabilia - medals, bibs, and so forth. 

I've had to do some rearranging lately as some of this was being displayed in what is becoming the baby's room, but I have all of my medals and bibs displayed. I also keep the posters from the Portland Marathon, but otherwise tend to ditch swag such as semi-disposable jackets, drawstring backpacks, etc.

What holds a special place in the living room is shadow boxes from my (and Abe's) first marathon (2013 Portland Marathon). (See how I put these together here.) The problem, though, was once I did a second, I wasn't sure what to do for that one! I've ended up hanging the medal on the original shadow box, so it's at least highlighted beyond my other medals, but haven't decided if I want to make another shadow box. 

My bibs, other than that first marathon (but including my second marathon), are all in a frame. I'm on at least the second layer, though, so unfortunately some of them aren't visible anymore! 

All my other medals are on these racks in the hallway. (Note: these are Command adhesive products that I think are supposed to be key holders or something with little hooks. I think finding a good holder for medals when you're in a rental and don't want to make huge holes in the wall by anchoring something sturdy enough to hold that kind of weight is difficult, so I was thrilled when I found these as an option.) I suppose at some point these might run out of room (they're already stacked two per hook) but for now it's working just fine!

Besides bibs and medals, I mentioned I have kept the commemorative posters from the Portland Marathon. I still need to frame the 2015 one - but they started making them in a non-standard size, so it's hard to find a frame for it. (These are looking for a new home - they're in the living room, but their spot is going to be taken by something else moving out of the nursery.)

The only other thing that I've kept and don't have displayed is the finisher shirts from Bloomsdays. They're unisex t-shirts, so not something I'm inclined to actually wear, but I can't give them up. At the moment they're sadly in a box in the basement, but perhaps after a few more years of finisher shirts I'll do some sort of display, maybe something like making a quilt.

Abe doesn't do as many races (he's a bit of a cheapskate), so in addition to his marathon shadow box I made him a small holder to display both his bibs and medals. It's basically just a wooden board thingie from a craft store, painted, into which I screwed a couple small hooks at the top to hold the bibs, and the larger hooks for holding medals. 


  1. Ooh. I really like how you displayed your first marathon hardware in a shadowbox. I wish I'd thought of that. Doh.
    I also like the smaller display you made; it's really similar to mine (meaning serviceable).
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I like your shadow boxes. I have been wanting to do those for a few races of mine but I never get around to it. I need to.

  3. Ha, I think most of my medals are in a box in the basement somewhere. Every now & then I find one under a seat cushion or on a random doorknob. Going through the basement boxes recently we also found a box full of gross stinky bibs & my boyfriend was like, "WHY do you even have these?" and I had no answer. I sort of think it would be cool to at least hang some of the medals, but no place in our house really feels appropriate. Also I am lazy.


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