Sunday, December 30, 2012

K-Fit: Week 5 Recap


Monday: 4 mile run (11:51 pace)

Tuesday: Rest day - Christmas!

Wednesday: 2 mile run (13:03 pace) + circuit training (2 times thru) 

Thursday: K-Fit Weeks 5/6 workout 1

Friday: Treadmill speed workout (total 2 miles in 21:30)

Speed workout:
 Warm-up/cool-down - 0.25 mile walk to/from fitness center
 Sets of 3 1-minute intervals, increasing speed by 0.5 each minute
   5.0, 5.5, 6.0 (12:00, 10:54, 10:00)
   5.1, 5.6, 6.1
   5.2, 5.7, 6.2
   5.3, 5.8, 6.3 (11:19, 10:20, 9:31)
   5.2, 5.7, 6.2
   5.1, 5.6, 6.1
   5.0, 5.5, 6.0
 30 seconds at 5.0 to round up to 2 miles

Saturday: 4.2 mile run (12:12 pace) + K-Fit Weeks 5/6 workout 2

Sunday: 90 minute yoga class

Total miles: 12.2

Saturday through Wednesday I was visiting my parents for Christmas, and on Wednesday's run there were two little yappy dogs along the route that tried to attack me! Fortunately I was wearing long pants, because when I tried to run past them at first (then I stood still and yelled at them which got them to keep their distance, and then crossed the street), one actually nipped at my leg. Didn't hurt - these were really tiny dogs - but I realized a couple days later that it did cause a bruise. Turns out my dad has had issues with them before when riding his bike, but hasn't had any luck getting the owners to do anything about it. 

Dog owners take note: just because you have a little dog, doesn't mean you don't need to train it and keep it fenced in! These dogs are going to get hit by cars eventually, trying to cross the street to chase pedestrians.

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