Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Run

This morning - at midnight - I ran my first race of the new year, Portland's First Run 5k. This was a really great race experience! Gorgeous lights and decorations, well organized, not overly crowded, good communication.

I donned festive apparel myself, with a sparkle skirt I made. I had intended to order one, but kept forgetting to until I realized I'd have to pay for rush shipping, so I finally bought some fabric, found a great tutorial online, and made it for about half the cost.

My friend Karey and I are definitely thinking this will be an annual tradition!

Even better - I set a new PR by 4 1/2 minutes! 34:11 (11:00 pace). I accidentally left my garmin in my car - I realized it about a half hour before the race started when Karey realized she had left hers in bag check. I tried to download a gps app on my phone, but couldn't get it to work, so I just ran by feel, and it turned out great! I actually ran the entire thing, which I think I haven't done since my first 5k in September 2010! Sorry for the excess exclamation points, but this was an awesome New Year's!

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