Sunday, June 12, 2016

NROLFW: Phase 7 Recap

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After finishing phase 6, I ended up taking off five weeks from weight lifting before starting phase 7, and then by that point I was pregnant. So as you might imagine, it wasn't exactly the shining pinnacle and showing off all the great strides made during the whole program. 

Performance progress

I stepped back from where I had been, which was 15 to 20 pound dumbbells for pretty much everything, and just used 10 pounds across the board. Though, I might have also reduced weight somewhat because this phase bumps up to doing more reps (15 - 20, rather than, say, 4 - 8 that were becoming more common as you move up through the phases) for most of the workouts.

What I'm most disappointed by is that, with the break and gaining pregnancy weight, I lost the ability to do an unassisted chin-up. I had to add in a band to do any for this phase. I definitely want to keep up doing assisted chin-ups and pull-ups during pregnancy though - once the weight drops they'll automatically become that much easier, right?!

Appearance progress

Well, I gained 8 pounds over this phase... this was part of that awkward phase where it's very difficult to tell whether you're growing a baby or have just eaten a lot of ice cream lately (in my case, a little of both). 

Overall thoughts

These workouts were nice and short (though still intense if using higher weights). I do wish I'd gotten through this phase earlier in the year, so I could have really seen what I could do if stacked no top of the progress of the earlier phases and not started to be limited by pregnancy. But I still was glad to see I retained enough to step back into it, with those limitations, and still be able to do a fair amount with a not that unreasonable amount of weights.

I've now restarted with phase 1, keeping the weights somewhat low and of course skipping any ab/core stuff. Hopefully it will keep me enough in shape throughout pregnancy (even if I can't increase weights, at least maintain) and be able to jump back into it fairly quickly after pregnancy (and get back to chin-ups with less weight to pull up!).

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