Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NROLFW: Phase 4 Recap

See also recaps of phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. See weekly workout recaps in phase 4 here

Another 4 week/8 workout phase. This was somewhat challenging to fit in around the combo of marathon and triathlon training, but I managed it still in the four weeks it was supposed - 1 workout each in the first two weeks while it overlapped with triathlon, and then 3 workouts the next two weeks. 

The exercises for this phase are actually a repeat of those in phase 2. Instead of only 2 sets of 10 reps each, though, this phase prescribes 2 to 3 reps of 8 reps each (and presumably higher weights). Since it'd been three weeks off since the last phase, I eased into it, with 2 sets the first two times of each workout, and 3 sets the last two. 

Performance progress

I can do a chin-up!!! Not with perfect form, I think I'm using a tiny bit of swinging to give leverage at the beginning, but it's pretty close to a legit, underhand grip chin-up. Can't do more than 1 or 1 1/2, so still using the resistance bands within the workout, but pretty damn proud of this ability. 

Workout A

Workout B

Appearance progress

In the 3 weeks between finishing phase 3 and beginning phase 4, I dropped a couple pounds from 130 to 128. Over the four weeks of phase 4, dropped to 124! 

From the beginning of NROLFW, in December 2014, I've dropped 22 pounds (my goal for 2015!), from 146 to 124. This took me from the higher end of the overweight range (per BMI), to a few pounds under the threshold for normal weight. 

I've reduced myself overall. Some measurements (in inches lost):
Chest: 1.75
Waist: 2.75 
Hips: 3.00
Thigh: 2.00
Upper arm: 1.75

While this wasn't solely due to the weight lifting (marathon training (and other running) and eating better with my husband cooking certainly also helped!), I believe it's been a big part of it (I can see muscle in my arm! There's almost two inches less of fat on top of it, and it can pull me up in a chin-up now!)

Overall thoughts

As my running mileage dropped during tapering for the marathon, this amount of time to fit in on top became more reasonable. I'm looking forward to the next phase while I have no specific running goals and can prioritize this over other workouts (though I'm obviously not dropping running or other activities all together). 45 to 60 minutes twice a week really isn't that unreasonable. 

When I first realized that the workouts for this phase was a repeat of phase 2, I was concerned that I would quickly tire of them, but I actually enjoyed having that much of a direct marker to see my progress. 

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