Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NROLFW: Phase 6 Recap

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I began this phase after a three week break post-phase 5. Phase 6 is five weeks, and I took a break in between weeks two and three (life getting in the way the week of Christmas). This phase was a bit different from the preceding phases. Not only were the workouts way shorter (yay!), but it was more focused on building strength to do a pull-up.

Performance progress

The workouts were set up for most of the exercises to increase weights but decrease reps over the first four weeks, and then for week five the instructions were to use the same weight as week two, but more reps. So I included week four since I feel like that shows up much I improved in weights, since week five had a set weight based on week two, not just lifting as high as I thought I could handle.

Workout A

Workout B

Appearance progress

Over 9 weeks (3 weeks in between phases, 5 weeks of phase 6 and 1 week off in the middle of the phase) I continued to maintain my weight at 124. I haven't taken measurements again, but I think clothes are still fitting pretty much the same (maybe the tinsiest bit looser? I don't think any loss of inches would be particularly significant, though). 

While I think you can kind of tell I have muscle (especially in my arms!) I'm certainly not to a point (nor would I want to be putting forth the effort to be to the point) where I'm working to have obvious muscle all over. I'm not aiming for visible abs or anything like. That'd take a lot more muscle building work, as well as reduction of body fat, and that's simply not what I'm aiming for. It can still be hard sometimes to really see where you've made progress (e.g., my stomach seems to look a bit jiggly at any weight, but I know it's substantially improved from what it looked like 45 pounds ago!). But I'm pretty content with where things are now.

Overall thoughts

It was such a relief to have these workouts have fewer exercises and barely take half an hour, compared to the hour that the earlier phases took (even after reducing the rest between exercises). I know it's worth the time, but especially with all the other types of workouts I enjoy and want to fit in, it's nice to feel like it can strike a balance. 


  1. THANK YOU for verifying that I am not the only one reducing the rest! Ain't nobody got time for that.....

    1. Seriously! I added it up for a later phase (4 or 5), where the rest time stretches to 120 seconds between, and there are more sets, etc. - literally 45 minutes of resting during the workout, if done as prescribed! Hell no.


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