Tuesday, February 2, 2016

NW Veg 22 Day Veg Challenge: Week 3

(See also posts about the first and second weeks.) 

This week was crazy busy and exhausting, so I did even fewer of the actual tasks! But I stuck reasonably well to the actual eating vegan part. Got Chipotle for lunch one day again sans cheese, as well as a similar bowl through catering at work from Qdoba. I thought the shredded cheese really added something to burrito bowls, but I'm not really missing it that much. 

Sunday 1/24
Try a new grain, such as amaranth or spelt. 

Quinoa has become a staple in our house, it's great for stir fries instead of rice. 

Monday 1/25
Find a recipe for a vegan dessert to try out.

Well, on Wednesday I tried a new dessert - a fabulous vegan chocolate cake! When one of my coworkers (who is not vegetarian, but definitely conscious of the issues and so very aware in terms of making accommodations for someone who is when the need arises) found out it was my birthday, she decided to organize a little celebration with our team (as often happens - a lunch or Starbucks outing, perhaps), and ordered vegan cake from New Seasons! I think some of our colleagues were a bit apprehensive about trying it, but everyone thought it was really great!

Tuesday 1/26
Check out a new vegan soup recipe.

Later on the weekend Abe made a recipe from a cookbook he got for Christmas, a butternut pear soup. It's not my kind of soup (pureed - it has to taste really good to overcome that kind of texture!) but wasn't too bad. 

One note about soups - I very rarely eat soups in restaurants, because even veggie or minestrone soups are frequently made with a non-vegetarian broth. Be sure to ask, no matter what the description on the menu says!

Wednesday 1/27
Check out resources through NW Veg, such as their YouTube channel
Think about how animals are friends, not food, by learning about Esther the Wonder Pig.

I went ahead and liked Esther's facebook page. I knew she existed due to an acquaintance on facebook who frequently likes things on the page. I don't know her super well, but she's vegan, and the food she shares on facebook really is a nice quiet reminder to see how great this lifestyle can be.

Thursday 1/28
Despite the stereotype that we eat nothing but salad, it is a part of a healthy vegan diet and can be quite filling - eat a big salad!

I've actually been eating a lot of salad as part of my monthly goals - January was to eat either a salad or smoothie every day. I ended up meeting this 28 out of 31 days - not bad!

Friday 1/29
Check out one of the many vegan podcasts for support and resources on living a vegan life.

Already on my to-listen list (but not currently prioritized until I've caught up on Gilmore Guys) is the No Meat Athlete podcast

This night we had dinner with my in-laws. They typically have cheese and crackers while we chat before dinner, so we brought some of the camembert we bought at  Vtopia along. Best compliment it could get was I think the reaction - "it tastes like cheese!" I was sad to see so much of it eaten up by someone other than me, but I'm thrilled they all enjoyed it! 

Saturday 1/30
To continue on the vegan journey, officially join NW Veg as a member.

I was previously a NW Veg member, and plan to rejoin. While I haven't been super involved all the time, I have definitely taken advantage of its resources. At one point I did a six week cooking class, I like going to Veg Fest, and this challenge was definitely a great experience! 


  1. The cake looks great :) That was nice of them. Happy Birthday, belated!
    That is great you had that much salad, I need to start working at my lunch prep better, so I can more veggies in.

    1. I was on a pretty good roll with the salads for lunch during January; need to get back to it now, I've dropped it already!


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