Monday, February 8, 2016

Week of February 1 - 7


Monday: Run 2.7 miles (12:57 pace)

Tuesday: Unplanned rest day - having choir practice is really throwing a wrench in my ability to do anything else this day of the week! 

Wednesday: Run 4.0 miles (12:52 pace)

Thursday: Run 2.0 miles (12:36 pace) + swim 1,100 yards

Friday: Planned rest day

Saturday: Bike trainer 10.5 miles (13.9 mph, 64 rpm)

Sunday: Run 5.0 miles (13:05 pace)

Total swimming: 1,100 yards
Total biking: 10.5 miles
Total running: 13.7 miles
Average daily steps: 11,169

I had some extra appointments this week that made my days super long and hard to do anything beyond the bare minimum once I got home, even though I've only this week hit the minimum 55 hour work week for busy season. (We're also "capped" - sort of - at 60 hours, my firm really does try hard to let us keep some balance in life.) But this next week I should be hitting closer to 60, but have much less going on during the week otherwise, so hopefully I'll feel up to doing a bit more working out. 

I want to move on to the next (and final!) phase of NROLFW (I did a chin-up randomly this week to see if I could still - yes, but it was more difficult than it should have been!), will be trying to prioritize that now.

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  1. That is a lot of work hours! It is hard to fit a lot of activity in. You knocked a a good balance last week.


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