Tuesday, January 26, 2016

NW Veg 22 Day Veg Challenge: Week 2

(See post about the first week here.)

I wasn't quite on the ball in doing specific tasks on assigned days, but at least thinking about things, and caught up on some over the weekend. 

Sunday 1/17
Go to your library and check out some vegan cookbooks.

Well, we really don't need to check out any new cookbooks, we have plenty! 

Although I didn't set a goal to make new recipes from them this year (as I did for 2015), after busy season is over I'll spend some time picking out some new things to try.

Monday 1/18
Try out a new legume.

I had lunch with one of the firm partners (who, though I don't have one specific boss, is the partner I work with the most, so essentially my boss). As we were making small talk, he asked how my weekend was, and I mentioned that I went to a farm animal sanctuary. He seemed rather perplexed by the idea as I tried to explain it - but once we ordered, he got tofu on his dish instead of meat, so maybe it got him thinking...

Tuesday 1/19
Watch Cowspiracy.

I watched it this weekend - I liked it so much more than Forks Over Knives. Although ostensibly about the environmental impact, it eventually goes into so much more. I'd say it doesn't provide quite as much guidance about how to go vegan, but it does make it clear that's is a healthy and compassionate choice, and really hits hard to convince you of that.

This day I had lunch with a coworker, at a breakfast cafe restaurant. When I go here, I usually get the breakfast combo which is an omelet (with your choice of add-ins), toast, potatoes, and fruit. It's all so delicious! (How does even toast taste so much better at a restaurant than at home?) But... obviously not vegan. Instead, I compromised with a veggie burger, including the default cheese that it came with. Less animal product altogether than an omelet would have, but some nonetheless. 

Wednesday 1/20
Explore trusted resources to support your values.

NW Veg, of course  is a good resource in Portland (the organization leading the challenge). They put on VegFest each fall, cooking and classes to learn how to lead a vegan life, and much more. 

They suggested a couple other websites in the challenge materials, but while they each had some lists of other resources, mostly they were just animal-based clickbait, and kind of dumb. Personally, I think it's useful to follow vegans on Instagram or other social media - seeing pretty pictures of vegan food can be motivating to find such treats for oneself!

Thursday 1/21
Plan out your meals for the next few days to make vegan eating easy.
Share a photo of one your vegan meals to social media to show how easy and delicious it can be.

After Abe and I did our January volunteering gig this day, we had a late dinner at Veggie Grill. It's a fast-food type chain that is all plant-based! (Loving Hut (which I haven't yet been to) and Native Foods are also similar chains that we have in Portland.) I had a great burger and fries!

Friday 1/22
Read Mad Cowboy or No More Bull by Howard Lyman.

I wasn't able to make the speaking engagement by Howard Lyman (not the semi-retired law partner in The Good Wife), but I did request one of this books from the library and have started reading it. So far, I really love his style - very colloquial and entertaining. 

Saturday 1/23
Deepen your knowledge of all things animal. 
Consider volunteering or donating money to a nonprofit that helps animals.

Out of some suggested books, I decided to check out Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows. Haven't started it yet (you know when every hold list you're on at the library comes in at once...) but am looking forward to reading it. (Reading it soon - there's still a hold list, so I can't renew it!)

I ended up "cheating" a few times throughout the week - the lunch out on Tuesday, the firm-provided lunch for working on Saturday was pizza which I had mostly cause I missed having had it for a while, the snacks that the firm brought in for busy season which includes string cheese. Cutting out dairy is so much harder to cutting out meat was (that was easy to do cold turkey). I know at least I've had sooo much less than I would have otherwise had during the past two weeks. 


  1. this is such a fun challenge! i think dairy is the hardest switch for most of us. for me, i tried so hard to make the fake stuff work, but then i realized that pizza sans any cheese actually tastes much better than with daiya or anything, at least to me!

    1. It's in so many different favorite/comfort foods! I am not a fan of daiya, I know it technically "melts" but it has such a weird texture and flavor to me. After going to Vtopia a couple weeks ago, we've picked up some more of their cheese for at home. The camembert we tried on the platter there, we got some of, and I swear it's the flavor and texture of a laughing cow wedge - which to me is great! I just had some with crackers and it felt like such a normal snack.


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