Thursday, January 28, 2016

That 30 Before 30 Thing

Since I turned, uh, 31 yesterday, I figured it was probably about time to address that "30 Before 30" goal list that I had. 

I started this when I turned 27 on January 27, 2012, and the point was to finish the list by my 30th birthday on January 27, 2015. That obviously didn't quite happen. Some of it was logistics, some of it was lack of prioritizing, some of it was goals changing over the years.

Final tally
Completed by age 30: 9
Completed after age 30: 1
Plan to complete soon-ish: 5
Plan to complete eventually: 9
Probably not going to happen: 6

1. Ride Amtrak across the country.

Still something I'd like to do. At this point, perhaps something to hold off on until we have kids and they're old enough to enjoy it. (Could make for a fairly cost efficient family trip!) 

We did do a train ride through Alaska, though, on our honeymoon. I really enjoy trains (of any kind - subways, light rail (MAX in Portland), travel). Especially when built into a city's infrastructure, they just seem like such an efficient mode of transportation. I just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. 

2. Build a computer.

The idea here was to volunteer in one of Free Geek's programs. Still something I'd like to do eventually, but I'm not sure when/how to make it a priority to make it happen. 

3. Drive a stick shift.

Nope, and I haven't had a need to, either. Are there any cars other than big trucks, SUVs, or sports cars that even are stick shift? 

4. Take a flying lesson.

This is something I still really really want to do. Someday. 

5. Shoot a gun.

I still do want to do this, though it's less of a strong desire than it used to be. 

6. Build a ship in a bottle.

I bought a kit for this, and it's been in progress for a couple years. I'll prioritize this after busy season!

7. Run a marathon. 

Done - twice! 10/6/2013 and 10/4/2015

8. Go to an opera. 

5/17/2012 And many more since then, since my husband does a lot of music stuff as a hobby, and my sister-in-law, her boyfriend, and a close family friend of theirs are professional musicians.

9. Perform in a play or concert.

Have not done yet, but will do very soon! Earlier this month I joined a community choir, and I'll have concerts coming up in March and May.

10. Do 50 consecutive push-ups.

Well, I haven't tried lately, but based on what I've done during NROLFW workouts recently, I think I could get to 15, maybe 20 before maxing out. I only have three weeks of NROLFW left, though, so I could prioritize this as my next strength, focus on it for the subsequent month or so. 

11. Make pad see ew that’s as good as Thai Basil’s.

I've, in large part, given up cooking since moving in with Abe. Why do my own mediocre cooking when he does it so well, huh? He makes a pretty good pad see ew. I don't know if it's quite to the standard of Thai Basil, though. (Thai Basil = a restaurant near my work 

12. Change the oil in my car myself.

No, but I did (with the help of my dad) change a flat tire recently, does that count?

13. Visit a country outside of North America.

No, things like getting married and supporting a student-spouse took up a large chunk of my disposal income. Like the Amtrak, perhaps something to do later on with kids.

14. Do NaBloPoMo. 

November 2013 and November 2014. In 2013 I think I was using the "official" NaBloPoMo prompts; in November 2014 mostly just using my own post ideas and trying to get something up every day.

15. Eat raw for a week.

Eh, not something that terribly appeals to me at this point.

16. Spend 24 hours in silence.

Though I think this would be an interesting experience, not something at the top of my list right now.

17. Take a fencing class. 


18. Donate hair. 


19. Swim 1,000 yards.

Sort of - I think I meant 1,000 yards straight without stopping, which I'm fairly sure I haven't actually done. I've definitely done more than that total in a workout (I've hit 2,000 yards at least once, and more than 1,500 most of the time now), but I think I've only done 600, or maybe 800, without stopping. Something to work on doing this year.

20. Go rock climbing.

I'm not sure if I meant for real, outdoors, or just on an indoor wall. I have done this on a wall! I'm going to go ahead and count that. It was even before I turned 30! (August 2014) On our honeymoon we did an Alaskan cruise, and one of the on-ship activities was a climbing wall. 

21. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes.

Not before I turned 30, but I have done this, in September 2015! (Race recap)

22. Bowl a game over 200.

Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen.

23. Watch all of the Best Picture winners.

I've watched 43 out of 87. Uh, I got almost halfway, so yay? I'd like to keep this list going and eventually complete it.

24. Read all of the Booker prize winners.

I've read 6 out of 47. Let's not bother figuring out what percentage that is. I also would like to keep this list going, but it'll take a while to complete at the rate I've been reading. 

25. Ride in a hot air balloon.

Not done, even though I did a 5k race at a balloon festival. 

26. Go whale watching.

Sadly no. Not sure where the best place to do this would be that reasonably accessible - maybe a trip to the San Juan Islands is in order?

27. Go spelunking.

Also no, and not sure where/how this would happen exactly. 

28. Get a non-earlobe piercing. 


29. Donate blood. 

5/24/2013 After the fact, I found out that that first blood donation couldn't be used, due to recent travel in Mexico, but I donated a few times after that one-year travel ban lifted. I then, unfortunately got out of the habit; was going to re-start and then found some mixed information about whether it's prudent to do so while trying to conceive. It's definitely a no no while pregnant, so that might put it off longer, but if not pregnant we'll be taking a break for a few months, so I will be sure to prioritize it again. 

30. Get a manicure and pedicure. 

7/26/14 Kinda worth doing the one time, definitely not something I'm interested in doing again. I have no patience for spending time doing routine beauty maintenance for something like that to keep it looking nice, same reason I never dye my hair. 


  1. Related to traveling outside of North America, that's one good reason to learn to drive stick--in many countries, rental cars with an automatic transmission are harder to come by & usually MUCH more expensive. (Though, not prohibitively so. I can't drive stick & did rent a car in Scotland for 2 weeks. It was expensive--double the cost of a manual, maybe?--but when you're already doing like a $5000 vacation, it doesn't seem like such a big deal.)

    1. Oh, wow, I guess that makes sense. Will have to revisit this if we plan a trip out of the country. :)

  2. Adding to Angela's comment about, you also run the chance that they won't have an automatic when you go to pick up your car. It happened to two of my friends. In one case, the other travel partner drove stick. In the other... well, there's nothing quite like trying to drive out of Paris at 5pm on a Friday night when you stall every 10 meters!

    As for whale watching and spelunking: Vancouver Island has both and with our crappy dollar right now, you're practically visiting for free ;)

    1. Oooh, that's a good suggestion with Vancouver Island! That'd make a pretty nice post-busy season trip, perhaps...


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