Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goals: Final Check-In

Also see New Year's post for setting of goals, mid-year check in, and third quarter check in.

Preemptive tl;dr: Most of these need to be carried over to 2014.

Volunteer at a race.

No, all the races that I was available for I wanted to run! But I believe Abe and I will volunteer at the Portland Marathon next (definitely not ready to train for it again yet!).

Walk a mile every day for at least 30 days in a row.

I'm going to count my 30-day running streak in June for this goal. 

Regularly practice yoga.

I did get into it for a couple months in September and October.

Run barefoot.

Once! Very briefly. Want to continue easing into it, though.

Extend barefoot shoes to non-running.

Yep, I only wear heels to work maybe once or twice a month (usually when I have a client meeting), otherwise I wear my Merrell or Vivo Barefoot flats.

Get back into playing the piano.

I play occasionally, but I know it would be a nice stress reliever to do more often.

Do a pull-up.

Not even close. I did buy some Body Bands recently so I can at least do modified pull-ups and work up to real ones.

Lose weight.

The last time I time I did an "official" weigh-in and measurements a few months ago, I had a whole two pound net loss for the year, and from stepping on the scale occasionally since them, I've gained that back and am exactly where I was this time last year. But I am down a pants size, so perhaps I did lose fat overall?

Donate blood.

Sort of. I did the whole process, and afterward found out my donation couldn't be used because of my travel to Mexico the previous fall. I planned to do it after December 1 when my malaria risk year was over, but didn't get to it.

Run 1,000 miles.

872.50 running miles, plus a bonus 124 biking miles. Well, crap. If I'd added those up yesterday, I would have biked or ran another 3.5 to at least get the total up to 1,000. Maybe I'll still do that after work? But I have the First Run at midnight.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 5:30 pm - I biked another 3.5, to meet my 1,000 mile (albeit, adjusted to include biking) goal!

Improve sleep hygiene.

Another sort of. I occasionally skip the melatonin without too awful results.

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