Monday, July 8, 2013

Mid-Year Goal Check-In

See New Year's post for setting of goals/intentions/projects.

Volunteer at a race.

I'll probably do this for either a 10k in September (which I did last year, but is too hard to coordinate that week with marathon training to do this year), or the Holiday Half in December (just not a fun race given the weather that time of year).

Walk a mile every day for at least 30 days in a row.

Haven't done this, but I did do a 30-day running streak for the month of June. A walking streak will probably happen in the fall after marathon training is over.

Regularly practice yoga.

Not happening so far. Even though I know cross-training would be good for marathon training, it's hard for me to justify prioritizing the time for it. I might be able to get back to this in September after my masters degree is done.

Run barefoot.

Not yet, but I should get on this sometime this summer before it starts raining again.

Extend barefoot shoes to non-running.

Done. I've been wearing a pair of Merrell casual barefoot shoes to work the vast majority of the time (not seeing the exact style online anymore, the ones I have are a black Mary Jane style, but they have some other office-appropriate ones in their current collection), and only wearing heels for extra-dressed-up days when I have meetings.

Get back into playing the piano.

I bought a digital piano at the end of January. Life has been a bit busy lately to play it very often (between work, school, and running), but probably practice at least once a week on average.

Do a pull-up.

I did buy a pull-up bar, but can only do chair-assisted pull-ups. I'm trying to do get in the habit of doing some them at the end of any strength training workout (which is usually a Jillian Michaels DVD workout). I've been meaning to look into using resistance bands to transition from chair-assisted to unassisted.

Lose weight.

Over tax season I actually gained 8 pounds, and by June 30 had lost 2, so up a net gain of 6. Since the beginning of July I've started consistently calorie counting, so hopefully that will help with losing over the rest of the rest of the year.

Donate blood.

Sort of... I attempted to donate blood in May, and they actually took the donation, but later determined it to be unusable due to my travel last fall to Mexico (in allegedly a malaria risk area). I'll do this again in December after the 12-month deferral is up from the travel.

Run 1,000 miles.

As of June 30, I've run 375.5 miles. Less than halfway there, but the next few months of marathon training should suffice to catch up.

Improve sleep hygiene.

Marginally improved. Trying to avoid snacking in the late evenings, especially sugary snacks. Exercising consistently also helps.

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