Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3rd Quarter Goal Check-In

Also see New Year's post for setting of goals and mid-year goal check-in.

Volunteer at a race.

I was thinking of volunteering at the Holiday Half, but then a friend emailed me yesterday to talk me into doing the 5k at that event with her. Although I might feel differently after the marathon, at the moment any race that I'm available for, I'd just as soon run. I don't know, I'll keep looking at what races are coming up in the area.

Walk a mile every day for at least 30 days in a row.

I might count my June running streak towards fulfilling this? Although, walking instead of running will probably sound mighty appealing in October after the marathon...

Regularly practice yoga.

Finally started attending one class a week for the past month. I'm attending the yoga studio I really like (versus the one that's near by) even though it's across town; I realized that for a later evening weeknight class, traffic has died down enough that it's not actually that bad.

Run barefoot.

Did it once, briefly! Now it's starting to get a bit cold and damp to try again. :( But I was hesitant to experiment too much and risk injury in the midst of marathon training. Will definitely be putting this back on next year's list to try again in the summer.

Extend barefoot shoes to non-running.

Yep, still wearing my barefoot casual shoes from Merrell and Vivo to work about 95% of the time.

Get back into playing the piano.

A little bit.

Do a pull-up.

I've been occasionally hanging on the pull-up bar, though I still can't do an actual pull-up. This will be a focus after the marathon - I think I'll do a Kemme Fitness program again, plus yoga will help with building strength as well.

Lose weight.

Yep! Down 10 pounds from the end of tax season. 

Donate blood.

Will do this in December when my 12-month deferral for traveling to a malaria-risk area is done.

Run 1,000 miles.

As of September 30, my mileage is at 729.7 for the year. I was hoping I'd be up to 750 to catch up year-to-date (after having lower than the average needed during the spring, and higher during the summer), but I'm still pretty close. After accounting for what I plan on running this last week of marathon training, I'll need to average about 20 miles per week for the rest of the year, which seems feasible.

Improve sleep hygiene.

Still need to work on this.


  1. Good on you for checking yourself on your goals - I haven't done that this year, oops! Looks like you have made great strides, congrats!


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